Bollywood couples who could not marry their love

Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty


Akshay and Shilpa Shetty worked on many films together and it was on the sets of one such film that the love between the two blossomed. Akshay was the seasoned lover of Bollywood who had been linked to actresses Raveena Tandon, Pooja Batra and Mamta Kulkarni to name a few. Shilpa was a besotted actress in love with her co star. But things seemed to crumble for the petite actress when she found out Akshay was cheating on her and two timing her with her then best friend, Twinkle Khanna. Before Shilpa or anyone could digest what was happening, Akshay had tied the knot with Twinkle Khanna, daughter of Dimple and Rajesh Khanna. Shilpa seemed heart broken but as they say, all’s well that ends well. She is now happily married to Raj Kundra and they have a son together!



Abhishek and Karishma


This was one of the most mysterious and tragic break ups of Bollywood. Karisma Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan were every bit a couple in love. Karishma was a star of her times and Abhishek had not been launched yet. He made his debut opposite Karisma’s younger sister Kareena in Refugee. Abhishek and Karisma got engaged to each other on Amitabh Bachchan’s 60th Birthday where a lavish party was thrown for Big B at a suburban five star hotel in Mumbai. But suddenly a few months later, the wedding was called off. There are many rumours and stories that float around this break up. One is that the Bachchan parivar did not want Lolo to work post marriage and this allegedly infuriated her mum Babita. Another theory is that Amar Singh, who at that time was close to the Bachchans, put detectives behind Lolo to find out if her alleged closeness to Sahara head Subroto Roy was true or not. This again seemed to send Babita in a fit of rage who then apparently called Jaya Bachchan which led to an ugly confrontation and the wedding was called off.


Bipasha Basu and John Abraham


They were the hottest couple of Bollywood and it couldn’t get better then this for the duo. But after their split, the media and John Bips fans went into a frenzy. The two had known each other since their modelling days and were reportedly dating for around eight years. John was then clicked with a new girl, Priya Runchal, a banker from New York. While he kept his lady love a secret, he secretly married.Thus, John officially declared he was married.

Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorjee


The former beauty queen was dating Kelly Dorjee, a model. Lara and Kelly were said to be dating for 8 years before they called it quits in 2007. It was alleged that Lara had started dating Kelly’s best friend Dino Morea. But Lara has put her past behind her and is now married to ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi and has a daughter too with him.

Kareena And Sahid


This love story was probably one of the sweetest that Bollywood has ever seen. The two seemed to be going strong, and media and fans were fully expecting a wedding announcement, but sadly it was not to be. The reasons for the split are still unknown, but the two seem to continue to be on amicable terms.


Ranbir and Deepika


Ranbire and Deepila were first seen in Bachna ae Haseeno togetherafter which Deepika fell madly in love with the young superstar. For unknown reasons, the two soon broke up.Ranbir always had a flirtatious personality, so it is not clear whether this is the reason behind the split. However, Deepika took the break-up to heart and plunged further into depression.

Amitabh And Rekha


Amitabh and Rekha were one of Bollywood’s most successful on-screen couples, so it was only a matter of time before the two started getting romantically involved in real-life. Their love story began on the sets of film Do Anjaane. Amitabh Bachchan never admitted his love for the actress in public but Rekha never kept her feelings for him under wraps.Amitabh married Jaya Bhaduri in 1973. He starred opposite Rekha and Jaya in Silsila in 1981, leading to rumours that this film was actually based on the real-life love triangle. Rekha and Amitabh parted ways soon after. Rekha married industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990, but he committed suicide the following year.


