Yama Buddha Funeral At Pashupatinath

Nepal has been thrown into mourning for the country’s most famous rapper, who has died in an apparent suicide at his wife’s parents’ home in London.
Yama Buddha, 30, is a household name in Nepal and his death has been greeted with shock in the Nepalese capital, where the Kathmandu Post referred to him as the ‘voice of a generation’.
The rapper, whose real name is Anil Adhikari, was living with his wife and her parents in Ruislip, north west London.

Well-wishers, fans and relatives came to the Capital all the way from Jhapa, Butwal, and Pokhara to pay their last respect to Yama Buddha’s body that was brought to Kathmandu in an Etihad airbus at 3:41 on Saturday.

At the request of Yama Buddha, his fans were making preparations to organize a concert for the promotion of ‘Khatara’ in Butwal.

Artists and politicians including Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Kamal Thapa, singer Hemanta Rana, Gaurab Pahari, Sandip Bishwokarma, Nirnaya Shrestha, Manoj RC, Khushbu Oli, Hakim had reached Nepal Academy.

Yama Buddha’s last rites was performed at Pasupati Aryaghat on 28 DEC.

Hari Adhikari, the youngest grandfather of Yama Budha, set a fire to Anil’s funeral pyre,” said actor Resh Marahaththa.

“There had been a delay in bringing Yama Buddha’s body to Kathmandu since we received the postmortem’s report late,” said Hari.

Yama Buddha,29, who was preparing to release his album ‘Khatara’, had been popular among NepHop youths after he brought rap music into Nepali music.

His rap songs including Ekadesh, Pagalpan, Kohi, Ama and Yo Prasanga are his popular songs.
Yama Buddha was found hanging at the bathroom of his residence in northern London on January 14.

Here are some of the pictures from the funeral. 

Image courtesy: My Republica and Nagarik news

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Beautiful Quotes By Sunny Leone

Former adult star-turned-Bollywood actor Sunny Leone is very popular face in bollywood industry.She had multiple releases this year, worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees and had Aamir Khan saying he wants to work with her.

Sunny achieved all of this with grace and poise, and without creating any unnecessary controversy. There have been many celebrities on Indian television who wooed the audiences but there is something really exceptional with the former adult-star Sunny Leone.

Here we bring you inspiring quotes by Sunny leone:


I don’t think I would ever disown my past because my past is which has brought me here. And it’s not that somebody forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to at that moment in time in my life.

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I just say I need five minutes with you and in those five minutes probably I could change your opinion of how you see me

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Every time I think I’m taking one or two steps forward in the industry, somebody writes the craziest of things. I wouldn’t mind it if they were true, but certain articles make me feel like I’ve moved two steps back.

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If I cared about what other people thought of me, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

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The biggest risk I took was in facing the backlash from my community, family, and friends.

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What gets me in the mood is a man who knows what he’s doing. There’s nothing like someone who knows how to treat you, touch you and make you feel good.

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I don’t have professional regrets, I have made mistakes but I learn from them. Only one regret I have in life, when my mother passed away, I didn’t get home fast enough.

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I think exploring different avenues is important than staying in one genre.

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I think there is risk in every form of self expression. You are putting yourself out for the world to judge.

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People don’t know that I’m goofy and nerdy, and I might be in this body, but I’m completely different from what people think I am.

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I choose to own a production house so I can produce, own, direct and distribute my own content and of others. It was the logical step to take to be successful in the business.

For the ones who do not understand the difference between being a wilful porn star and someone who is being forced into flesh trade.

It’s not just about money. It’s about something I’ve always wanted to do. Just like you’re paid to sit to talk to me, I am paid to sit to talk to you. That’s just how it works. At the end of the day, it is business.


I don’t really understand the meaning of ‘shedding’ something. It’s not a stigma to me! I am who I am and I can’t change my past. If I really cared about what people thought of me, I would not be in the position I am right now. When people judge me they also judge themselves.

