A 65 Years Old Bird That Hatched It’s 40th Chick


Albatross Wisdom is known as the oldest  bird in the wild,hatches her 40th chick at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii.

“Wisdom is an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope,” says refuge manager Robert Peyton. He adds that Wisdom is breaking records in terms of longevity, surpassing previously banded birds by at least 10 years.Wisdom is said to have raised about 40 chicks throughout its life, with at least eight since 2006. Wisdom is not only known for its hatching prowess. The 65-year-old bird is an avid and strong traveler too. Experts say Wisdom has likely flown over 3 million miles since 1956 when it first joined Midway Atoll.

Bruce Peterjohn from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center estimates that such mileage equates to about six trips from the Earth to the moon and back.

Biologist Chandler Robbins was the one who banded Wisdom back in 1956. Robbins still goes to work occasionally for the love of doing his passion. The interesting thing is he was able to see Wisdom near the same nesting area 46 years later.


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