10 benefits of Bitter melon

Bitter melon may not be in favorite list as it is bitter in taste. But, bitter melon is very useful for health. Even some serious health issue can be terminated with bitter melon. So, today we are here with 10 benefits of bitter melon;

1. Diabetes:
Bitter melon will be very beneficial for diabetes patients.Consumption of bitter melon will control the level of sugar in blood. Especially, type-2 diabetes patients will be in benefits with bitter melon.

2. Kidney Stone:
Bitter melon is also helpful for kidney stone. Continuous consumption of bitter melon will give rid from kidney stone. Bitter melon will broke down the stone gradually in small pieces, which will let them exit out with the medium of urine.

3. Cancer:
Bitter melon prevents from cancer. Although, it have not been proved, still numerous research shows that bitter melon prevents from cancer. Consumption of bitter melon will develop the immunity power.

4. Healthy Liver:
Bitter melon play vital role in maintenance of healthy liver. Bitter melon will build of the cells. It will also activate liver for time.

5. Epidemics:
Eat bitter melon during epidemics.Drinking bitter melon’s juice by mixing few drops of onion and lemon juice will give relief from epidemic.

6. Constipation:
Consumption of bitter melon will prevent from constipation. Digestion system will be healthy with the fiber of bitter melon.

7. Controls weight:
Bitter melons works to balance the weight of people.It not only helps in digestion, but also helps in weight maintain by reducing the calorie.

8. Eye Sight:
Some people suffer from eye sight since their childhood. During their development also goes through different eye problem.Intake of bitter melon by this kind of victim will have relief from all these issues.

9. Skin Problem:
Bitter melon is boon for skin problem.Regular consumption of it will reduce most of the skin problem. Applying bitter melon juice with few drops of lemon juice will give rid from small warts and wounds.

10. Relief from stomach pain:
Stomach pain will get relief with intake of 1 spoon bitter melon juice with honey.

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