Bharat Sitaula – “Baisama” Official Video Released


Making the adults to remember about their past,young and retro time Mr. Bharat Sitaula has come back with his new nepali romantic pop song “Baisama”and the official video has been recently released on April 7,2016.

While talking about this song the music composer and the writer of the lyrics is Bharat Sitaula himself. The music has been arranged by Mohit Munal and the voice belongs to Bharat Sitaula.

Youth is “the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit or the characteristic of one who is young and a momentum phase of everybody’s life. So here the song title “Baisama” is also about the youth.The time comparison has been shown during the youth and old age. Sitaula tries to remember what he used to do when he was young and active.He feels old now. But he compares himself with his girl who has also grown old now. This song is all about how it used to be when he and his girlfriend were quite young and charming.

The song reflects the retro memories of lovers about how they used to communicate through letters not by the facebook. It shows the fun days about the lovers in the youth time.

The words of this song is arranged  in a very funny way. It will be more beneficial to the adults to make them travel to the world of flashbacks and enojy their sweet memories.

It’s a lovely song with reflecting  gathered past memories. Peolpe will definitely love it and add to their track list.

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