Yama Buddha- -Saathi nepali song

[Verse 1]

Oo mero baalyakaal dekhiko milne saathi
Haamro mitrataa aru sambandha bhanda maathi

Hami sahar ghumna janthiyou rati rati bhagi bhagi
Ghar ma aama buwa lai dhati

Marna ra maarna tayaar ek arkaa ko lagi
Sadhai sangai basthiyou school padhda hami
Dubai na jaane yedi euta birami
Je pani baadne haamro ramro thiyo baani

Usle ekdin churot salkaai sodhyo “oye khane”
Maile pani tane, sankochai namaani
Din bitdai gayo ani laagyo tesko baani
Bistarai kulat ma phasiyo

Jaani najaani gaajaa ani goti
Saaman ra paani yo pachi tyo
Tyo pachi tyo dami
Jhyaap nabhai din pani raamrai nalagne
Tespachi feri kahile ustai rahenau haami


Nahola sangai aaja ta tara ma tara
Tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
Saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
Tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile

Yesari nai laagu padartha maa dubdai gayou
Galat nirnaya kharaab parinaam ko sikar bhayou
Kati lai kutyou, lutyou, katilaai thagyou
Gharmaa aafnai aama buwa sanga jharkyou

Aafai maa ladyou tara khana chhodenau
Bistarai haami ek arkaa sangai bolenau

Sodhne garthe saathi bhaile haamro baaremaa
Oo binaa malaai ek rati raamro laagena

Aba sabai tyaagne maile baacha gare
Baahira naniski kothaa bhitra sutera base
Bistaarai ma padhai tira aghi badhe
Sunne garthe oo ajhai testai chha bhanne

Ek din achaanak usko bhai ma sanga runa lagyo
Mero manmaa bibhinna prasnaharu uthna thalyo
Oo aghillo raat aspatalmaa bityo re
Ma maathi aakash khasyo, ma bihosiye


Bibhinna prasnaharu ko uttar khojchhu ma
If you never sort it out, take a bit, sochchhu ma

Saayad haamro dosti pani yeuta misaal hunthyo
Tero mero saath haamro manobal bishaal hunthyo
Haar pani jeet, jeet pani haar hunthiyo
Ghar byabahaar hunthiyo, sampanna sukhi pariwar hunthiyo

Dukha sukha maa sangai rointhyo, haasinthyo
Ta ra ma (U and me) daju bhai jasari bachinthiyo

Ke laanuchha jindagi dui din ko naaso
Ta chaadai gaees tara ek din ma pani aauchhu
Saanta sundar sansaar maa tyo baadal paariko
Jitnu bhanda thulo kuro himmat naharnu ho

Tesaile lad-dai chhu, sangharsa gardaichhu
Ta kasto chhas saathi ma sanchaichhu
Tero yaad aayo ani samjhera basdaichhu
Hami pheri bhetchhau bhani din gandaichhu


who is Manoj Punjabi [Manu Punjabi]

Manoj Punjabi is a dashing and handsome man from Jaipur, Rajasthan, who knows how to enjoy life. Popularly known among his friends and fans as ‘King Mannu‘, this man surely knows how to win hearts. He is also a very fun loving and simple person with a nice sense of humour.

Personal Life

Manoj Punjabi is a 34 years old handsome man who belongs to Jaipur, also known as the pink city of India. Like his city, Manoj is also a very lively person who knows surely how to enjoy life. Manoj says that one should always lead a balanced life, with both work and fun balanced. He is a very confident person and can solve tough problems of life with simplicity.

Manoj loved to play cricket and wanted to become a cricketer when he was a child. He has a motto in life to make everyone around him laugh and spread happiness. With this simple and fun-loving attitude, he is bound to get success in life.

Manoj Punjabi Biography

Name- Manoj Punjabi or Manu Punjabi
Birth Date- 27th December 1982
Origin- Jaipur, Rajasthan
Height- 5 feet and 11 inches
Favourite star- Sachin Tendulkar

who is Lopamudra Raut

Lopamudra Raut is a very popular model in the modelling industry. She is said to be an angel on earth. She can sweep anyone off their feet with her charm and glamour. She can be referred to as a beauty queen.

Lopamudra earned fame for herself while representing India at the Miss United Continents 2016 pageant. She earned the title of a 2nd runner-up there and made India proud of her.

Personal Life

Lopamudra belongs to a conservative Marathi family. Thus naturally she did not get the support of her parents throughout her journey to fame. She alone kept in her fight to get to the top.

Lopamudra Raut entire community was against her, yet she never gave up. She is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Sources say that she wanted to be a model since her very childhood. She used to pose in front of the camera with brilliant expressions. Today, her determination has taken her to the top.

Lopamudra Raut Biography

Personal Details- Lopamudra Raut
Birthdate: 7th October 1991
Age- 26 Years
Height- 5ft 10 Inches
Profession- Model, Engineer
Hobbies- Playing Basket Ball, Travelling & Singing
Current City- Nagpur
Zodiac Sign- Libra
Home- Nagpur, Maharashtra
Education- B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
Nationality- Indian
Religion- Hindu
Occupation- Model
Reality Show- Bigg Boss 10

who is Rohan Mehra

Rohan Mehra is a very well-known name in the television industry. This model turned actor is currently shaking the entire industry with his cute looks and great acting skills. Somewhere between the television industry and Bollywood, he has successfully shaped his career.