This is the reason behind the couple’s split Malaika Arora-Arbaaz Khan divorce:


Malaika Arora Khan has supposedly ended her 18-year marriage with Arbaaz Khan because of the latter’s unsuccessful career.
Mumbai Mirror had reported that Malaika had pulled the plug on her marriage with Arbaaz. It was said that a close friend of Malaika had confirmed it to the tabloid that Malaika was living separately and that she was providing for her 14-year-old son Arhaan’s education almost single-handedly.
Now, a report in Bollywood Life has revealed the supposed reason behind Malaika and Arbaaz’s split. Malaika has apparently always had a problem with Arbaaz’s not-so-successful career. The actor-producer, who has ‘always been living under the shadow of his superstar brother’, seemed to have bothered Malaika no end all these years.
The report also stated that Malaika supposedly always felt like an outsider in Arbaaz’s family. She is also said to have had a problem with Salman Khan, Arbaaz’s brother, who never approved of Malaika’s fashion choices, her friends or pretty much anything.
The storm in Malaika and Arbaaz’s personal life is said to have been brewing for several years now, and it is only now that Arora has decided to end it all.
However, Malaika, who was in the capital for the Amazon India Fashion Week recently, chose to steer clear of all personal questions at the event.





Information are gathered from various sources.


Hot Looks of Shraddha Kapoor

  • She was born on 3rd March, 1992 in the City of Dreams, Mumbai to Shivangi Kapoor and renowned actor Shakti Kapoor.


  • Shraddha is a celebrity kid who is also known in the industry as the daughter of Shakti Kapoor. Shraddha is also the niece of Padmini Kolhapure. Her elder brother Siddhant Kapoor who is an assistant director made his acting debut in film ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’.


  • Many people think that the celebrity kid made her Bollywood debut with Aashiqui 2. However the actress entered Bollywood in 2010 with Teen Patti. She was later seen in Luv Ka The End before Aashiqui 2.


  • Shraddha Kapoor always wanted to be an actress so she returned to Mumbai and dropped out from Boston University.


  • She has a huge celebrity crush on Hrithik Roshan and Johnny Depp.


  • Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are her favorite actors while Priyanka Chopra and Nutan are on top in her list of favorite actresses.


  • Shraddha Kapoor is very fond of dancing since she was a child. She used to mimic actresses in front of the mirror.


  • Shraddha is also the official brand ambassador of Vaseline and Lakme India. She also unveiled new pearl collection of Titan Raga last year.


  • Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are her favourite actors. Priyanka Chopra and Nutan are her favourite Bollywood actresses.


  • Shraddha loves Sushi rolls and whenever she is stressed, she takes a sip of hot tea.


Ma Maya Garchhu by Anil Singh

Ma Maya Garchhu by Anil Singh

Ma maya garchhu meri uni lai
Akbar hoina juni juni lai.
unilai-2 unilai-2
Ma maya garchhu meri uni lai
Akbar hoina juni juni lai.
unilai-2 unilai-2

***** ****** ********

Choreko hoina dhate ko hoina
Paisa le mutu sate ko hoina
Daiba le deko. bhagya le pako-2
Mana milera pirati lako
unilai-2 unilai-2

***** ***** ********

Bato chekeni chekinna maya
Ghati reteni retinna maya
Garne le garun chiyo ra charchho-2
Ma sochne chaina bikalpa arko
unilai-2 unilai-2
uniiilaiii…maaa mayaaaa


Hamri aama_Hari bansha Acharya

Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan
Hamro babu sarai nai chalakha
Ghar bechera haath pare bish lakha
Bish lakha le bish maina moj garyo
Bihe, pasni bartaman bhoj garyo
Bish lakha le bish maina moj garyo
Bihe, pasni bartaman bhoj garyo
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan

Hamro baje kathmandu basinda
Saya muri dhan bharthe salinda
Hajurma le chandi mur ganera
Jod din jamin santan lai bhanera
Hajur bau ko tyo bigna sampati
Bau le bechde nati ko yo gati
Hajur bau ko tyo bigna sampati
Bau le bechde nati ko yo gati
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan

Maila ba le naam phere Michaela
Jagga bechi motar(a) cycle
Michael aama pari chhin khandani
Kharchha dherai kai chhaina amdani
Hong Kong ghumchan dwi jana dampati
Bechi bechi purkhauli sampati
Hong Kong ghumchan dwi jana dampati
Bechi bechi purkhauli sampati
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan

