10 Most Useful Google Apps You Never Knew Existed

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

We are presenting 10 Google App that are useful but many people are not aware of them;

1.Google Translate App
This app is very important for those who are visiting a new place or a country. Take a picture of any language written or board, this app will instantly translate in your selected language.
This app will arrange in same place as other e-mail account like Outlook, Yahoo, G-Mail. 10 most useful google apps you never knew existed

3. Google Scholar
It is such a search engine, which will show a result of any search for textbooks, scientific research and magazine search too, which will be useful for any research.

4. Google Keep
You can make a dark colorful note with the help of this app, which will result to relief from forget to important point.

5. Google Timer
You can set a timer as per your wish and requirement. After the end of the timer, Chrome will give an alarm.

6. Google Sky
Google Sky is used to experience a feeling of observation to space through a powerful telescope.You can visit to our milky way galaxy with the aid of this app and can get to know about the late research on them.

7. Google Font
It is such a search engine, that helps to find best font for you.

8. Google Art Project
Don’t miss this app, if you are art lover. This app will help you to find out the detail information about artistry of every corner of world.

9. Think with Google
This app will be useful to research on current market position.

10. Panoramio
You can observe whole world through the picture taken by Internet users.

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