Kera Katera New Teej Song

Jyoti Magar Official Website   Jyoti Magar is a Nepali folk (lok dohori) singer, model, and an actress.

She started her professional musical career in 2006 and since then, she has given a number of hit albums.Jyoti has been criticized by some media outlets and Nepali social media users for her provocative and glamorous way of dressing and dancing.

Her latest song Kera Katera has brought sensation in Nepal. Well it Is the new Teej Song and viewers find this song quite in appropriate for Nepal context.


It is reported that while watching song Kera Katera almost thirteen people were fainted.

Most of them were youngsters and some were old people. When they listen the song they all were shivering and most of them were numb. Many people from the village area are badly criticizing her song and hence it is not liked by every people.

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“Aaja Timro” by “Udaya Sotang”

 “Aaja Timro” by “Udaya Sotang”

Aaja timro kura chalyo, mutu bhitra chhura chalyo
Balla balla bhare ko ghau ma – 2
Pheri naya chira paryo
Aaja timro kura chalyo, mutu bhitra chhura chalyo

Ramite ko ghuincho thiyo, china jaana pani thiyo – 2
Tyahi bhind ma timro roop ko na chahindo charcha chalyo – 2
Aaja timro kura chalyo, mutu bhitra chhura chalyo – 2
Balla balla bhare ko ghau ma – 2
Pheri naya chira paryo

Aafno aafon bhagya raicha sukha paunu, dukka paunu – 2
Timro bhag ma kunni ke chha, mero bhag ma pida paryo – 2
Aaja timro kura chalyo, mutu bhitra chhura chalyo – 2
Balla balla bhare ko ghau ma – 2
Pheri naya chira paryo
Aaja timro kura chalyo, mutu bhitra chhura chalyo – 2

“Okharbote kaka” by Prakash Ojha

Singer: Prakash Ojha

Genre: Pop, Comedy

“Okharbote kaka” by Prakash Ojha

(kanchho bhai kokroma
thul-didi le hallain
baau aaye hallidai
lakhar lakhar lauri thyaak ) 2

chori dhaati khaadina
fatai kaammaa jaadina
dayamaya manmai chha
dharma karma jandina

saatai dharma bhaakeko
ma chai balla bacheko

(leather kai chha jacket
leather kai chha pant
diet dherai khaanu parne
sukisakyo jyaan ) 2

(lartaro nathaana
orange belt paako chhu) 2
kapaal thaado parnalai
tel jel laako chhu

(bhangeri ko ghoda ma ta
maanchhe bachaune ) 2
duniyalai hasaune
pariwarlai ruwaune

(okharbote kaka
sasurali gaaka
chillo chaaple khaka) 2

merai baauko hukka tandai
merai kura laaka
bhanchhan school napathaa
bhanchhan campus napathaa
ke ko campus jaanchha
bhang dhaturo taanchha
hotel tira pasi pasi
jaad raksi khaanchha

baule tighra bajaare
ghorle junga muthaare
chhoro bigryo bhanchhan
kina buwa-aamale

okharbote kaka

okharbote kaka
ta manchhe raichhan daka
la khaa

hamri aama mukhaale
jhatti hanchhin kuchaale
gharmaa sandhai kusti chha
daang daang dung dung
baang bung bhaak

kahile aankho suninchha
kahile ghudo markinchha
chhuttyauna khojyo aafai
tiri miri tirimirijhyaai

(meri didi gori
bauki duiti chhori ) 2
thuli didi baathi chhe
kanchhi bahini laati chhe
bhaat pakaaune belaamaa
ufri ufri naachichhe
(khutto paryo kaapemaa
debre khutto bhachichhe) 2

(okharbote kaka
sasurali gaaka
chillo chaaple khaka) 4

Sarara cycle chadhera By Manoj Ghimire & Devi Gharti

Most popular singer Manoj Ghimire and Devi Gharti of Lok Dohori Industry have again launched their duet song’s music video with their soothing voice. Sarara cycle chadhera title song’s music video have been launched by Manjushree Films Pvt. Ltd. through their official YouTube channel. Tulsi Ghimire have given his best lyrics for this song with the music of Manoj Ghimire. Ujyalo Music Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for all activities of Audio and video of this song.

Bimal and Sarika have given their quality act in this music video. Kumar KC have directed the music video. Ajay Regmi is a cinematographer and editing is of Anup Siwakoti.

The song and music video revolving around the specialty of Terai region of Nepal. Both Bimal and Sarika are lost with the beauty of Terai and wishing to visit whole Terai by a cycle riding. This is an interesting how they are wishing for a visit of Terai by cycle. So, check out whether they will find a pleasure with their cycle ride or not with this very beautiful music video song.

Feri Bhet Haulani Bye Bye Ajalai By Bishnu Majhi

Bishnu Majhi and Indra GC have brought out their lok song in the market along with the music video. They have given their voice to the song for the beautiful lyrics of Rajan Chhetri and Bharat Chhetri. Indra GC have given the music to this song and he himself have arranged the song. This seems most of the activities related to this song have been done by Indra GC.The music video have been directed Kapil Lama. Director Kapil have directed the music video with an editing of Tribeni Nepal Films. Durga Poudel is behind the camera screen.