Ma chaain bich ko kanchha ba jetha chan
Chaubish barse aallare keta chan
Bihanai dekhi nasha ko khoji ma
Jagga bechya paisa chha goji ma
Mukha phulyo sisi ko whisky le
Paisa jati khaidiyo boksi le
Mukha phulyo sisi ko whisky le
Paisa jati khaidiyo boksi le
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan

Bahunna ghussa tripana thakara
Maile pani khub pachhu hundara
Kam-a khojda dekhi na sodesh ma
Rin-a katen jana lai bidesh me
Passport ma jali chhap laidiyo
Eak lakh rupya beman le khaidiyo
Passport ma jali chhap laidiyo
Eak lakh rupya beman le khaidiyo
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan
Hamro babu sarai nai chalakha
Ghar bechera haath pare bish lakha
Hamri aama sarai nai baathi chhan
Chamal si-ta pitho po sati chhan
Hamro babu sarai nai chalakha
Ghar bechera haath pare bish lakha
Ke chha ra aru ma sanga diun, kabita chhodera
Koreko thiyen tyhi diun bhani, metiyo jhaskera
Lyaye ko thiyen geeta yo dina, timilai bhanera
Pawanai bechai bilai gayo, tyo pani gayera
Lyaye ko thiyan, dwi thopa aansu pokhiyo chhalkera
Ke chha ra diun, timilai maile koseli bhanera

Tasbir thiyo ma sanga eauta, rakheko khichera
Purano bhayi tyo pani aaja, gayechha ruyera
Diyekai thiyou maya le eauti chino hai bhanera
Tyo pani phirta diun ki bhanda, gayechha khiyera
Lyaye ko thiyan, dwi thopa aansu pokhiyo chhalkera
Ke chha ra diun, timilai maile koseli bhanera

In The Memory OF King Birendra

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev(born December 28, 1945, Kathmandu, Nepal—diedJune 1, 2001, Kathmandu) king of Nepal from 1972 to 2001, 10th in the line of monarchs in the Shah Dev family.



Birendra had spent eight years studying at St Joseph’s College, a Jesuit school in Darjeeling, with his brother Gyanendra. In 1959 King Birendra enrolled at Eton College in the United Kingdom.  He later completed his education by spending some time at the University of Tokyo before studying political theory at Harvard University from 1967 to 1968.


King Birendra was married to Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi from the Rana family (and his second cousin) on 27 February 1970.The wedding, which was billed as one of the most lavish Hindu nuptial ceremonies in history, cost $9.5 million to stage. King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya had three children.



After his father’s (King Mahendra) death in 1972, King Birendra consulted his court astrologers, who advised him to delay his coronation for three years, the most auspicious moment for his crowning being at 8:37 am precisely on February 4, 1975.


On the auspicious occasion of his coronation, the King announced that he had ordered his government to make primary education available and free for every child, but disappointed those Nepalis who hoped that he would promise progress towards democracy.


Interesting Facts About Our Brain

Only 5 minutes without oxygen can cause brain damage.


Humans don’t have the biggest brains. That honor belongs to sperm whales with 17 pound brains.


Your brain keeps developing until your late 40s.


When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.


Forgetting is good for the brain: deleting unnecessary information helps the nervous system retain its plasticity.


It only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol.

When you learn something new, the structure of your brain changes.


More than 100,000 chemicals reactions take place in your brain every second.

You have about 70,000 thoughts a day.


Six Most Eligible Bachelorettes in Nepal

They are bold, beautiful, successful and rich but still single. Here we present a list of the eligible bachelorettes of Nepal:

Namrata Shrestha


Her stellar looks, her daring attitude and the fact that she speaks her mind make her an eligible bachelorette.. She is one of the Nepalese glamorous celebrities in the Nepali film industries.

Sahana Bajracharya


Sahana is bold, focused on her intent, and is beautiful! This beauty queen is the dream woman of every man and her confidence, style and elegance makes her tick with her fans, making her an eligible bachelorette.

Nisha Adhikari


She entered the glamour industry as a journalist and as beauty pageant. She won the title of Miss International 2005.Her innocent gorgeous looking face has won over millions of heart and her sexy looks.

Keki Adhikari


KekiAdhikari has established herself as one of the leading contemporary actresses in Kollywood. With her Barbie looks, cute smile and fantastic attire, she rules the heart of many.

