Sali Bhena Nepali Ho^t Short Movie

A short movie ‘Sali Bhena’ has been uploaded on YouTube which is related to the saying ‘Sali aadha ghar wali’.  In the short movie a couple are having a very hard time after the e@r^thqu@ke as their house got de$troyed and their child also d!*ed. So, the wife’s sister comes home to help them out. She works in the house and does all the chores because her sister is sick.

But with time the husband starts to get attracted towards her. He starts to imagine being with her and other $e*xu@l things. The girls to teases him and they start to talk more. One day man gets very excited and he suddenly starts to touch her. That day he does not do anything but on the same night he goes to her bed and starts to act very $e*xu@l.Later, he takes her outside and starts to hu*g her. But as they go out the wife sees them which breaks her heart. The next day she decides to leave the house after seeing all those things. But what happens next is very surprising. Watch the video to know what happens.

Nepali Short Movie F@ke Love

A girl is dreaming of going abroad and a bright future.But, her situation and environment is not favoring her at all. She is frustrated with this and spends her most of the time in internet.During her excessive spend on internet, she meets a guy, she gets so close.Their friendship goes to forward. She gets too much attracted and starts to believe on him, who identified himself as an US army. This is a story running of new short movie “F@ke Love “. This movie is showing a growing love and trust through internet in it’s first phase.

Later, story runs to some unpredictable things to a girl. She gave all her heart and soul to him. He also promised her to take her US with him. Itwas a dream coming true situation for her. It was a perfect life for her, a perfect guy and a perfect dream. She felt everything is going as per her plan. All of sudden, guy asks her for some amount with a girl as he have some technical disturbance in money process.She trusts her and agrees to give that huge amount with a hope that he wold soon take her in US with him. But, the ending for a girl is just too bad. She lose all things from her life. Her dream and a huge money, which is almost impossible to recover, because a guy was just f@king to her. He was a fr@ud, who always makes a fr@ud and loot to innocent people.

Paisako Lagi Ho^t Short Movie

Sometimes for some people money becomes everything. They will be blind folded with the greed of money. They won’t be able to see any other things besides money. Even the emotions and love will be meaningless for them at some moment. They will throw out every thing for money and go for grabbing money in their hand.

This is the subject matter of just released new short ho^t movie “Paisako Lagi”. A girl who have made an oath of living forever together have been taen over by random guy just because of money. She is giving her everything to that rich guy, even her body. She is feeling good to be surround by a guy, who have enough money to pay her.

Her love and promises to her love was all just for a moment, which blow away with the wind of money. She is forgetting everything and enjoying with some other guy who have good amount money to fulfill her every demand.

Office Time H^ot Short Movie

This time a ho**t and se**xy rom@nce of a receptionist and a customer have been brought Jyoti Films with their new short movie “Office time”. That was supposed to be a manpower company where the people used to be sent to abroad by doing some procedures. One boy who was about to go abroad came there and asked about the owner but the owner was not present there and he won’t be available there that day. The boy yet waits for him and tells that he need to meet him any how. Than for some moment they talks to each other. The girl asks if she can help him  If she could do something for him. Than the boy tells that he is willing to go abroad and he can just do is driving.

Girl asks him if he can handle anything while driving. Than she came near to him and she started to $educe him. They both started to have rom@nce there in the office. At first that boy was feeling odd but later he too started to get over the girl. That was the office time they were having the rom@nce.

PASHCHATAAP New Nepali Short Movie

”PASHCHATAAP” is a new short movie with a social message. This short movie is to realize people of our society that the earth  is round, that means what you give will come around back to you, so think before your treat.A beggar who every time used to beg on the road and ask for something so that he could run his daily life. Many people came there and gave him sympathy as well as whatever they could give. He had so innocent face and he was kinds with all but his fate made him a beggar. He had no any option rather than begging and running his daily life.

One girl who looked rich and fulfilled came there and saw him begging there. Many people gave him something but that girl sees him and gave a bad look and she treated him wrong as well as he ignored him giving him some bad speech. As she was walking after some distance she gets hit by the stone and problem came on her leg but that same beggar helped him and she felt regret for behaving wrong with him.