Rohan Mehra started earning a name for himself while playing the character of Naksh Singhania in the very popular TV serial Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He also appeared in a flick called Uvaa.

Personal Life

Rohan Mehra, the famous television star, was born on 8 April 1989 in Amritsar, India. He has finished his initial schooling from St George’s School Mussoorie and did his graduation from Hans Raj School, Delhi.

In his school days, he was a very talented tennis player and even qualified for the nationals. He did win numerous trophies and awards in tennis. He is a talked about model in the commercial industry and a very successful small screen actor who has taken part in various advertisements of Reebok, Legend Cycles, Honda, Priyagold Bread rolls, Samsung, BlackBerry and so on.

He would have been working in his dad’s business in Amritsar if not an actor. He is a much-loved child in real life and has always been pampered by his parents. His parents treat him as their friend, and he has got a very happy family. Yet, not at all like his onscreen character, he is very close to his dad. His dad took the difficult decision of shifting to Mumbai so that Rohan could focus on work.

Rohan Mehra Biography

Name- Rohan Mehra
Birth Date- 8th April 1989
Age- 28 Years
Profession- Actor, Model
Hobbies- Acting
Origin- Amritsar, India
Height- 5 feet and 11 inches
Favorite actress- Deepika Padukone


who is Bani Judge

Gurbani Judge also called Bani Judge is a 29 years old girl from Mumbai who has is a known face in the Bollywood industry. She can be referred to as a powerhouse of talent with so many qualities to show. Bani has earned a name for herself through Roadies where she secured the 2nd position.


Personal details

Gurbani Judge also popular by the name of Vj Bani is a Chandigarh-based girl who is very talented. She has got a very good presence of mind with which she can handle the most complicated situations easily.

Gurbani Judge can have her claim to fame in Roadies Season 4. She showed her talent there and came out to be the runner-up of the show. Bani has got a very vibrant personality and a strong character. She is also trained in martial arts and thus knows how to defend herself, both physically and verbally. She is the icon of a modern Indian woman.

Gurbani Judge Biography

Name- Gurbani Judge [Bani J or VJ Bani]
Birth Date- 29th November 1987
Age- 29 years
Profession- Actress, Television Host, Model, Vj
Hobbies- Reading, Art, & Gyming
Origin- Chandigarh, India
Height- 5 feet and 7 inches
Favorite star- Salman Khan

who is Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Kumar Baisoya, mainly known as Manveer Gurjar is what we can call a true Indian. A great patriot, Manveer is willing to do anything for the benefit of his country. He is from Noida and is has got quite a huge fan following in the social media.

 Manveer Gurjar

Personal life

Manveer Gurjar was born in Noida, India. He has got a pretty dominant nature and knows how to get his work done by hook or by crook. He is a farmer by occupation and is proud of his job. He has been a good student since childhood and has preferred to serve his nation in this way.

According to him, his work makes him feel close to his nation, and the fragrance of the soil gives him a soothing touch of the mother nature.

Name- Manveer Kumar Baisoya (also known as Manveer Gurjar)
Birth Date- 13th June 1987
Origin- Noida, India
Hobbies- Wrestling, Gymming, Kabaddi
Height- 6 feet and 1 inches
Favourite Star- Salman Khan
Profession- Farmer, Dairy owner

Some Sweet Ways To Say “I Love You”

I adore you.

I’m totally into you.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.Related image

You mean so much to me.

I’m yours.

You complete me.

I’m in love with you.

There is no other.

You’re my ideal woman.

You’re my Prince Charming.

You’re my angel.

You’re my princess.

You’re incredible.

You’re my baby.

I’ve totally fallen for you.Related image

I’ve got a thing for you.

I have feelings for you.

I feel something for you.

You’re my king.

You’re mine.

You’re amazing.

We’re perfect for each other.

We’re a good match.

You can’t deny what’s between us.

We’re meant for each other.

We complete each other.Related image

I’m infatuated with you.

You’re my lover

I’m addicted to you.

You make me burn with desire.

I’m burning for you.

I need you.

I worship you.Related image

I’m crazy about you.

You’re perfect.


I’m drawn to you.

I think of you as more than a friend.

I’ve got a crush on you.Image result for cute couples

I’ve had a crush on you for a long time.

I think I’m in love with you.

I think you’re the one.

We make a good team.

You’re so awesome.


I must have you.


We’re soul mates.

You make me want to be a better man.

We were meant to be together.Related image

I can’t live without you.

You’re my goddess.