Shristi Shrestha


Well, with merging sensuality and dangerous curves, she is not someone who needs an introduction. She is destined to become leading actress in Kollywood with upcoming movie “gajalu”.


Samragyee R.L.S


The promising actress of Nepal Samragyee has all the perfect qualities.She is the perfect example of beauty and brain.

Win The War Against Cancer

To diminish the risk of cancer and be perfectly free from all the worries you don’t have to spend your pennies else but at home. Yes, there are varieties of foods which fight against cancer. These are regular food which we can find in market any season.

The following are the foods which put a stop to your body from the risk of cancer.



This greenish vegetable contains cancer-fighting properties. It has sulforaphane, which boosts body’s protective enzymes and reduces cancer arising chemicals.




It has anti-inflammatory agent which reduces the rates of cancer spread. It is full of vitamin and minerals and is anti parasitic.




It is a supportive count to your diet because it contains good oil and high natural fibre.


Research has shown that mushroom boost the immune system to fight against cancer.




This fruit is the best nutritional source of lycopene, a carotenoid that provides tomatoes their red hue. And that’s good news, because lycopene was found to stop endometrial cancer cell growth.




All berries are filled with cancer-fighting phytonutrients. But black raspberries, in precise, contain very high concentrations of phytochemicals which reduces the risk of cancer.




Studies shows that due to the phytochemicals presence in garlic, it helps to  reduce the risk of cancer in a significant way to our heath.


Actresses who love flaunting their assets

The most loved Bollywood industry has undergone a drastic change in the last few decades. There were times when actresses would restrict themselves from skin show and hot scenes onscreen. These new generation actresses do not mind doing passionate love making scenes in movies. That’s not all; actresses these days also love to flaunt their assets in the public while a few others, just love to show off their hot bodies in events and award functions.

Bispasa Basu


Sherlen Chopra


Nargis Fakri


Kangana Ranaut


Sonam Kapoor


Aishwarya Rai Bachhan


Priyanka Chopra


Deepika Padukone


Top Ten Universities Of The World

Top Ten Universities Of The World

S.N University/Institutions Overall Score Country
1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


100 U.S.A
2. Harvard University


98.7 U.S.A
3. University Of Cambridge


98.6 U.K
4. Stanford University


98.6 U.S.A
5. California Institute Of Technology


97.9 U.S.A
6. University Of Oxford


97.7 U.K
7. University College London


97.2 U.K
8. Imperial College London


96.1 U.K
9. Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology


95.5 Switzerland
10. University Of Chicago 94.6 U.S.A

( Above Data and Information Are Collected from Different Sources)

Mind-Blowing Facts of Actress Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is a name well known in the world of Bollywood.

Here are some interesting facts of Sonakshi Sinha

  • She loves to paint


  • Sonakshi cooks different cuisines


  • Sonakshi dedicates her success to Salman Khan


  • Sonakshi Sinha’s nickname is Sona and all the peolple in bollywood industry call her by the name Sona.


  • Sonakshi lost 30 kg in preparation for the role in Dabangg.


  • Sonakshi did graduation in Fashion designing from SNDT University, Delhi.


  • She loved wearing traditional Indian saris even when she was a small kid.


  • Sonakshi loves to reading and dancing


  • Sonakshi Sinha was a model before she became an actress


  • Indian rapper, Badshah, gave Sonakshi Sinha the sweetest New Year wish last night, or so she claims.




Hotness Overload……Nargis Fakri

Nargis Fakhri is an American model and actress, who appears in Hindi films.
She is a beautiful and glamorous actress.Fakhri made her acting debut in the 2011 romantic drama Rockstar, for which she received a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut nomination. Fakhri was born in Queens, New York, the daughter of Marie and Mohammed Fakhri. Her father was Pakistani and her mother is Czech. Her parents divorced when she was six.Her father died when she was young.