Jungle Romance Nepali Short Movie

A new ho**t rom@nce short movie “Jungle Romance” have been uploaded in official YouTube channel of Action Films. This short movie is ho**t and se**xy and at the same time very funny and ep!c. All over the movie is very h!ll@r!ou$ and $en$u@l.

A couple is having a date. They are making a flirt with each other. They are having a relax and quality time wit each other. They are making a good pairing with lots of love and care for each other. They are acting like a little children and running here and there.While the are playing, they gets too much !nt!m@ted, so they decided to go in a jungle.

The go to jungle and have a phy$!cal contact with mutual understanding. Both enjoys and have a good time. After finishing their phy$!c@l contact, guy gets curious and makes a question to a girl. But, the answer of a girl was too h!ll@r!ou$ and ep!c, which makes the guy stun and silence.

Short Movie Bakhra Herna Jaada

Here comes an !nt!m@te story of a young goatherd girl and a guy. This story have been made the theme of a short movie title “Bakhra Herna Jaada”. This short movie may not appropriate for all age group. The $en$u@l story of this fictional short movie revolves around a dense jungle.A girl and guy who have come in jungle with their goats makes some conversation at the starting. Later, they went to roam around the jungle to find a lost female goat of a girl.

They could not find out the goat. So, guy again asks for the clue where she have lost her. Then, with a smile face girl replies him that goat was just an excuse. Actually, she was desperate to have !nt!m@te time with him. Then, guy also makes a happy face and goes for an action.They makes a phy$!c@l relation in that dense jungle. Thus, this is a ho**t and !nt!m@te story of two goatherd in the dense jungle.

Dhoka Nepali Short Movie

“Dhoka” is a short Nepali movie based on reality of our society people. This movie may be the story lots of family who are going through shattered dream of happy family.This movie is portraying the somehow story of our society with a fictional family drama. A housewife, who already have a daughter and got numerous responsibility towards family have de$troy her whole family. A small girl, who needed a warm love of her mother and father is living her life as a abandoned child. Her father , who have gone to abroad just for the shake of his family is not well known about the fact of his wife.

He is sending all his income of sweat and blood to his wife thinking that she is taking care of her family and daughter. But, the reality is vast different from his thoughts. She is having an affair with random guy. She is even making a phy$!c@l relation with him, with which she have symptoms of pregnancy. She have run away with that guy by leaving her daughter alone in the house.But,next day, her husband arrives at a home and founds that his wife have already left the home and daughter alone for some guy.

The story of this movie will give a tear to your eyes. This is the reality of our society, who are facing many problem from this kind of issue. Lots of children are being abandoned and many family have been broken into pieces.

New Nepali Short Movie-Sauni Ko Dudh

Namaste Nepal Reports

Kathmandu, May 22nd 2016

Hamro Short Film brings us a new comedy video which is a story about a beautiful lady who owns a shop and her interaction with customers. She has developed some honest customer who visits her shop on regular basis and enjoys talking with her. Next day he brings some of his friends and they start to fl**irt with the lady with their meaningless yet hi!!larious line. The owner of the shop (lady) also enjoys the conversation with the boys and she too adds some fun stuff to their conversation. At the end the friend of regular customer cuts off and he has to pay the bill. Finding this out he gets furious and he starts to fight with her. She in return says him to never come in her shop again.

Batti Balera New Nepali Short Movie

Batti Balera is a short movie about a innocent boy. The boy was so innocent that anyone can fool him anywhere. He was firstly walking and there he met one man who asked him to wok with him and that clever man showed him the good parts about the work and with the expectation he agreed to do that work. And he went to him, he was a married man but he was so innocent that he never touched his wife though he slept in the same bed.

He was so shy to do anything with her. His father wanted his son to be clever and he wanted his son to be close with his wife. He every time suggest his son to do something with his wife but he was so !nnocent that he never understood what actually his father wanted him to do. Father was tired telling him to do the things with his wife and he himself asked him to do showing the demo, like he is having rom@nce with his daughter in law so that his son could understand and do the same thing but his son was so fool that he called his friend to do same thing as his father did.