I can’t bear to be apart from you.

I idolize you.

You’re my everything.

I’m smitten with you.Image result for cute couples

I yearn for you.

You turn me inside out.

You’ve put a spell on me.

I’m under your spell.

My heart calls out for you.Related image

You make me feel young again.

You’re my sweetie.

You’re my sunshine.


I’m down with you.

You’re my man.Image result for cute couples

You’re my girl.

I’m rather partial to you.

You’re not bad.

I kinda like you.

I’m fond of you.

I have a soft spot for you.Related image

I’m physically attracted to you.

You’re my other half.

You’re my darling.

I’m devoted to you.

I’m hooked on you.

I’m all about you.

Image result for cute couples

You are the object of my affection.

We have a good chemistry.

I feel affectionate toward you.

I care for you deeply.


Dialogues From The Movie Raees

Joh dhande ke liye sahi woh sahi … joh dhande ke liye galat woh galat … isse zyada kabhi socha nahi

Image result for raees first look
Koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota

Image result for raees
Baniye ka dimaag … miya bhai ki daring

Image result for raees movie
Gujarat ki hawa mein vyapar hai saheb … meri saans toh rok loge … lekin is hawa ko kaise rokoge

Image result for raees movie
Saboot le aaiye … le jaiye … Raees hazir hai

Image result for raees official poster
Aa raha hoon!

Image result for raees official poster
Raees ka aur mera rishta bada ajeeb hai … paas reh nahi sakta aur saala door jaane nahi deta

Image result for raees
Jisko tu dhandha bolta hain naa
Crime hain vo,
Dhandha band karle, Varna Saans lena bhi mushkil kar dunga.

Image result for raees


Aap mera trasfer kahi bhi kar sakte hain
Raees ko nahi chodunga mein,
Ek din naak me nakel daal ke, Kheech ke le jaunga main tujhe yaha se

Image result for raees



Heartwarming Lines from Dear Zindagi..

Safe feel karne ke liye pehle saare dar mitana zaroori hai.

Image result for dear zindagi
I drink only on two occasions … when I’m in love and when I’m not.

Image result for dear zindagi
We are all our own teachers in the school of life.

Image result for dear zindagi
Zindagi ek jigsaw puzzle ki tarah hai … mere jaise log us puzzle ke khoye hue tukde, sirf dhoondne aur jodne mein madad kar sakte hai … par only you can complete the puzzle.

Image result for dear zindagi
Agar hum apni zindagi ka steering wheel apne haath mein nahi lenge na … toh koi doosra driver seat par baith jayega

Related image
Tum agar khulke ro nahi sakogi … toh khulkar has kaise sakogi

Related image
Zindagi mein jab koi pattern banta ya koi aadat banti dikhai de na … toh uske baare mein achchi tarah se sochna chahiye … genius is about knowing when to stop.

Related image
Genius woh nahi hota jiske paas har sawaal ka jawab ho … genius woh hota hai jiske paas har jawaab tak pahunchne ka patience ho

Image result for dear zindagi
Jab hum apne aap ko achchi tarah samajh lete hai … toh doosre kya samajhte hai, it doesn’t matter … not at all

Related image
Albert Einstein ne kaha tha … pagal woh hota hai joh roz roz same kaam karta hai … magar chahta hai ki nateeja alag ho

Related image
Don’t let the past blackmail your present … to ruin a beautiful future

Image result for dear zindagi
Kabhi kabhi hum mushkil rasta sirf is liye chunte hai … kyun ki humein lagta hai, important cheezein paane ke liye humein mushkil rasta apnana chahiye … apne aap ko punish karna bahut zaroori samajhte hai … but why, aasaan rasta kyun nahi chun sakte … kya burai hai us mein … khaas karke jab us mushkil ka saamna karne ke liye hum taiyaar hi nahi hai


Image result for dear zindagi

Few Important Vaastu Tips for Bedroom for Couples


Marriages are made in heaven” and it can’t be truer than this. A marriage, undoubtedly, is a very special bond – that not only the bride and groom but even their families – share for a lifetime
Although everyone knows that good sexual relations are foundation for successful marriage, many couples neglect the way their bedrooms look.Every married couple wants to enhance happiness in their Married life with a little bit help from luck. The truth is people say they are not having happiness with unexpected results in their lives. Many forms of prediction are assumed in and used by people to enhance their luck in terms of married life, Couple relationship, health or career.

Many of them make it appear like a mini-store room.Image result for couple bedroo
There are few things to be maintained and few to be avoided in bedroom to maintain the romantic vibrations.

Also this place is meant for 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep, so that a person remains active throughout the day.

