Room Booking: A New Nepali Short Movie


Booking rooms in hotels and lodges are very much common for the purpose of se*u@l activities these days. Guest houses, hotels and lodges have been a place for many people to satisfy their se*ua@l needs. They are also a place for prostitution. People book rooms in such places for few hours and then indulge in activities with their partners. Not only such se*u@l activities are performed but illegal activities are also carried out in such places. That is the reason why police often raid such places.And to no surprise, people do get arrested quite often for such activities.

This short nepali movie has been uploaded on YouTube. This movie is about what actually goes on inside a guest house. There is a girl in this video who finds a guest house, goes there and then books a room for two hours. She is also questioned whether she is alone or expecting someone to be there. Then, she replies that she is hoping her brother to be there later on. After that, the person behind the counter takes her to show a room. She confirms the room and goes inside the room closing the door. She is quite upset about waiting for the person.

Later, the man who she was expecting comes to the guest house. He then asks the person sitting on the front desk about the girl. The man tells him the room number and he goes straight to the room. There he sees the girl who was waiting for him. The girl then pulls him closer to herself in the bed. There they chitchat for a while and then starts to getting on the mood. In the end, they complete their activities.

Mahendra Belbase’s New music video Yaad aayo

A new music video by Mahendra belbase has been uploaded recently. The song is called Yaad aayo. This song has been uploaded successfully in the official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The singer of this song is Mahendra Belbase and the music has been composed by the singer Mahendra himself. The writer of the lyrics is Bhairav Paudel. This music video has been directed by Bishnu Bhattarai. The male artist in this song is Rebel whereas the female artist is Sabina.

About the song, the title itself reflects that it is a kind of nostalgic song. This song falls under the sentimental category. In this song, there is a man who is a huge flirt. He has his own girl. Despite his girl, he flirts with other girls and goes with them ignoring his own girl. The girl is very lovely and loves the man very much. The man is too blind to see the love she has for him and all the efforts she puts for him. That is the reason; the girl leaves the guy with a big disappointment. And right after she is gone, the man starts missing her and realizes the true value of his own girl who is now not with her. As the saying, we come to understand a true value of something after its gone; the man becomes very sad and also has a deep regret. Not a day passes by when he does not miss her and remembers her love. Though he wants her back, it’s too late as she has already left him. Only choice left with him is to remember how she used to be.

Guffadi Solti


Nepali short movies are increasing in number. Guffadisolti is also a new nepali short movie. As the title “Guffadisolti”itself depicts that this short movie is about a very talkative guy. This is a story about a guy who brags a lot in front of everyone.

There is no one he doesn’t spare from his unlimited bragging. He keeps bragging about oneself to everyone he meets on a daily basis. Due to this bragging habit of his, everyone is so fed up with him. Also he does not have anything new to brag about but always irrit@tes people with his same old n0nsense. The short video starts with one brag and continues to brag the same sh*t. he is only known for his bragging and nothing at all.

Due to this bragging habit of his, he has owned a nickname called “Guffadi” which completely suits him from every angle. Even his friends are annoyed with this habit of his and that is the reason why everyone distances from him. Nobody would want to listen the same thing again and again, eventually everyone gets bored. However, this short video has a completely different ending and surprises every people. In the middle of the video enters a cute girl who teaches a suitable lesson to the guffadi guy. The way he learns his lesson is quite ep!c and rid!culous. Please watch the video in order to find out what happens to the guy who shuts people up when he himself gets shut down.


Which do you prefer? Walking Or Running?


wwWalking or Running? Which one do you like? Walking fast and running both are exercises that are related to heart. If you have joint problems or problems in the lower parts of the body, then you should walk. The amount of calorie that is burnt when you walk is entirely dependent upon the pace of your walk. Slow walking is also good for health as it helps to burn the calorie slowly without much effort and without changing the pace of heart and blood flow. Running is another fine exercise that most people practice. Running is quite opposite of walking. Running makes your heart beat faster and also helps to burn more fat as compared to walking. Running requires more energy than walking but also melts cholesterol faster. Since it requires more effort, people with muscles and joints problems cannot do it. More pressure is created in muscles and joints due to running. But if one is fit then it is better to run than walk.


When we run, we are saving time as compared to walking. But we are spending double energy than walking. Running for half an hour is equal to walking for a one whole hour. Since both are exercise related to heart, either we walk or run, we are helping to reduce the risks of hypertension, hyper cholesterol, diabetes or heart related other diseases. Generally it is better to walk than to run because walking has a constant pace which makes walking easier as compared to running. Running cause shortness of breathing while walking don’t. Walking fast also destroys more cholesterol. Suppose our normal pace is 3km/hr and transient pace is 4.5km/hr then walking 5km at the same pace is considered better than running.

