About movie Naya Nepal

About movie Naya Nepal


The movie Naya Nepal is the Nepali action thriller-drama  film directed by Kishwor Dhakal who is also a writer of the movie. It is beautiful presentation of Dhakal Films.The producer of the movie is Laxmi Prasad Dhakal. This movie is dedicated to thousands of known and unknown martyrs of Nepal who has lost their life during the Maoist revolution.
Naya Nepal is the most watched Nepali movie and it is much appreciated by audiences as well as by critic in Nepali film fraternity. It is a crime drama movie which features the talented actors like Biraj Bhatta Nandita KC,Usha Poudel. Along with them there are other actors like Abhaya Shrestha, Sushila Rayamajhi, Kishor Dhakal, Ridhhi Charan Shrestha, Pushkar Bhatta etc.Nepali movie Naya Nepal was released in theaters across Nepal on 18 June 2007.
The songs of these movies are super hit chat busters and much loved by youth especially. Music of the movie is given by patriotic as well as romantic.Editor of the movie is Tara Bahadur Thapa and dialogue and screenplay is done by Kishor Dhakal. Art director of this movie is Pasang T Sherpa.

The screenplay starts with surgical scene of the woman who is badly wounded she is the wife of commander leader Shankar (Biraj Bhatta). She starts going flash back to her childhood memories where she met her husband Shankar. The flash back starts with lovely children who are talking with each other one is foreigner and another is Nepali. The girl and the boy are childhood sweethearts but the girl soon has to leave Nepal.

On growing up Shankar aims to bring justice to poor and marginalized people in his village so he joins the path of rebellion.On the contrary his brother is the Nepal  force officer and this creates problematic situation in the family. The plot of the story expresses the problems and griefs of Nepali people during those difficult time.There is always a clash between two brothers who are in the opposite direction.

Biraj is on the way of gathering his troops and making them more strong and is often disturbed by brother. Their parents are totally helpless about them and in very delousing state as they can do nothing abut it.

One fine day Biraj childhood sweetheart but it creates triangular love story a Nandita KC who is one of the troop member of Biraj has also feelings for him. She expresses her feeling to him but he chooses his childhood friend and Nandita suggests them of to marry. On the other side of romance Biraj brother(Abhaya Shrestha) falls in love with Usha Poudel.

This movie also displays the tragic situation of festive time as both son are in different path and they cant stand each other.One dreadful night while both brothers come to meet their parents their respective troops starts to fight and they lost their parents and sister as well.


The story of the movie is based on the Nepalese Civil War i.e. Maoist Rebellion.Director Kishor Dhakal has brought a very refreshing concept which displays about the loss and suffering of Nepalese people during Maoist revolution.. The Maoists’ original aim was to benefit the poor and marginalized sectors of Nepali society by uprooting the monarchy and feudalism More than 19,000 people (including both civilian and armed forces)were killed during the conflict.The film also deals with terrorism and the tragedy of children suffering from war.

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