Toilet Vitra Ko Masti New Nepali Short Movie

Toiet Bhitra ko Masti new short movie has been uploaded on YouTube. It is a very h!l@rious and hot short movie. In the short movie 2 girls and 2 guys are playing a singing game. They are having a lot of fun. They are singing and competing. But later a girl stands up and goes inside the bath room. A guy also follows her.

The girl takes a lot of time in the bath room. But the guy on the other hands waits outside desperately because he needs to go to the toilet too. After a few minutes the girl comes out of the bathroom and the guy instantly gets di$tracted. Instead of going to the bathroom, he starts to talk to her. The talking later changes in fl!rting and they end up going to the bathroom together. Not only that they end up having inte*rcour$e. But the other girl also goes to the bathroom and looks at every thing they do from the outside.

Ho^t & Se^^xy Short Movie Uttauli Kt

Utt@ul! Kt is a Nepali Short Film where you can see how innocent male are fooled by $educ!ng and showing the affection. In this movie, you can see a boy who gets the hun*ger of $*x and goes to the place where $*x business is done. He didn’t know the result but he just wanted the satisfaction for a moment. He goes to the place and than enters into the hotel room, there comes a girl who looks h*)t and $*xy the boy gets amazed seeing the beauty of the girl.

He feels so happy to have that girl and than they orders a beer and after the beer they starts to have the romance. That was a business of a girl and she $educed that man and satisfied him by doing $*x and other rom@ntic things. the boy gets lost on her and he gets so deep in that rom@nce directly he wake up the next day.Than after the satisfaction the boy was about to go home and he ask for bill and the amount was so high out of expectation that he gets surprised. But he had to pay anyhow and he did and get back to his home.


A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is a very educational short movie. In the short movie a man has just arrived to Kathmandu to go abroad. he has no idea where he needs to go and is wondering around. But a girls sees him and starts to talk to him.

She even says that there is a room in her house and he could stay there if he wanted. He agrees and the girl takes him with her. They go to her room and they start to talk there. They get close instantly. Later they end up going on a date and they talk about different political and other things. They go home again and talk about things. They rest turn by turn and the girl says that she wants to go out again.

But this time the girl asks the man to wait. She goes to the room and steals everything the man has from his bag and runs away. The guy gets sc@red as he waits for a long time and he goes back only to find that he has been tr!cked.

Battho Manchhe 20 Nepali Short Movie

A comedy short movie  Battho Manchee 20 have been uploaded in YouTube channel. It is a comic movie with a funny tale of a girlfriend and a boyfriend. The story begins with a quarrel of a boyfriend and girlfriend just for a chocolate. Girl gets angry and she goes to home, boy too gets angry and didn’t care her. They lived in same house.

Both of them realized the love after they got back to home and the girl goes to the room of the boy and pursue him and the boy too gets happy and she called him the next day because her parents were about to go out and she threw the coin so that the boy could understand that she is free. Than the boy searched the coin that she threw but the comedy thing was the girl was so greedy that she threw the coin tying on a ro*pe so that she could get it back.

Ek chin Garauna Ro^m@nce Short Movie

Nepali h*ot ro^m@nce short film Ek chin Garauna  is a ro^m@nce of a boy and a girl. They are close since long but have not seen each other since long time. Co-incidentally,  they meets each other on the middle of road.They have some conversation for some minutes and as they were asking to leave but later they decided to go together and they goes together. They didn’t find any where but finds a bush where they could hide and spend some time with each other.Than after reaching there they both started to have r*om@nce with each other. Boy pulled her towards him and both got emotional and they couldn’t control their emotions and they started to expose it on that same place where there might be the r!$k of other people.

They were flowing on their emotions without caring anyone or anything behind them. They were not fixed for future as well as they met after lots of time and there was nothing in between them but they get into physical relationship as one girlfriend boyfriend or husband and wife could have. This is such an unacceptable thing that you can see on this short film.