Few Important Vaastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Bed should never be in middle of the room. It should always have a strong wall support at one end (where heads rest) and this strengthens the relations between couple.
  • Do not keep dry and artificial flowers in the newly Married Couples bedroom, because they may cause disturbance and increases false love. Prefer to put on Fresh flowers in couple’s bedroom either in the front or in the side of the bed.
  • Always prefer a wooden bed/cot over a metal one. Metals like steel, iron, aluminium lead to ego clashes among couples and ultimately can end up with divorce.
  • Never place a mirror in bedroom in such a way that your sleeping reflection is seen in it.
    If you still want to have a mirror in bedroom, make sure that reflection of bed is not seen in it from any angle.
    Avoid dressing tables etc too in bedrooms.
  • Avoid pictures or photo frames of your ancestors, deceased persons, gods, goddesses etc on bedroom walls.
    They take away the romantic vibrations.
    Instead have a pleasant painting of nature, waterfall etc or a romantic couple.
  • Bedroom should have bright colors like Red, orange, pink to enhance the mood.
  • Lighting should be 2-way. Use dim lighting in romantic moments and during other moments have bright lighting.
  • Always remember, the door of the attached toilet and toilet seat cover in bedroom must be kept shut down, when not in use.
  • If you have no option than to have photo frames on walls or unnecessary furniture or storage material, then atleast try to have a partition between them and your bed.
  • Sleeping with head towards South increases sexual satisfaction and induces deep sleep.
  • Do not put in chilling or nude pictures and images in the bedroom of couple.
  • Sleeping with head towards West is also good for sexual relation and sleep.
  • South East is the corner of fire place and leads to clashes between the couple so it’s always better not to have bedroom in this direction.
  • Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. The same is applicable to pickles as well. Openly placed knife and scissors or pickles in the bedroom creates sourness in relationship.
  • Decorate the house with beautiful crystals, because the crystals help to attract light and illuminate the relationship as well.
  • Placing a sculpture of a Love Birds pair in the Southwest direction will increase the love in married life.
  • Sleeping with head towards North should always be avoided.
  • Always wear light colored clothes while sleeping (avoid dark ones)
  • Never use black, or dark blue curtains in bedroom as they will lead to ego clashes among couples. Always use pink, lavender etc romantic colors.


Most Popular Lines From Bajirao Mastani

Yodha Hun,
Thokar Pathar Se Lage Tabhi Haath Talvar Par Hi Jata HaiYeh Dharti.

Image result for bajirao mastani scenes

Yeh Aasmaan Aur Sine Ki Aag Ko Sakshi Maankar Hum Aapko Kubool Karte Hai.

Image result for bajirao mastani

Sidha Hamla Karo Jaise Kismat Karti Hai.

Image result for bajirao mastani scenes

Sahi Rakha Hai Aapka Naam Mastani…
Apni Hi Masti Mein Rehne Wali.

Image result for bajirao mastani scenes

Patni Toh Radha Bhi Nahi Thi Lekin Naam Krishna Ka Unhi Ke Saath Liya Jaata Tha.

Image result for bajirao mastani deepika padukone

Nishana Chooka Nahi Hai Bas Rishta Beech Mein Aa Gaya

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Lagaam Dikhti Nahi Hai, Par Zubaan Per Honi Chahiye

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Kiski Talvar Par Sir Rakhu Yeh Bata Do Mujhe,
Ishq Karna Agar Khata Hai Toh Saza Do Mujhe.

Image result for bajirao mastani deepika look

Jung Mein Khone Wale Phir Bhi Mil Jaate Hai,
Apne Angaan Mein Khone Wale Milte Nahi Hai.

Image result for bajirao mastani


Jab Deewaron Se Zyaada Doori Dilon Mein Ho Jaye Toh Chath Nahi Tikti.

Related image

Ishq, Jo Tufani Duniya Se Bagawat Karjaye Woh Ishq,
Bharay Darbar Mein Jo Duniya Se Lad Jaae Woh Ishq,
Jo Mehboob Ko Dekhe Toh Khuda Ko Bhul Jaae Woh Ishq.

Image result for bajirao mastani intimate scenes
Hum Janam Se Brahmin Hai Karam Se Kshatriya.

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Heere Mein Heera Ho Toh Use Kehte Hain Kohinoor,
Rao Ka Naam Lete Hi Kaashi Ke Chehre Pe Aata Hai Noor.

Related image

Duniya Hum Dono Ko Ek Hi Naam Se Yaad Rakhegi BAJIRAO MASTANI.

