Leopard VS Python

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

33 year old photographer said, ‘Rumor had it there was a de@d python in one of the trees, so that morning we decided to go and have a look and found this m@$$ive male leopard feeding on the snake. I’ve never seen a leopard and a snake in the same frame, let alone a stunning male like this tugging at a mon$trou$ python! Once he took it out of reach of other predators and scavengers, he finished it off in peace and quiet.’

When this leopard stumbled across a massive de@d python, he might have thought he was in for the lunch of a lifetime. The only problem was that the snake had inconveniently d!*ed wrapped in the branches of a tree. It simply means that getting it down was no easy feat. For the leopard, it was however a prize worth waiting for. The leopard was caught on camera performing a one sided tug of war while attempting to dislodge the python from the tree.

The leopard alternated between b!tes and dragging it further out from the branches as it ate on go. When the ginormous reptile became stuck in the tree, it looked like all his hard work might have been in vain. But the determined and hungry leopard won. Before jumping up into the tree, he considered his options and finally loosened the snake completely. Photographer Villiers Steyn captured the stunning series at Sabi Sands reserve. The reserve sits on the border of the Kruger National Park.

Elephant @tt@cks Buffalo

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Usually, elephants are of  calm nature. We can ride them and have a great day with the gi@nt creatures. Elephants are mostly for the security from other animals , this means  they are domestic animal.
But , sometimes elephant goes wild and would completely be different. Wild elephants are very d@ng*erous, no one could dare to go nearby them. Elephants are very @ggre$$ive and  even more d@ngerou$ and over protective for their  new born baby in the herd or when a male elephant is at musth. It basically means an elephants are @ggre$$ive mostly during their  breeding season . Over all wild elephants are very d@ng*erous and can k!^ll a person in seconds.
A video has been uploaded on YouTube which is a compilation of elephant @tt^acks on buffalo and cows. The scenario is very scary. The videos have been captured by people during their safari. In one of the compiled video kids can be heard speaking. In the first video a buffalo comes across a herd of elephant. One of the elephants get very aggressive and starts to charge. The buffalo tries to f!gh*t back too but the elephant uses it’s hu*ge size and tusks and k!*lls the buffalo in a second.

$76,000 Spends In Quest For Perfection By $urgery Obsessive

Fulvia Pellegrino is a transgender woman and she have already spent $76,000 on her plastic $urgery. She is transgender women with an obsession for the $urgery till the perfection.

56 years old Fulvia Pellegrino is from Italy, who have experienced this identity development at her young age of 15. However,  it took lots of years to gain better understanding to her self-image, self-reflection, and self-expression because of her religious family and the thoughts of the society. In 2000 AD, her patience broke down. She collected the guts and told  her wife Marisa about her gender identity. Marisa was speechless to listen that from her husband but later, her  open  accept it with an ease.

Marisa fully supported Fulvia Pellegrino  for the transition and the every little surgery. They are still living together with a happy and joyful life, but the relation have changed this timw. They are sisters rather than the husband and wife like in their past.

However, the transition was not enough for her. So, she started the plastic $urge*ry with her whole body. She has had more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four bre@$t implants, and two rounds of liposuction with the plastic surgery. Hence, she thinks that this is not the perfection for her. She would go through more sur*gery until she gets the perfection.

Photographer’s Journey

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Will Burrard-Lucas is a wild life photographer, who managed to shoot a stunning set of images of Africa’s most elusive animals. Lions, leopards and hyenas prowling the watering holes of the Zambezi region in Namibia have been captured by his camera. Photographer Will  have given an amazing insight to the secret life of these majestic creatures. These insights could help to protect them in the future.

Will traveled to the Zambezi region on August 2015 with co-operation of the World Wildlife Fund. He went in order to help with the conservation efforts in the area. Animals are known to frequently move between 4 countries near by Zimbabwe. So, it is a very important conservation area.

As photographer Will was working with Lise Hanssen from Kwando Carnivore Project, he was all able to identify  where he needed to be in the area, in order to get the best shots. He used different techniques with his camera to get up close with the creatures and get the beat shots. During the photography, photographer is unaware about facing an @ngry gorilla in Congo. But, he was almost got punched on the face by one.

