$76,000 Spends In Quest For Perfection By $urgery Obsessive

Fulvia Pellegrino is a transgender woman and she have already spent $76,000 on her plastic $urgery. She is transgender women with an obsession for the $urgery till the perfection.

56 years old Fulvia Pellegrino is from Italy, who have experienced this identity development at her young age of 15. However,  it took lots of years to gain better understanding to her self-image, self-reflection, and self-expression because of her religious family and the thoughts of the society. In 2000 AD, her patience broke down. She collected the guts and told  her wife Marisa about her gender identity. Marisa was speechless to listen that from her husband but later, her  open  accept it with an ease.

Marisa fully supported Fulvia Pellegrino  for the transition and the every little surgery. They are still living together with a happy and joyful life, but the relation have changed this timw. They are sisters rather than the husband and wife like in their past.

However, the transition was not enough for her. So, she started the plastic $urge*ry with her whole body. She has had more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four bre@$t implants, and two rounds of liposuction with the plastic surgery. Hence, she thinks that this is not the perfection for her. She would go through more sur*gery until she gets the perfection.

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