87 woman returned after being pregnant from abroad

Sources revealed that most of the women who in aboard for the working visa have to go through mental and physical torture from the owner they work for. They have been the victim of physical violence for the long time Nepal Government is not able to solve the problem of these women.


Every day, an estimated 1,000 people leave Nepal for the Middle East for jobs as housemaids. It is estimated that there are as many as 200,000 Nepalese women working there unofficially.

But they can be vulnerable and Nepal’s embassies in the region say they deal with numerous cases of women seeking shelter after alleged physical and sexual abuse.


As the women use alternative routes, their lack of official documentation has made it difficult to even know their exact number. Many of those migrant workers have suffered both physically and mentally and are abused and exploited. Some have even lost their lives abroad.



Recently 86 women have returned from the Middle East countries being pregnant. They are thrown out the state and now they don’t have any job or support in Nepal too.

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