Plus-Size Disabled Model OverhaulsThe Way We Look At Beauty

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

25 -year-old Katie was diagnosed with crippling conditions disc degenerative disease and spinal stenosis  at the age of 15. However, it did not stopped her to become a model, infact she become the first plus size di$@bled model in the UK. Despite of result of loss of mobility, pain and paralysis, she didn’t loses her will power.

Katie was once able to live an active life after $urgery and a few months of rehabilitation. She was all able to enjoy badminton, horse riding and ballet. However, the recovery lasted only for a short period. Later, after 4 years, she under went major $urg*ery as the pain got wo*rse.

It took over a year of intense physiotherapy for Katie, before she was able to take her first steps again. It took her more than a year just to learn how to walk again.

Katie life totally transformed  after the Models of Diversity, a charity  approached her during her rehabilitation. They wanted her to promote a more diverse representation of beauty in the fashion industry.

According to her, modeling have always been her dream since she was a little girl to be a solicitor but at the same time when she got ill and the modelling opportunity came up it gave her confidence and gave her life back. However, there are a few di$@bled models but they are not plus size. They don’t even have any household plus size models over here . They call Kelly Brook plus size and Katie just call her curvy! People have got it ingrained in their minds that beauty looks like one thing and di$@bility isn’t included in that by the fashion industry or media.

Museum of Poo in the UK

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Museum are often established with the motive to explore and save the  historical things and importance. Museum will preserved  those important  historical things in safe, secure and sound manner.

Lately, a museum have been opened which you even cannot imagine. This museum contains showcase of different variation of the $tool. The $tool from different part of the world have been  collected in this world’s first poo museum. This museum have been recently opened in United Kingdom. This  have established it at England’s Sandown Islay of white zoo and have been title with  national museum of poo. This museum is and would preserve the poo that is produced by human and various animal. Poo are  kept on the shiny rubber globe.

It is named as National Poo Museum. Most of the poo have brought from Zoo and Dinosaur Museum. Museum have preserved  the poo, which are 14- years-old. People would feel disgusting  even to talk about poo but here the people are collecting poo and have made a poo museum. This museum  have made every people sho%%cked, awkward and confused.

Man jumps from 11-floor-building, still survives unh@rmed

This is the video an attempt of a $u!c!de by a man. A man at east China’s Jiangsu Province have climbed 11-floor-building in Yangzhou. He is attempting a jump from that tall building. He standing along the building’s edge with being fearless. From the view, he seems to strong on his decision for his $u!c!de from that 11-floor-building height.

His family members and local people are trying to persuade him from over 2 hours. They are pledging him not to do so and scre@ming loud. Local Police have also arrived for his rescue. They are protecting man from commending his $u!c!de. But, the scream and pledge of people could not barred man from comm!tting $u!c!de. He jumped off from that tall height of 11-floor-building. Everyone are in panic and being uncon$cious.

But, luckily, he landed in the air cushion prepared by firefighters to save him. He was all alive with un!njured in his body. Everyone were happy to see him alive and uninjured.However, the co)mmit of $u!c!de by a man failed.

Georgian Man Sticks Spoon & Iron As Magnet

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Etibar Elchyev, 41-year-old discovered his  unique and amazing talent or magnetic power  only a few years ago.  A Georgian kick-boxing coach has set a new record by holding 53 spoons on his body with his magnetic power on his body.

This kind of unusual and  amazing power gave him more self-esteem. He thought to explore his this unique strength or power to whole world. So, the sportsman  decided to make his show even more exciting by pulling a Mercedes car attached to his chest by rope and a metal sheet with a teenage boy sitting on it. He pulled  the car for over 30 seconds, which is unbelievable.

However, sceptics claims that the ability to attach things to a human body is because of some other factors such as the stickiness of a person’s skin and has nothing to do with magnetism.

Thus, whatever the reason is behind his this magnification power, his power is unbelievable.


The Str@ngest Airlines

Fly can make people feel uneasy. Some airlines try making their passenger feel entertained and most airlines are just interested in getting their passengers from A to B, quickly and safely. Then there are some airlines that are extremely odd and strange.

Here are few flights which are str@nge and funny.

