Actresses who Married Twice

Well, who says love happens only once, our celebrities have fallen in love more than once. There are some divas in Nepali Film Fraternity who have got unlucky in marriage and hence got hitched twice.

Let’s have a look at some of the most sensational second marriage of nepali actresses.

Simpal Khanal 


The most beautiful actress of kollywood industry was first married to Praanna Poudel. She was not quite happy with her first marriage and hence secretly married Nadeem who is business man.

Sanchita Luitel 


This beautiful and dusky beauty was raising star of Nepal. She was very successful actress and    was married to Aakash Shah. But soon their marriage turn sour and she left him to marry Nikhil Upreti. Their marriage was controversial in Nepal and they stayed in India for a while.

Saujanya Subba


This adorable and hot lady married Bhupen Chand for second time. Her first marriage was not successful.

Pooja Chand 


She is the most loved actress of old time. She was married to Suraj Chand. She was not satisfied with him and hence married Raju Lama.

Saranga Shrestha 


The dancing queen of Nepal got lucky for the second time and married Ramesh Karki. Her first marriage did not go well. They are proud parents of a daughter now.

Jharana Bajracharya


Hottest celebrity of town was also unlucky for the first time. Recently she married  Rahul Agrawal.

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