Electricity Generation from paper and pencil

As the prime Minister says, Electricity can be generated not only from rubbish but also from the device made with paper, pencil and tape. This very device is made by using home materials and can be easily run with the help of a remote control. Ecole Polytechnic, the Switzerland’s scientists have united with the researchers of University of Tokyo and invented a new short device which can easily generate about three twirled volt of electricity.

Researchers say that this device is very eco-friendly and produces electricity that is equivalent to AA battery from cheap materials. Remote control can be easily used through this electricity. This device is actually based on statistical electricity where these materials receives electron or abandon again when Pepa and Teflon insulator collide with each other. We can also make this system by using two small cards.

In order to produce the electricity, a pencil is placed on two sides as an electrode. After that Teflon is placed in another side of card. The card is kept over one another like a sandwich. This whole setup is kept at both side’s outside of carbon. The two part of carbon goes inside and so does the Teflon. Again, the tape is placed so that these two does not come in contact with each other. Electricity is then created naturally.

After the technology is finished with the preparation, the both insulators come in contact with eachother when pressed by finger. Positive charge is created by the paper while the negative charge is created by Teflon. After the finger is removed, distance is created and layer starts to get affected with the generated charge. Sandpaper is also very useful in increasing the output of device.

Khuman Adhikari and Samjhana Magar’s Dohori ma Rap


Nepali Lokdohori is a very popular genre of Nepali music.Lokdohori songs used to be quite different few years back. The concept and idea about how a dohori was and should be has been changing recently.Lokdohori has been modernized these days. They are not as they used to be before. Lokdohori has now mixed with the glamour and fantasy world. They no longer are boring and typical ones.

This new Nepali lokdohori song is an example of such change. KhumanAdhikari and Samjhana Magar are the ones behind this change in lokdohori songs. They have given their voice in this song and taken dohori songs to a complete new level. They have introduced dohori in the glamour world as well.

The title of this song is “Dohori ma Rap”. The title itself reflects that the song has changed the typical dohori and has been mixed with rap in it. The writer of the lyrics of this song is BaburamBohora who has focused on the word “rap”. He is also the music composer. Not to forget to mention that the music video shows the very h*t and Se*y Jyotimagar who is widely known in the nepali industry. The song starresJyoti Magar and the Lyricist baburamBohora in this song. The song along with the dancing moves is quite heavy and bold. The choreography has added a plus point for the song. The director of this song is Shankar B.C who behind the camera makes them dance in the rhythm of dohori with the combination of rap.

Ramji Khandko Mero Jawani


Folk songs are a part of Nepali culture. Everyday a new folk song is released. Likewise, a new Nepali folk song has been released and uploaded on official YouTube channel of Priyasi Music. The song is titled as “Mero Jawani” and this song is full of romance and fun.

This song has the voice of Ramji Khand and Devi Gharti Magar. Priyasi music has presented the song. The writer of the lyrics of this very song is Deepak Thapa who also happens to be the music composer of this song. This music video has been produced by Prakash Nepali and directions have been given by Kajis and BabitaPuri. Suresh Raut has edited the music video and cinematography is done by Ajay Regmi. This music video features artists like Kajis Shrestha and Karishma. The song is about how a guy fell in love at the first sight with a girl. The singer is trying to share the feelings regarding the experience of the guy who fell immediately in love with someone. Descriptions about how beautiful the girl was and how charming she was are the main theme of the song. This is not just a beautiful song but also includes a very nice dancing beat. The music is equally good as the lyrics. This song is all about the charm and butterflies that people get when they have a crush on someone.

This is a very beautiful love song and so is the music video. People are going to love this song as a whole.

Yokebhako from bhagsanibhag


A new love song has been released in the YouTube music channel. This song belongs to the movie bhagsanibhag. The other songs of this movie have already gained a lot of popularity so this movie is also supposed to carry a very high expectation. This song features Sabin Shrestha and KekiAdhikari in a very beautiful way. Also, the melodious voice Anju Panta and Raj Sigdel has provided a justice to this beautiful song. The writer of lyrics of this song is Dayaram Pandey whereas the music composer is Chetan Sapkota. Mr. Nabal Nepal has directed this song and KabirajGautam has choreographed this song in a very nice way.

In this video, a true love is shown between the actors. The feeling when people fall madly and deeply in love with someone is portrayed in this song.Since the feeling of love is itself a very good feeling, this song also makes people fall in love with its beautiful lyrics and presentation. The film has a background of a village and the actors are seen as the resident of the same village. The video is equally beautiful. Overall this song is very lovely and is expected to fill people’s heart with love.