Image result for bajirao mastani scenes

Cheeteh Ki Chaal, Baaz Ki Nazar Aur Baaji Rao Ki Talvar Par Sandeh Nahi Karte, Kabhi Bhi Maat De Sakti Hai.

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Tujhe yaad kar liya hai aayat ki tarah … ab tera zikr hoga ibadat ki tarah

Related image

Bajirao: Humare Dil Ek Saath Dhadakte Hai Mastani
Mastani: Aur Ek Saath Rukte Bhi Hai

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Bajirao Ki Raftaar Hi Bajirao Ki Pehchan Hai.

Image result for bajirao ranveer

Baajirao Ne Mastani Se Mohabbat Ki Hai Aiyashi Nahi.

Image result for bajirao mastani intimate scenes

Agar Humne Unhe Jaate Hue Dekh Liya Toh Humaari Jaan Hi Chali Jaayegi.

Image result for bajirao mastani intimate scenes

Aap Humse Humari Zindagi Maang Lete Hum Aap Ko Khushi Khushi De Dete,
Par Aapne Toh Humse Humara Guroor Cheen Liya.

Image result for bajirao mastani priyanka look

Aandhi Roke Toh Hum Toofan,
Toofan Roke Toh Hum Aag Ka Dariya,
Yeh Shapath Hai Bajirao Balaal Ki…
Har Har Mahadev

Image result for bajirao mastani intimate scenes
Adhoori mulaqat hi toh phir se milne ka vaada hota hai

Related image

Yeh sach hai ki har dharam ne ek rang ko chun liya hai, par rang ka toh koi dharam nahi hota … haan kabhi kabhi insaan ka mann kaala zaroor ho jaata hai joh usse rang mein bhi dharam dikhai deta hai

Image result for bajirao mastani deepika padukone look
Har dharam mohabbat sikhata hai … par mohabbat ka toh koi dharam nahi hota … woh khud apne aap mein ek dharam hai

Image result for bajirao mastani intimate scenes


How To Know IF Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

He tells you he isn’t really ready for a relationship early on.

He puts his phone on airplane mode.

He takes his phone with him every time he goes to the bathroom.

Your mate constantly talks about your relationship ending when you fight or argue.

He has more friends that are girls than you do, and he only has a few guy friends.

You haven’t met a lot of his friends even though you hang out with him a lot. They’re always busy.

His phone battery seems to die more than the average person’s, making him unreachable for extended periods of time.

He always has a reason why you can’t meet up with him.

Your mate becomes very moody.

He stops initiating sexy time.

You never know where he is.

He can’t commit — to you or to future plans, even things like what you’re going to do with him on Saturday.

He sometimes lies about random/inconsequential things at times when it doesn’t really seem to matter.

Everyone he follows on Instagram appears to be a sexy-looking, half-naked woman.

He has a lot of numbers in his phone that aren’t saved under names.

You haven’t met his family.

He suddenly cares about his hygiene

He keeps working late.

He avoids getting close to you.


He follows a *Lot* Of Sexy women on social media

His is more attentive to your needs than usual.

He begins buying you gifts  (lots of gifts) .

He frequently picks fights with you.

He continually criticizes another person.

He criticizes things about you that he or she once found attractive and appealing.

He easily becomes offended at the comments, however harmless, that you make.

He  stops paying attention to you, your children and home-life in general.

He begins closing doors when you are around, when before he or she would leave them open.

He stops complimenting you on your looks.

He stops saying, “I love you.”

He acts guilty when you do something nice for him or her.

He turns the table and accuses you of cheating but has no evidence.

He would rather spend time with friends than be with you.

He shows no interest in your relationship’s future.

He stops being affectionate.

He is more interested in reading a book or watching television than talking with you or making love to you.

He frequently talks about the problems a friend, neighbor, coworker, course instructor or classmate of the opposite sex is having.

He begins using new catch phrases.

He also starts to tell types of jokes or express opinions that are unusual for him or her.

He pays less and less attention to your children.

He has been acting emotionally distant and withdrawn.

He seems disinterested and distracted during sex.

He talks in her sleep and mentions the name of a particular person on more than one occasion.

He seems startled or confused when awakened.

His behavior is such that your friends begin asking you what’s wrong.


He easily becomes offended when you make normal and natural inquiries and may demand to know why you are checking up on him or her.

His sleeping pattern changes considerably from the norm.


