Can Costume Any Page Or Friend”s Post At Top Of Facebook

If you want to see the page and the post of the close friend at first than you can follow the simple trick.

For Smartphone or Iphone
– There is the more tab on the left side of the phone and scroll it there is setting button tap there.Settings and News Feed on Facebook App
– There you will see “Prioritize who to see first” menu and you can select the page and friends which post you would like to see first.Prioritize who to see first
– You can see the post of people and page which you have clicked the next time.
For computer
– Open the setting menu at the place of logout on Face book and click News Feed Preferences.

Settings dropdown menus
– You can see Prioritize who to see first there and click there.

News Feed Preferences
– You can select the page and the friends whose post you would like to see first. You can select many people here.
– You don’t need to scroll the newsfeed to see the post of your favorites.


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