Are you fed of unnecessary notification in Facebook? Do this?

There may be lots of notifications and messages,when ever you open your  Facebook. You be so curious what would be the notification but would get !rr!t@te after opening it as those are useless notification that doesn’t matters to you. You will see numerous unnecessary thing that is tagged in your timeline. Even the notification of your friends like to other’s pics will also appear, which totally out of your concern.


But, don’t worry from this issue because we will give a solution of this problems.

If you are a user of browser such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, then you need to know one thing. First install the browser named Social Fixture. This browser will help you to get rid from this problem. Choose minimalist installation While doing this set up.

After this go to the setting of your Facebook and unchecked all the icons of the gear.

Now, your Facebook will act as per your wish. You can change your Facebook font also can change the news feed on your timeline.

Social Fixture will help you to close the unnecessary notification on your Facebook.

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