Wilson Achievements




Wilson Bikram Rai is a Nepali comedian, actor, singer, dancer and producer.He is one of the most loved comedians in Nepal. He got popularity due to his popular comedy show.. He is best known for his role as Takme Buda on NTV sitcom Meri Bassai . He often imitates the Limbu accent to entertain his spectators. He had successfully traveled more than 20 countries. He is also the Brand Ambassador of Italian Shoes Black Horse.

In an recent interview he disclosed many thing about his life events.He will be seen in Bollywood movies soon with famous actoress Bipasha Basu. When media person asked him about him achievemnt in life he said that he has achieved lots of thing in his life but has not got any luck in materialistic wealth. He said it in a funny way that in the name of wealth he has only a cubboard and a television. Well we wish him all the best and hope he will soon accumulate maximum wealth in his future.


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