Nargis Fakhri is glamorous and charming actress in bollywood.She’s every bit as comfortable with her body as she is with the air around her. Of course, having an absolutely stunning bod and a beautiful face like THAT, must have a major contribution to her confidence levels. The actress has been turning up the heat ever since she made her debut in 2011 opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. And there’s no stopping her…
Here are the hottest pictures of her ……..check them out…………………………..

ad b e f g mk narigis oo Untitled-1

Know Your Favorite Actress

Shristi is one of the highest-paid actresses. She is ranked among the most popular and sensational Kollywood beauties now. She is one of the most influential and high profile Kollywood celebrities.Hot and sexy are the words which defines her.
Some Of her Fun Facts are as follow:
She is a junk food addict and loves her pizza and French fries.

shristi green

She is One Of The Top Dancers of the world.

She was Miss World 2012: Top 20 Finalist.

She was also listed in Top 10: Beach Beauty.

She has aquired her name as the world’s sexiest Asian woman.

Her hobbies include travelling and dancing.

She has around 131 thousand instragram followers.

She speaks several languages.


Salman is going to start a New Business


Kathmandu, Actor Salman Khan is now going to start a new business. His sister Arpita has informed his new business in the media. He will sell the gold from the brand “Being Human”. According to Arpita’s information he will start his new business from September.

In other way, she is opening his new information day by day and Salman also increases to go in Arpita’s home. Some days before Salman is snapping photo with his Nephew.



Abhishek in trouble due to his Flop career


Namastenp, Kathmandu, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachan expressed his dissatisfaction of not getting any movie. This topic is highlighted in the media rapidly and he shared his problem about his flop career. He has already featured some movie but his movies are unable to get good rank in the market.

No one actor wants to express own dissatisfaction in the publicity but Abhishek is honestly express his sadness in the mass media in many times.

In 2000 AD, he started his career from the movie “Refuge” and he said that in one interview that unsuccessful is very much important for the people to get success and it teach many good lesson for us but he is not limited on this so, he shared his unhappiness that he is not getting any best movie to feature in a leading role.

He miserably said that “After my film get ineffective nobody are trusting at me and nowadays nobody can pick up my phone”. So he honestly expressed his sad feeling of flop career.

Top 10 Bollywood Director of 2016


He is a versatile director of the Bollywood Industry. He is always with something unique in the plots of the movies and therefore has a story related in an effective manner. He direct lots of movie like Three Idiots, Munna Bhai and many more.

  • RAKESH ROSHAN: rakesh

Rakesh Roshan, father of handsome and cool Hrithik Roshan is also very multitalented in his job. He is said to be the mastermind behind many animated and suspense movies in India. In the past, he was an actor and now he involve in directing. He has given us hits like KRISSH3 and Raj kapoor.

  • KARAN JOHAR: karan

Karan Johar did a lot of movies in his early childhood days. He was an actor initially. He is also creative and talented director. When he grew up he had a strong urge to do something very creative and make the most out of his name. Karan Johar and Shah Rukh khan are fast friends. He gave us lots of movie like Yeh jawani Hai Deewaani and Student of the year are among many of his movies.

  •  YASH CHOPRA:yesh-raj

Yash Chopra is not with us but his every movie makes us to remember for him. He always create romantic movie and a movie maker of the recent times is among the best as well as the most admirable senior directors of Bollywood. The grasp of the success is very much high. Famous movies like Veer Zara, Dil toh Pagal Hai and many more hits are till now gems in the film industry.

  • ARBAZ KHAN:arbazHe is the youngest brother to the famous hero of the film industry, Salman Khan. It is not so long that Arbaz khan started his direction career but has proved himself as a highly successful man in the field of movie direction as well. He is also well known and talented director. His films like Dabbang 1 and Dabbang 2 were the super-hits by him.

Kabir Khan makes huge amount from the movies that he mostly directs and gives the most out of it. Kabir is blessed with God gifted skills which has urged him to carry out few perfect directions of the scripts. He presented movies like the: Ek tha tiger, New York and so on.

  • FARHAN AKHTAR:farah-khan

Farhan is not only an actor but also a famous director and model and a singer too. His looks are very much appealing and catchy to all eyes. He is too young to come down to the field of Direction. His successful movie like DON2 with Shah Rukh Khan and in this way he has proved himself to be the finest popular directors of India.