Guy is leaving his beloved alone with a promise to meet again as soon as possible. He is giving asking to live happy life without any stress, so that he also could live peaceful life. But, the heart of a girl is not letting him. Still she is making her heart strong and wishing to meet again in their life. They are promising to live happy life again after certain time without any difficulty and grief in this music video song.

Mayako Doro by Subash Sharma Rijal

Sentimental emotional Nepali Folk song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The singer of the song ‘Mayako Doro’ are Subash Sharma Rijal, Parbati Karki and Sabitri Lamichhane. This new lok song is ‘Mayako Doro’ . The lyrics of the song has been written by Rajkumar Rijal who is also the music composer of the song. The music video of the song has been directed by Deep Sagar and artists Subash Sharma Rijal and Puja Singh are starring in the music video of the song.

The singers of the song try to express the feelings of a couple who get separated because of some reason. The girl is married to another man and the guy is very sad about it and so is the girl. So, the male singer sings about how she left him there alone where as the female singer sings how the world was so cru*el to them and he is making it harder for it to deal with.

Sade Goru by Jyoti Magar

The h0t and se*xy Jyoti Magar has come back with new entertaining folk song “Sade Goru”. The song is full of se*xy and beautiful act of Jyoti with Mahadev tripathi.

The sweet voice of this song is belonging to Shreedevi Devkota and Prakash Katuwal. The lyric is given by Binod Dhakal and the song is beautifully composed by Prakash Katuwal. Similarly, the right for this video is provided by Smriti Music Pvt. Ltd.

While taking about this song, Jyoti Magar has given vulgar performance in this music video. She shows her se*xiness which attract to the various guy. In this video, Jyoti is slightly hited by Tripathi’s car on the road and then she get angry with the boy and act like Sade Goru with him. But the boy tries to make her happy by saying sorry with her.

The song is very romantic and makes us entertain.




K!#$$ Le Matayo ft. Jyoti Magar

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Jyoti Magar is dealing with a great problem these days. She have messed up with the issue of her K!$$. She is not being able to move from her k!$$.Thus, this is the flow of her latest music video song K!$$ Le Matayo. She have appeared in this music video as always in gl@mor and se$$xy way.

Surbir Pandit and Laxman Chaulagain are also starred in this music video song along with ho))t model Jyoti. Hom Dhital have directed the music video of the song with lots of fun and entertainment.

Raskoti Magar and Puja Magar have given the voice to this very bold song. Prem Lamichhane Magar have written the lyrics of the song and the music also have been done by himself.

The outcome of the music video and song is running with lots of entertainment and fun presenting the problems and trend going in our society.

Dukha Paiyachha By Shakti Chand & Shanta Thapa

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

Singer Shakti is in search of rich girl these days. He is desperate with his poor life, so he is in a rush of getting married with a rich girl to make a comfortable and happening fortune. So, do singer Shanta Thapa. She is also in as in a search of same type partner. But, this is the flow of their new lok dohori song Dukha Paiyachha. They are singing their this new song with lots of energy and input.

Shanta Thapa have given the lyrics for this lok dohori song. Shakti Chand have given the music in this song. Ranjita Gurung and Subash Nepali are playing an act in the music video of this song along with the presentation of singer Shakti Chand and Shanta Thapa as an artists too. Bishnu Sharma is a director of this music video.

This music video and a song carries a tale of a youngsters who are suffering a lot in their life with the lack of wealth and money. They are not being able to make a good fortune. So, they are wishing to make a new good life as other people by meeting a person who is really wealthy to solve this all problem. They are just praying to meet a life partner who is all enough to blow their all issues of life.

New Hot Dohori Item Song 2016 “Pani Ghailako”

Apart from the pop songs half of the population of Nepal listen the lokdohori songs. Few years back the style of presentation of dohori songs used to be different but as the time changed it’s form of presenting got more advanced and has taken it into the new standard level.

Recently a new dohori item songs has been released on march 28,2016 named “Pani Ghailako”. The singer of this song is Gayatri Thapa and  Raju Sunam written and composed by Raju Sunam. The direction is given by Smriti Timilsina and produced by Shiva Darshan Films Pvt.Ltd. The models of this songs are wearing both cultural and modern outfits which shows the changing trend in the field of the lokdohori songs.

This song is made for the couples making them to remember about their love moments. The song is shooted in a peaceful place with a  good concept and a good effort of the singers. Today such lokdohori songs are taking the Nepali music industry at the another level of height leaving the remarkable positions.



Milan Amatya & Raju Kc – Simali Chhayale | Hot Nepali Item Dance Video 2016

The hottest and s3xiest  Model and Actresses of Nepal,  Richa Thapa is now seen in a new nepali modern  song. The actress who has also done few Bollywood films has made her huge comeback through this romantic music video.