Quotes Which Makes You Believe In Yourself

“The stronger you become, the lower your voice become.” Image result for self motivation
“The only time you can get up is when you are down, never give a chance of giving up, you can change your weakness walls.”
Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.Image result for motivation
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
There will be times in your life where you’re challenged, where nothing seems to be going right.
Sometimes when you get disappointment it makes you stronger.
“Whatever doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger. Hardships have a way of toughening us, if they don’t kill us.”
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Failure’s not a bad thing. It builds character. It makes you stronger.
There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.
If you so choose, the challenges can make you stronger. If you so choose, the disappointments can make you more determined.

Image result for motivation
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down. Image result for motivation
Either you run the day or the day runs you.
When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder.
Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

How To Give Compliments to Your Boyfriend


It is a false assumption that only women need to be complimented.Guys love compliments as much as girls do, but gentlemen hardly ever get any or, at least, they get compliments a lot rarer than ladies do. The compliments for guys are just as important. Compliments make women feel appreciated, but they make men feel the same thing and let’s face it: sometimes men need appreciation more than women. There is a lot that compliments for men can help you achieve


You are so handsome.Image result for hot guys
Wow, you weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!
I love your (insert color here) eyes. I just get lost in them.
You always making me smile!Image result for cute couple korean animation
You’re the funniest man I’ve ever met.
I always feel safe when I’m around you.
It’s so nice to see a man who can cook.
You’re the strongest man I’ve ever met.
You are my perfect man!Related image
Your charm is irresistible!

You are so romantic!



You are so creative!

You are my cup of tea!

You are a real gentleman!

How I love you!

You are so impressive!Image result for hot guys with shirts on

You inspire me!

I’m so proud of you!

My dream came true!

You are like coming home!

Your smile…wow!

You are so funny!

You make me laugh like no other!

Your humor is the best!

The most attractive man in the world!..universe! (he will love it ;))

How loving you are! I’m so lucky!

How energetic is my man!



Courageous…Image result for hot guys on instagram


The most talented!

Your style is impeccable!

This suit is just stunning!

You are so fearless!

You are incomparable!

Your charm is irresistible!

Your love is divine!

My one and only…

I feel safe with you!

Bright and intelligent!Image result for hot guys on instagram

You are so seductive!

You are so kind!

You are the best of the best!

You are my stronghold!





Find Your Own Happiness

  • Learn to forgive and forget.

  • Get ten minutes of sun a day.

  • Be kind in small ways.Image result for happy
  • See every challenge as an opportunity for further growth.

  • Express gratitude for what you have.

  • Cut back on the time you spend with most negative person in your life.
  • Be more optimistic about the future and your ability to accomplish life goals.

  • Open yourself up to success and embrace failures or mistakes that happen along the way.

  • Be appreciative of other people.
  • Know that none of us are perfect, we are all here to entertain and be entertained.

  • Surround yourself with happy people.

Image result for happy face

  • Let go of one thing from your past.
  • Make a plan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy.
  •  Spend less time trying to please others and spend more time trying to please your higher self.

  • See the humor in life and in our experiences.

  • Take life less seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.

  • Treat everyone with kindness. 

  • Speak well of others. 

  • Truly listen to others. Be present and mindful to what others are really saying when they speak. Support them without bringing yourself into it.

  • Be careful with your words. Speak gentler, kinder, and wiser.

Image result for be happy

  • Respect others and their free will.

  • Smile more to family, to co-workers, to neighbors, to strangers– and watch it not only change how you feel but also how they feel too.

  • Don’t replay negative events or worry about the future.

  • Be grateful for your life, for each moment of every day. 

  • Keep a daily routine. 

    Image result for be happy

  • Get enough sleep. 

  • Turn off the TV. For every hour of TV you watch, you reduce 22 minutes of your life expectancy.

  • Eat properly. What you eat has a direct effect on your mood and energy levels. 

  • Exercise daily to the point of sweating. 

  •  Laughter is the best medicine. So laugh more.

  • Practice deep breathing and yoga. 

    Image result for happy

  • Get creative. 

  • Practice meditation. 

  • Be honest. Telling the truth keeps you free inside, builds trust in relationships, and improves your will power and the ability to attract success.

  • Surrender to the Universe Divine and allow it to take care of the littlest things in life to the greatest and most important.

  • Live minimally and simply. Often extravagant living brings more stress not more satisfaction.

  •  Travel to new places where not everything is as easily accessible or readily available, and learn to appreciate what you have by expanding your world.

Image result for happy

  • Get outside whenever possible to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sunshine. 

  • Take some time to be silent. 

  • Observe the natural beauty that surrounds you and feel a sense of connection.