  • PRIYADARSHAN:priyadarshan

Priyadarshan, the name reigns over the film industry over a longer time and is mostly directors of the funny Bollywood movies of the recent times. He is hard worker and tries to give an amazing touch to the looks of their movies and make their movies successful. He presented movies like Rangrezz, Tezz, Khatta Mettha and so on.

  • MOHIT SURI:mohit

The Director of Ashiqui 2, a well known movie. The songs of the movie are still ranking among the hit list numbers of the romantic songs. He makes us remember to him after listening the Ashiqui 2 song.

  • ROHIT SHETTY:rphit

This talented and well versed Bollywood director has presented the public with various interesting movies of the time like the Singham, Chennai Express, and Golmaal and just now recently published Dilwale Movie. He has proved himself to be the best of the present eras. Therefore people’s expectations have raised a lot.

These top 10 popular Directors of the Bollywood in 2016 are still working too much on their projects so that the level of entertainment does not fall down. They are trying to gives full entertainment by providing the best movie.


Rakhi Sawant Spotted in Nepal


Rakhi Sawant Bollywood item gal she is now in Nepal. She is now shooting an item song for a Bengali film in Nepal, are. “Ami tomar is the royal” in Nepal, are keeping for the shooting of the movie called Bengali. This movie is only dance their items. Kathmandu a few days ago came as a Bengali movie items , keeping the information came to Nepal for the shooting of the song .


Items for dance is now being set up on imaging. When shooting in India and expensive to be useful for imaging bangaladesama location, hence the film’s team arrived in Nepal.

Nepali and Bengali by now about 100 people working team. Keeping the liberty of all Nepalese are other than Tim. Nepalese are doing korasaharu rakhisagai dance. Nepali are also other technical philaradekhi discotheque. This item song after song mode to the other team to go for the Mustang is acquitted. Rakhi said items after finishing the dance tomorrow at 2 pm rphakanechin Mumbai.

The shooting of the movie are now active in Nepal technicians. Rakhi tomorrow in Mumbai and is acquitted.

Paras Shah Thai Girlfriend

Paras Shah has spend more than four years in Thailand. Former Crown Prince Paras Shah was also arrested few times with Drugs in Thailand .

Paras Have been living in Thailand for long time after ex-king Gyanendra was forced to leave the palace and live like a general citizen.


The father of three children lives alone in Thailand for almost two years while his wife Himani lives in Nepal. Few months ago there was news in a Medias that Paras is preparing to return Kathmanu this year. Source also speculates that Himani and Paras may come together if Paras is planning to return Kathmandu.

Previously too Himani had been to Thailand with kids but she had returned as Paras did not pay much attention to them. He had been out of touch with his family since he left for Bangkok in August 2011. He had also taken his children Purnika, Kritika and Hirdayandra with him for their study. It is told that he hasn’t returned back to Nepal for the last ten months.


According to a report in a daily, Saurya Daily, Paras is living with a Thai mistress in Thailand.
During his stay he was very close to a Thai girl named Kannika Chaiyasarn.

She was there for him in his hard time and helped him when he was hospitalized.

Huge Floods and Heavy Rainfall Swept Away a Bridge of Tinau River in Butwal of Rupandehi district

The Tinau, originates from the Mahabharat Mountains and flows through the Siwalik Hills and debouches into the Terai Plain at Butwal, Nepal before entering the India Territory to join the Ganges.The Tinau is in the degrading stage in the upstream,and it changes its regime to aggrading stage afterentering the Terai plain. The deposition of debris from different sources in the Tinau increases when the river flows towards the Terai Plain (especially from Butwal to Bethari about 26 km downstream from the Highway massively exploited beyond their regenerating capacities for riverbed materials.

A spark flood reportedly swept away a bridge over the Tinau River in Butwal of Rupandehi district on Tuesday.

Some photo features of “Tinau Rivers and its Bridge”





Apart from that, locals of Motipur, Semlar and Pharsatikar have also been badly affected from the flood and the people there have been moved.