Shiva Darshan Digital Nepal has released this music video on YouTube. This Hot Item number called “Simali Chhayale”

Directed by  Srijan Baral, this Hot music video tells a story between two people who has fallen madly and deeply in love with each other. What kind of struggle lovers have to do and the various situation they have to face together is shown in this song. Therefore, this is a love song entirely dedicated to all the people who have fallen in love at least once.

Richa Thapa who is also called the Nepali Dohori Hot Model has made her huge comeback through this music video. Krishna Samip Subedi has wriiten this dance song and the work of music and composition has also been done by himself. Milan Amatya & Raju K.C ’s voice has given full justice to the song’s feelings and words as well.

Milan Amatya is very hardcore nepali female singer with strong voice power to rule nepalese heart.  And a Production of ” Gayatri Thapa ” has made it more strong.

you will definately dance and sing this song after listening it.

A must watch!

Dhiren Shakya ( Film Actor ) And Gayatri Thapa – TimroMayale | New Adhunik Pop Song 2016

The handsome and sexy actor of Nepali film industry Dhiren shakya is now seen in a new nepaliadhunik pop song. The title of the song is “Timromayale” and was released on 8th march 2016.

Sanjeebani has given her beautiful voice in this song. The credit for the heart touching lyrics goes toGayatriThapa whereas the music was composed by Santosh Shrestha.

This song is about a woman who has been married to a guy and also has a baby child with him. Despite this, the husband is seen to be having an extr@-m@rital affair which she is clearly aware about. She feels betr@yed but still loves her husband. What love does to a being is shown in this song

Feelings of sadness, disappointment and loneliness start to hover her around because of him. This becomes intolerable for her and makes a way out of these by finishing herself; The only way to her helpless situation and  to make her husband realize about what he has been doing to her all this time.

So, this is basically a tr@g!c song which shows the dark side of being in love with someone and not getting the proper love in return.

Do watch this & Feed Back.

Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | Nepali Sentimental Song 2016


Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | A new sensational Lok dohori 2016

Lok dohori songs are nepali folk songs. These songs are very much popular around Nepalese people. Many dohori songs are released day by day.

Khasyo Pirati is a new sensational lok dohori song presented by Abhyas Digital Pvt. Ltd. Tragedy is shown in this song. It shows how a person who was once in deep love could not forget his lost love. After he saw the girl whom he used to love, he starts to vividly remember the days spent together and how their love used to be. This is a tragic song and is very heart touching. About 10 mins long and the music is also in a slow form to reflect the sadness.

The vocal in this song is given by Yam Lama and the lyrics are also written by Yam Lama himself. The music has been composed by basanta Thapa Prakash Bhatta is the directior of this video and Karan Chaisir is the cinematographer. The models Binod Shrestha and Rima rai Lama are starring in song.

A very soothing and sentimental song everyone must listen.

Do listen!


Khuman Adhikari and Samjhana Magar’s Dohori ma Rap


Nepali Lokdohori is a very popular genre of Nepali music.Lokdohori songs used to be quite different few years back. The concept and idea about how a dohori was and should be has been changing recently.Lokdohori has been modernized these days. They are not as they used to be before. Lokdohori has now mixed with the glamour and fantasy world. They no longer are boring and typical ones.

This new Nepali lokdohori song is an example of such change. KhumanAdhikari and Samjhana Magar are the ones behind this change in lokdohori songs. They have given their voice in this song and taken dohori songs to a complete new level. They have introduced dohori in the glamour world as well.

The title of this song is “Dohori ma Rap”. The title itself reflects that the song has changed the typical dohori and has been mixed with rap in it. The writer of the lyrics of this song is BaburamBohora who has focused on the word “rap”. He is also the music composer. Not to forget to mention that the music video shows the very h*t and Se*y Jyotimagar who is widely known in the nepali industry. The song starresJyoti Magar and the Lyricist baburamBohora in this song. The song along with the dancing moves is quite heavy and bold. The choreography has added a plus point for the song. The director of this song is Shankar B.C who behind the camera makes them dance in the rhythm of dohori with the combination of rap.

Ramji Khandko Mero Jawani


Folk songs are a part of Nepali culture. Everyday a new folk song is released. Likewise, a new Nepali folk song has been released and uploaded on official YouTube channel of Priyasi Music. The song is titled as “Mero Jawani” and this song is full of romance and fun.

This song has the voice of Ramji Khand and Devi Gharti Magar. Priyasi music has presented the song. The writer of the lyrics of this very song is Deepak Thapa who also happens to be the music composer of this song. This music video has been produced by Prakash Nepali and directions have been given by Kajis and BabitaPuri. Suresh Raut has edited the music video and cinematography is done by Ajay Regmi. This music video features artists like Kajis Shrestha and Karishma. The song is about how a guy fell in love at the first sight with a girl. The singer is trying to share the feelings regarding the experience of the guy who fell immediately in love with someone. Descriptions about how beautiful the girl was and how charming she was are the main theme of the song. This is not just a beautiful song but also includes a very nice dancing beat. The music is equally good as the lyrics. This song is all about the charm and butterflies that people get when they have a crush on someone.

This is a very beautiful love song and so is the music video. People are going to love this song as a whole.