How to Make A Guy Want You More

If you want to have a happy relationship and a boyfriend who appreciates you, don’t compromise on your wants and desires in the relationship just to make your boyfriend feel happy. He’ll start to accept you for who you are, instead of realizing how understanding, accommodating and genuinely nice you actually are.How to make a guy want you? Make sure he knows you’ll be good for him. When you’re getting a guy to want you, you have to show him that his life would be better with you in it. Of course, that’s not something you can just announce. You have to be subtle, and be careful about how you word things.

Making a guy want you means working on yourself, too. When you’re focused on getting a guy to want you, it can be easy to lose a little bit of yourself. You don’t have to do that, though, and you don’t want to do that. The more work you do on yourself, the healthier and better off you’ll be. You’ll also be seen as a great catch for the right guy.

Getting a guy to want you is going to take effort. It’s not an overnight thing, but it can be well worth it. You may find that being a little devilish is necessary, like making him a little jealous, but if you’re sensible about how you handle things, it can really work out well. Then you’ll have the right guy, and you’ll know he wants you, cares for you, and craves your company.

Sacrificing your happiness for someone is a good sign, but only if it’s mutual. There’s a thin red line between sacrificing and suffering in a relationship.

Here are Some Tips Which Will Help You To Make Him Want You More:


When he sees that other guys are interested in you, he’ll start to take notice of that. Then, he’ll begin to look for what they see in you, and he’ll start realizing all you have to offer. He’ll also see that he’s got competition.If he wants you, he’d better make a move to get you before someone else does. Woman who are pursued by a lot of men have options, and you want your guy to see that. In order to be the best option, he’ll need to step up and make the effort to win you over.


Image result for woman feeling good

Your boyfriend is not better than you. Falling in love is a mutual experience between lovers. Have an ego and be confident of yourself. If you truly respect yourself, your boyfriend can’t help but respect you and admire you.Have your own life. Your boyfriend is only a part of your life, not all of it. If you’re always with him or he finds you available all the time, he’ll only take you for granted.Be a smart girl. Be aware of the world around you, be it on the news or in current affairs. Men always think they’re more intelligent and aware. Prove him wrong, he’ll worship you and take you more seriously.


Image result for out with friends

Make your own plans now and then. Go out with your own friends and feel good about yourself, be it in having a good conversation or attracting the attention of another cute guy. Believe in yourself, and remember that you’re still hot stuff. And the best part, he’ll miss you more when you aren’t available at his beck and call.


Image result for man being jelous


When he’s a little jealous, he’s focused on getting you. He’ll want you more and more, the longer it takes to get together with you. By spending time around him but not getting too close, you’ll be making him a little more jealous each time. Before you know it, he’ll have decided that he just has to have you. But remember not to overdo it, otherwise he will see chasing you as pointless.


Related image

Be a wildcat with fiery passion. Try new things in bed. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you sexually, don’t be predictable in bed. Try new things and don’t let bedtime get boring. Enjoy sex and take pride in your passion and interest in exploring sex. Flirting with him can really get him interested and get him focused on all your great attributes. You can do simple things like touch his arm and laugh at his jokes. Be sure to look into his eyes for just a little too long before you smile and look away.


Image result for women stylish

Making a guy want you also means dressing for success with the opposite sex. You don’t have to have everything hanging out to get attention. You just want to show off your best assets. Find clothes that fit you the right way and show off a little skin..Let’s talk about pleasing your man with appearances first.  Look sexy and have eyes turn towards you when you’re in his arms. If his friends think you’re hot stuff, he’ll desire you and want to be with you more. And he’ll never want to let go of you.


Image result for woman flirty

Make sure you show interest, but don’t move too fast. That way, you can be sure the guy really likes you and isn’t just looking for some quick and easy conquest.Play hard to get when he takes you easy. Don’t let your boyfriend ever take you for granted. If you ever feel like he’s taking you lightly, put him in place. It’ll scare him, true, but it’ll also make him realize that you’re not someone to be taken for granted.



Image result for models walking away

Snub him or avoid his calls when he disrespects you. He’ll be too scared to take you lightly. You’re not throwing a tantrum by doing this, you’re letting him know that you have self respect.Getting a guy to want you also means making him understand that you don’t really need him. You might want him in your life, but that’s different than needing him to be there. Rather than get too clingy or start relying on him for help, money or anything else, show him that you have your own life to live and can take care of yourself.


Image result for models

Be passionate about life and your own ambitions. Your boyfriend will never respect you or desire you if all you do is sit wide eyed and stare when he talks about his ambitions and dreams, and have nothing to share in return. He’ll see that you value yourself, which is a very attractive quality for any woman. He’ll admire you more if he sees your independence and realizes you value him enough to accept him into your life.Make him see that you value him, but never give up who you are in order to get him.