Milan Amatya & Raju Kc – Simali Chhayale | Hot Nepali Item Dance Video 2016

The hottest and s3xiest  Model and Actresses of Nepal,  Richa Thapa is now seen in a new nepali modern  song. The actress who has also done few Bollywood films has made her huge comeback through this romantic music video.

Shiva Darshan Digital Nepal has released this music video on YouTube. This Hot Item number called “Simali Chhayale”

Directed by  Srijan Baral, this Hot music video tells a story between two people who has fallen madly and deeply in love with each other. What kind of struggle lovers have to do and the various situation they have to face together is shown in this song. Therefore, this is a love song entirely dedicated to all the people who have fallen in love at least once.

Richa Thapa who is also called the Nepali Dohori Hot Model has made her huge comeback through this music video. Krishna Samip Subedi has wriiten this dance song and the work of music and composition has also been done by himself. Milan Amatya & Raju K.C ’s voice has given full justice to the song’s feelings and words as well.

Milan Amatya is very hardcore nepali female singer with strong voice power to rule nepalese heart.  And a Production of ” Gayatri Thapa ” has made it more strong.

you will definately dance and sing this song after listening it.

A must watch!

Sexy Wife – Latest Hot Nepali Film|A movie for social awareness


A hot short movie has been released entitled with “sexy wife” which carries a social message along with the purpose of entertaining people around.

The title itself depicts that there is a sexy wife in this short movie. The real thing is she gets the title of “sexy” only after her husband goes abroad. Due to various circumstances including financial difficulties and the political instability of the country, husband has to go to Dubai. Taking an advantage of this situation, wife flirts around with a guy and even indulge in other activities. A betrayal is also shown when a relation becomes a long distance.

On the other side, there is a girl who eventually falls in love with a guy on facebook. That guy is also from abroad. Still a true long distance love is shown here.

From these two different stories, it is shown that people are always guided by their true intentions. A true form of love is shown in one long distance whereas a betrayal is shown in the other story.

This short movie carries a social message to every people who are around the world. Sometimes it’s the situation and sometimes it’s the people to be blamed for.

Published on 11th Jan 2016, “sexy wife” has been presented by Shiva Darshan Films.

Dhiren Shakya ( Film Actor ) And Gayatri Thapa – TimroMayale | New Adhunik Pop Song 2016

The handsome and sexy actor of Nepali film industry Dhiren shakya is now seen in a new nepaliadhunik pop song. The title of the song is “Timromayale” and was released on 8th march 2016.

Sanjeebani has given her beautiful voice in this song. The credit for the heart touching lyrics goes toGayatriThapa whereas the music was composed by Santosh Shrestha.

This song is about a woman who has been married to a guy and also has a baby child with him. Despite this, the husband is seen to be having an extr@-m@rital affair which she is clearly aware about. She feels betr@yed but still loves her husband. What love does to a being is shown in this song

Feelings of sadness, disappointment and loneliness start to hover her around because of him. This becomes intolerable for her and makes a way out of these by finishing herself; The only way to her helpless situation and  to make her husband realize about what he has been doing to her all this time.

So, this is basically a tr@g!c song which shows the dark side of being in love with someone and not getting the proper love in return.

Do watch this & Feed Back.

EMPOWERED WOMEN : INDIRA JOSHI |Tiger Women Of Nepali Music Industry

The Women with an example of excellence , Brilliant and Versatile.

One of the fantastic well recognized celebrity singer and a popular model of Nepal with the melodious voice Indira Joshi. Since the childhood she was fond of singing and her high appreciated voice lead her to be one of the only female finalist of the great show Nepali Tara. She couldn’t make it to the finals but later she set an example of never loose your faith and never let your dreams go down.


Later she made a outstanding come back in the music industry of Nepal by lunching her first album ‘DANCE WITH ME’. The title track of the album “Rato Ghangra” was super hit. This song did not only establish her as Singer but as dancer too.

Again in the year 2012 from the blockbuster movie Loot she sang an item song Udhreko Choli, that was super duper hit. This raised her status in Nepalese music industry. Not only this, with her remarkable performance she was featured on Sri Lankan song 1 click of Iraj, Sri Lankan singer. She also remake the famous song of Sri Lankan, Manamali that hit 1 million views in just 3 days. The remake version of manamali, behuli was massive hit among youngsters. She sang the other superhit songs like Daijo,Ek Palta, Changa Chait, Rujhu Rujhu, Mamuli Anuhaar.She is on the process of making her remarkable position in the history of music industry and a leading female voice.

Bipul Chettri – The Award Winner Of Young Hearts

Bipul Chettri ,the most leading voice in the music industry.A demanding energetic singer and songwriter all the way from his home town kalimpong,India.

He is the passionate singer who’s songs are hugely popular on online media platforms and has received tremendous radio airplays in Nepal, Australia, UK and India.He sings folk music from the Eastern Himalayas with a contemporary western touch.