Dreams Movie: Ma ke Bhanu


A new song has been released from “dreams” movie. This movie has been directed by Bhuwan K.C and the title of the released song is called “Ma kebhanu”. The trailer of this movie was released just few days back. There has been increasing number of viewers daily and the number of viewers on the trailer has already crossed 10 lakhs in YouTube. This song features the “Jerry” actor Anmol K.C and a very new actress SamragyeeRajyalaxmi Shah.

This song “Ma kebhanu” from the movie DREAMS is presented by Super kajol Films. The melodious singers of this song are Hercules Basnet and SomiyaBaraili. Hercules Basnet is also the music composer and the lyricist of this song. The location and the song have been choreographed by kabirajGhatraj which is quite beautiful. Also the cinematography is another beautiful part of this song. This song has a very beautiful background which reflects the scenic beauty of Nepal. The background has added more beauty to this song.

In the song, the chemistry between Anmol K.C and the very new actress Samragyi R L shah is quite nice. Since there are so many fans of Anmol KC after the movie “Jerry”, everyone seems to be waiting eagerly for this movie. This movie is going to be released on 21st of Falgun and very much is expected from this movie.



A new folk song from an upcoming movie called PREM GEET has been released in the market now. The song is called “YETA THIRKHA LAGEKO DHERAI BHO” and it has been released and uploaded on YouTube. This song is from a Nepali movie PREM GEET which is a much awaited movie. The release date has not yet been fixed. However, this movie is going to be released either on 12th of February or on Valentine’s Day. In this music video, there is an actress from a city. She is quite modern. She later on goes to a village and gets associated with the local cultural environment of the village along with the cultural Nepali folk song. She gets completely involved with the ethnic culture.

Famous folk singers Pashupati Sharma and Purnakala B.C has sung the song whereas the lyrics of the song has been written by Yadav Lamsal. Similarly, the composer of this song is Arjun Pokhrel. This is a very romantic song of PREM GEET. Also, there are other beautiful songs in the movie which are getting daily views on YouTube and have already reached thousands of views. Everyone has been waiting for PREM GEET.

38 years old woman gets no treatment due to financial difficulties

Life is not fair to everyone all the time. Dambari Devi Pandey becomes a real victim of this unfair life. She belonges to a poor family. Poverty has already bound her but the problems does not end here. Life has added another serious issue in her life. Dambari Devi is originally from Jhapa. She is a 36 years old woman and has been locked in a dark room since last 12 years by her family members. According to her family members, she has completely lost her mental state. She is a mentally retarded person which is why she has been locked all these years. The another reason behind her being locked up is because of their poverty.

She is entirely locked up but there are no any hidden intentions behind that. Her family members do not have any bad intentions because they are compelled to do so due to their poverty. They have a very hard life and have to struggle daily for their livelihood. She is no more than a burden to her as they have to look after her as well and she can no contribute.

Her family members have been asking for help for her proper treatment. Her health issue has directly and indirectly affected every member’s life. The government is not providing any help for her and is just choosing to ignore her health status. From this video, help is expected from every people who watch this video. Hoping people would provide less or more help or donation in order to lessen the difficulties faced by Dambari Devi.

Indian media claims Raju Rijal to be an Indian

An Indian youth cricketer claimed that the captain of Nepali under 19 cricket team is 24 years old. This has created a full ch@os in Indian media. Even after India won the match, this issue has been taken by the Indian media to a complete new level. A threat also has been placed by the Indian media about cancelling the game and that Nepal has been careless regarding the age in the under age games.After the game between India and Nepal, an Indian cricketer was found posting a status in his Facebook that Raju Rijal, the captain of Nepali under 19 teamis not below the age of 19 and lied about his age this whole time.

This issue has been headline news of every Indian channels right after kaustavPawar, the Indian cricketer posted the status in Facebook.

Kaustav even claimed that he knew Raju from very earlier as he played cricket with Raju in Mumbai together and that Raju has two different last names; Raju Rijal in Nepal and Raju Sharma in India.Many questions have been raised regarding the real identity of Raju Rijal, whether Raju is Nepali or Indian. The Indian media also claimed that this same Raju Rijal had been to Mumbai as one of the 20-22 boys to play cricket from Northern India but was called Raju Sharma at that time.

The Indian media said that Raju Rijal is around 25 years which makes him very much unqualified to participate in the Cricket program which was held in India and Bangladesh. Times of India claimed that Raju was invited to India from Varanasi and was placed in the under 15 team which was coached by Suresh Shetty. But now he plays as a captain for Nepal from under 19 team.

This whole issue was only generated out of what kaustav had posted in Facebook.