DANDI BIYO Nepali Short Movie

Dandi Biyo is  a national game of Nepal. Two sticks and a hole is an important part of this game.One stick is kept on the ground and another be will thrown as far as possible by player and opponent player will be on line to catch it out. The one who will catch it will be the winner and can play the game where if the stick is caught that player will be out.

This interesting game have been filmed in a short movie with a fictional drama. A group of people are playing the game in this short movie. There are two girls and two boys on this game. They all are concertinaing on their game with great interest. Agirl at her turn lost one stick called biyo. The game got paused for some time. Because the game will be incomplete without Dandi and Biyo.

The girl who lost that according to the rule should search herself. So she went to search that wood and as she was searching one man goes to nearby. Than he asked her to come nearby and they started the rom@nce there in public.

Ho**t Bed Ro^^m@nce of Archana Paneru

Archana Paneru now has been familiar name for all the people in Nepal, who wanted to become like Sunny Leone in professional life. Her name is known by everybody that she is po*rn star of Nepal. She likes to become a po*rn star till she was 17. Archana gain lots of fame in short period of time. She always came in publicity as a hot or se*xy issues.

She says in interview that she was supported by family especially her mother is fully supported to be po*rn star in Nepal. Before posting semi-nu^de photo on Facebook, nobody had known about her and only after posting those photos. She has been everywhere. And now everyday she is releasing her n@ked photos scene in the internet as well she does several bed sceneswith different guys and ki$$ing and then she highly get popular in the mass publicity.

Now days she is very highly demanding in Se*xy movie at the same time she has been offered from Ji$m movie to feature as a hot and Se*xy actress role. She is also featuring various music video which can attract anybody by her se*xy dance. This time, she does not only post photos but also some videos too. The video she is posting is really sh@meful and despite many people watched her n@ked video so the nobody has good impression about her.

Short Movie College Girl

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

College Girl is a short movie with a tale of a college girl have been shown in a fictional manner. A girl who is doing her college study and her some incident have shown in this short movie in very dramatic way. A girl who is in college is happy with her free life. She is enjoying her life with her friends and circle. Her college life is going perfect.

However, every happy story have to tangle with some m!$ery and s@dness. She also went through same thing. Two guy friend of her plans to celebrate New Year at one of the guy friend. They also plan to involve two of the girls and have a phy$!c@l relation.

As per the plan, both of the them invite them, She goes to celebrates New Year with them. They starts to have some conversation and fun. They even does alcohol promptly. Both girls lost their con$c!ousne$$ and become like a faint people.But guys take advantages from them. They have the phy$!c@l relation with them by making a turn.

Rs. 25000 Short Se^^xy Movie

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Rs. 25000 is a fictional  short movie with a tale of a girl and her friend. This film flows with a girl waiting a vehicle on her way. She is getting too much !rr!t@ted as no vehicle is not in coming  and those which are in her way is filled with passengers. A boy came in the mean time and stopped near her.

They found that both of them were friends since long. They started to talk there and the boy after knowing the problem of the girl told that he will drop her where she will be going. The girl agree and sits on that bike and as they were going they decides to talk and spend some time together so for that they went to cafeteria.

They talked their for a while and the boy asked her to go somewhere with him and spend some quality time as both of them are free but the girl denied the boy. She denied for long and at the end he told her that he will give him 25 thousand if she is ready to go with her and the girl for the money goes with her and they had the r*om@nce there.

Nepali Short Movie Machamuni

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

A ho%%t rom@nce of priest and a housewife have been presented by Coolen TV this time. A priest have come in a house for worship. He is making a canting and all rituals. After certain time, he calls a wife of a man with his code language, which is not understand by the husband of a wife.

Priest asks him to offer some money for God and he will come after offering all the things to the God and dem!$e person.Man says okey but silently his wife also goes to priest. They in a rush starts to have phy$!c@l relation. They deceived the man and enjoy their ho**t romance. They even don’t let a chance to doubt on him. Quickly, they finishes the thing and go back.

Priest come back and says that he was tangled with some problem. Man believes on him and again starts their worshiping and ritual. Thus, it is huge deceived to a man by his wife and a priest.