In 2013 his song “Dadhelo” spreaded across whole Internet.This song ended up on everyone’s favourite playlist.He released his debut album “Sketches Of Darjeeling” in the year 2014 and received a good response from the audience.His outstanding songs collections are Aasar,DeuraliDadha,Rail Gadhi,Dadhelo,Ram sailee,Mountain High and Syndicate.All of these songs  hasmade its outstanding market poistions.

His last recent release on October 14 in the year 2015 is “Syndicate”  is a simple story of two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy world we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in and also refers to vehicle reservation offices which are common in the hills of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. It has been nominated in 3 categories for this year’s Hits FM Music Awards for Record of the Year, Best Pop/Rock Composition and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and has come to succeed to win the heart of all people.

Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | Nepali Sentimental Song 2016


Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | A new sensational Lok dohori 2016

Lok dohori songs are nepali folk songs. These songs are very much popular around Nepalese people. Many dohori songs are released day by day.

Khasyo Pirati is a new sensational lok dohori song presented by Abhyas Digital Pvt. Ltd. Tragedy is shown in this song. It shows how a person who was once in deep love could not forget his lost love. After he saw the girl whom he used to love, he starts to vividly remember the days spent together and how their love used to be. This is a tragic song and is very heart touching. About 10 mins long and the music is also in a slow form to reflect the sadness.

The vocal in this song is given by Yam Lama and the lyrics are also written by Yam Lama himself. The music has been composed by basanta Thapa Prakash Bhatta is the directior of this video and Karan Chaisir is the cinematographer. The models Binod Shrestha and Rima rai Lama are starring in song.

A very soothing and sentimental song everyone must listen.

Do listen!


New Adhunik Pop song – Maileta Hasera by CD Bijay Adhikari 2016

New Adhunik Pop song – Maileta Hasera by CD Bijay Adhikari 2016

The songs that people of all generation listen to are adhunik pop songs. That is the reason why most singers are inclined to adhunik songs.

A new adhunik pop song by CD Bijay Adhikari has been released and uploaded on YouTube. The title of the song is “Maileta hasera”. This song is full of love and dedication. The singer is CD Bijay Adhikari. The lyrics have been written by Gayatri Thapa who is also the production executive. Similarly, the music has been composed by Krishna Bom Malla and directed by Sirjan Baral.Shiva darshan Films Pvt. Ltd has released this love song. The models starring on this video are Shubham Thapa and karishma Dhahal.

This song is trying to tell us how people deeply in love feel about each other when they are separated. Love is blind and so the people in love. The feeling of love is itself so strong that it creates a very inseparable bonding between people. The saying about two bodies and one soul is true in this case. When they face any obstacles from either family or friends, they feel threatened. So, this song is a mix of love and sadness at the same time.

Do watch it for the sake of love.


Bharat Sitaula – Baisama | Lyrical Video | Amazing Song Of The Year

Bharat Sitaula remembers his youth-BAISAMA | Lyrical video

Mr. Bharat Sitaula has come back with this song “Baisama”.

A new lyrical video has been released and uploaded by Bharat Sitaula Music. The title of the song is ‘BAISAMA’. The voice belongs to Bharat Sitaula.

BAISAMA refers to youth. Sitaula tries to remember what he used to do when he was young and active. He feels old now. But he compares himself with his girl who has also grown old now. This song is all about how it used to be when he and his girlfriend were quite young and charming. Comparisons on how it used to be before and how it runs now-a-days in case of love has been shown.

Youth is the most happening phase of everyone’s life. So, he repeatedly remembers how he looked like a hero, rode motorbike and so on. Also, communication was through letters and not through Facebook.

This is a fun song and the words are also arranged in a very funny way. It’s a lovely song and people will definitely enjoy listening to this.

Do listen, enjoy & Share !



Don’t Mess with a Nepali Modern girl

Have you seen any girl being constantly bothered by a guy?

In our society, we see a lot of guys teasing and bothering girls on the way. This video is an answer to those guys who underestimate girls and think girls are weak.

A young girl is on her way to college or job. She has to wait for a bus in a place. Then, a young guy walks near her. He starts to check out the girl from every corner and view. He even whistles to her and revolves around her. He continuously does that until the girl is compelled to walk away. This goes on for like 9 days and so. On the 10th day, the guy repeats the same. This time the girl really gets annoyed and asks him what he is up to. He replies as if nothing has happened and is waiting for a bus just like people do at the bus stop. He acts very normal. She even tells him that it doesn’t at all suit his profession, which is teaching. Still, he seems unaffected.

Again on the other day, he is found doing the same he has been doing all this time. This time the girl gets very annoyed and what she does to the guy will leave all of us speechless.An unforgetful lesson is learned by the teaser.

This video is an inspiration to all the girls who has been and has not been a victim of this kind of ill behavior. These kind of behaviors need to be answered in order to protect oneself.

Enjoy watching the full video.