38 years old woman gets no treatment due to financial difficulties

Life is not fair to everyone all the time. Dambari Devi Pandey becomes a real victim of this unfair life. She belonges to a poor family. Poverty has already bound her but the problems does not end here. Life has added another serious issue in her life. Dambari Devi is originally from Jhapa. She is a 36 years old woman and has been locked in a dark room since last 12 years by her family members. According to her family members, she has completely lost her mental state. She is a mentally retarded person which is why she has been locked all these years. The another reason behind her being locked up is because of their poverty.

She is entirely locked up but there are no any hidden intentions behind that. Her family members do not have any bad intentions because they are compelled to do so due to their poverty. They have a very hard life and have to struggle daily for their livelihood. She is no more than a burden to her as they have to look after her as well and she can no contribute.

Her family members have been asking for help for her proper treatment. Her health issue has directly and indirectly affected every member’s life. The government is not providing any help for her and is just choosing to ignore her health status. From this video, help is expected from every people who watch this video. Hoping people would provide less or more help or donation in order to lessen the difficulties faced by Dambari Devi.

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