  • German Nudist Flight
  • Kulula Airlines
  • All Nippon Airlines
  • Vietjet Air
  • Hooters Air
  • Air New Zealand
  • Eva Air

Then we get some airlines that step it up a notch. They offer services, like massages, in First Class and maybe even a movie. Then there are the really unusual airlines that go over the top.





















Fearless Guy Conquers 177ft Eiffel Tower

A very fearless man Flaviu Cernescu climbs the scales of the Eiffel Tower.  He reaches in the summit and takes selfies with joy

The fearless guy wishes to do different things in life.The interesting thing is while the massive structure may look like the iconic Paris monument, it is in fact a replica situated in Romania.

In the video we see the brave guy climbing up the 177 feet tower without any safety equipment. He talks about his difficulties while climbing up. This was his childhood dream as was over the joy when he completed this dangerous task. This Romanian born athlete balanced along the narrow beams at the top, knowing that a gust of wind would be enough to end his life. He also expressed that most difficult part was climbing down.




Breeze Watson- A pregnant lady lifts 205lb

Namaste Nepal Reports

Breeze Watson who is soon to be mum continues her grueling cross in the final stage of her pregnancy. This strong lady practices cross fit which is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastic and intensive cardio six days a week.

She is also dea**d lifting 205lb weights and also goes into labor anytime of her day. A pregnant weightlifter is encouraging other expected mother to stay super active during pregnancy. She has faced lot of criticism but the 31 year fitness instructor ignores the claims and says she feels stronger and healthier every single day. She also has a full support of her husband.




Goose @tt@*ck On 5 Year Old Girl Goes V!r@l

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Lately, Houston little girl of 5-year-old have gain a lot of popularity whole over the world because of the social sites. A video of her is going vir@l whole over the social sites.

A video of her have been released in social site, where she have been $c@red from a mother goose over the weekend.The photo of the sc@ry inc!dent with that little girl was taken by her neighbor. Later, her sister tweeted, which went vir@l  in the various social sites.

A five years ole Summer Gidden is pictured in the photos of this video. Stevie, Summer cam across and !nj*ured gosling Sunday and was tending to it.

This video is all filled with the photos snapped by the neighbor where you can see  a goose @tt@ck!ng a little girl. Stevie posted the pictures on her Twitter account which is getting v!r@l where this photos had more than 47,000 re-tweets and 62,000 likes.

Lions hu&nt and k!ll a buffalo

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Lions are king of the jungle as they are most d@ngerou$ wild animals. It h@u)nt the other animals for their food. It has the strength and capability for h@u%nt of other more d@ngerou$ animals including human beings. This video is all about the hu&&nt!ng of male lions to a buffalo to feed their hunger.

There are three  lion in this video who are  in search of the food desperately. They were hunt!ng and after a full week of hunting those three male lions succeed to k!ll the buffalo. More than 400 buffaloes came to rescue that v!ct!m buffalo but could not. This video shoot was done at South Africa where the film was made at Inyati game lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

This video is too wild and h!ll@r!o$ where you can see the power of the lion. Despite of four hundred buffalo attempt for rescue, three lions have succeed to hu%%nt a buffalo.

Hunting Mad Honey Documentary

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

This video is a documentary based on Honey hunting by Nepalese people. This documentary have been presented by Raphael Treza with wild hunting of the honey bee. Most of the people in village of Nepal build a home for honeybees nearby their home.

They construct a place for a bee so that various kinds of honey would come and lives there. Honey bee collects and brings the juice from the varieties of flowers and plants and store them in a place where they have been living. Honey is considered as a best medicine since a history. The taste is also good with lots of health benefits. So, many Nepalese owes the farm of honey on their own home.

This video is a tribute to those hunter who dares to hunt the mad honey with great r!$k of their life. This video shows how Nepalese honey hunter hunt the mad honeybee. Honey bee are d@ngero*us as they @tt@cks human beings. Thus, this video will show a r!$ky journey of honey hunting in an interesting way.

Tirsana Budhathoki Ho**t & Se$$xy On Bathtub

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Tirsana Budhathoki, a controversial Nepali model have again uploaded her another nu**de and se**xy video on YouTube channel. She is all n@ked in this video of her. She is giving an extreme ho**t and se**xy expression and action inside the bathtub. She is with all ease on bathtub with a n@ked body.

This video of her is extreme level f !nt!m@cy.She is looking toomuch $en$u@l and ho**t on that bathtub. Her every expression on that bathtub with b@re body will easily !nt!m@te any guy towards her. In the race of nu$d!ty Trisana and Archana Paneru, this time Trisana have given her all whole $en$u@l!ty.

She is k!$$ing a rose flower by her lips with lots of $en$u@l!ty and !nt!m@cy. She is taking a bath on bathtub and enjoying her bo**ld and glamour with a $en$u@l!ty.

ZipFlyer Nepal World’s Most Extreme Zipline

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

Are you planning for any adventure on Nepal or Pokhara? Then, ZipFlyer Nepal would give you the most amazing adventure for your worthy time. ZipFlyer Nepal is the world’s !ncred!ble and most extreme zipline. ZipFlyer Nepal starts from the 1625 meters in Sarangkot and ends at 960 meters in Hemmja plain. It would attract the adventure national and international both tourist in Pokhara. Zipflyer Nepal is the longest one in the world which is 1860mtrs long.

Zipflyer Nepal is very amazing adventure and also can easily view Annapurna mountain range, Fishtail, Daulagiri range, Lamjung Himal ranga and Panoramic view of Pokhara valley through this. Person would feel like flying in to the air with the speed of 140 km per hour. Zipflyer Nepal is installed with the best technology for its authenticity, strength and durability along with the comfort.

So, you people also get ready to get carried by the wind thr!ll!ng Zip ride and peace on nerves with most steepest, tallest and ziplines, ZipFlyer Nepal.

Nepali Funny Amazing Video

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

Talent never says age, gender, caste, religion and geographical situation. This video is one of the best example of this. A Nepali guy is presenting amazing singing talent along with his playing music knowledge. This video have been captured live by an audience.

This video shows that he is amazingly talented and he need just a proper platform. He is giving a best worthy time for every people around him. Everyone are cheering him and giving a co-ordination to him with the beat of clap. He is immensely talented in music field. He is all enough to have a quality time for anyone with a lots of entertainment. He is showing his passion and love for the music. He is just unbeatable. But the matter is a platform and opportunity.

So, you people give him a big support by watching this video and also have a best entertaining time with us.

186 Snakes At Home For 40 Years

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

More than 186 snakes have been found in a house in Lakimpur, Uttarpradesh India.Those snakes were assumed to be living in that house since about 40 years old. But, people living in that house were not aware of those huge number of snakes living in same house.
All of sudden on Sunday night, a hissing sound herd waken all the members from sleep. Jitendra Mishra’s, a retired forest official, and his family could not understand the situation, who live in the house in Bagia locality. But, after some time,Jitendra saw two pairs of snakes coiled in one corner of the room.

Jitendra called his family members and some neighbors and managed to put the snakes into a box but within minutes. Some more snakes appeared in the room after sometimes.

Jitendra and his family got terr!f!ed and fr!ght**ened, so they spent their whole night at a neighbors house. A “Tantrik” Ram Chandra was called in next morning. He told them that there was a basement under one wall of the house. He ordered for demolish of the wall of the old house. The wall was broken down and the more snake started coming out.

All total 186 snakes came out and they have been put in a box and left them in a nearby river.

Indian Couple Becomes First-Time Parents In Their 70s

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

An Indian couple is welcoming their first child in their 70s. They are promptly celebrating the arrival of their first child after 46 years of being married. An Indian woman Daljinder Kaur at her age of 72-year have gave a birth to her first ever baby on April 19, 2016. Her husband Mohinder Singh is believed to be in his 79-year-old. They have given a birth to a baby boy and have named Arman Singh. After a birth to their first child in her her seventies last month, Daljinder Kaur have became the world’s oldest mum.

This couple belongs to Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. Their were some disorder, which was not letting them have their own baby. They even had adopted a boy before, but the bitter truth that he did not returned back after leaved for US to study. So, they no more wanted to adopt baby. They decided to go for fertility treatment following the end of a bitter family feud in September of 2014. They went through IVF treatment for two years just to have their own baby. Finally, they have been able to give a birth to their child without any complication despite of not content with a natural birth.

This Happens Only In India – Crazy People Crazy World

Here listed are the most Happening and Crazy Stuffs done with in “India” By People In Remote Areas.

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