Holi- The festival Of Color(होली )

Holi  is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”.Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular all over the world.The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which comes in February end or early March. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

holi picturesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Holi is festival of color. This festival is also farewell of winter and welcoming of summer in Southern Asia. Holi is celebrated in full moon day in Phalgun . Hence, Holi is also called Fagu Purnima. Holi is called Dhuli in Sanskrit.
Holi in Nepal It is also observed to get blessing of God for coming harvests and fertility of the land. This festival is celebrated in most of South Asian counties.
Actually Holi is the night of Falgun Krishna Chaturdasi but celebration starts from the very next day on Purnima. Holi is the festival of color, friendships and love.

How is Holi Celebrated!

holi hd picturesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
Holi in Nepal starts one week before the main day of Holi. There is a tradition of erecting a long bamboo stick (lingo) covered with pieces of different color cloths (Chir) in Bashantapur Durbar square, Kathmandu. In the eve of Holi the lingo is taken down and the Chir is burnt. The event is called Chir Haran or Holika Dahan. Holi then starts.

Holi festival is celebrated among family, friends and acquaintances at home, where friends used to gather in one house or start visiting and collecting friends on their way to a certain local area to play together in company of close friends. There were many small gatherings in different parts of the town where the communities celebrate Holi among each other and the whole atmosphere was vivacious and the happiness of people playing contagious.

There is a national holiday declared for everyone in Nepal to the occasion of Holi. This festival is observed the next day in Terai after the rest of Nepal has already celebrated it.

holi hd picturesको लागि तस्बिर परिणामholi hd picturesको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Holi is celebrated with colors, water, sweets and music. People put color on each other as a token of love. People go houses of relatives and friends in group. Put colors on each other eat sweets and move whole day. People dance and play music. People in Terai celebrate Holi the next day from Kathmandu Valley and other hilly reason of Nepal.

People used to make Pichkari (water guns) out of bamboo. And throw colored water on each other. Now-a-days balloons and plastic water guns (pichkari) are used. The balloon filled with water is called Lola in Nepali. Kids start throwing lolas on each other from week ahead of main Holi days.People collects wood and burn fires and play music and performs dances. Some drink bhang and go crazy and make jokes.

सम्बन्धित छवि

The burning of the wood log in village and town avenues are very important part of Holi celebration. This event is called Holika Dahan, the end of Holika.

These are things you should never say to your ex

Moving on is the most difficult thing in the world.Having any kind of relationship with an ex is complicated – really, really complicated. There are so many emotions running around  and you want to desperately get back with your ex or just be friends with them. For any sake you should try to keep your word vomit minimum. Since words cant be taken back and it only make your situations worse.

So here are few things which you should never ever say to your exes.

I Love You

You might still love them as , you’ve been in a real relationship with them, but you can’t tell them. Don’t ever tell your ex you still love them, even if you want nothing else but to be with them. Make yourself strong and help yourself get over them. You’ve got to be stronger than this and move on.

 Let’s Hang Out

Don’t ever ask your ex to hang out with you. Understand the fact that it’s over and you can’t be casual friends after all the things you’ve been through together. No matter how much you want to see them, don’t ask them to meet. It will hurt you when you cant be all romantic as cute as you used to be. You need distance and you need time apart.

 I’m Sorry

We understand that you want to make things right but saying sorry is not gonna help you. This will just make scenario difficult as you both will end up getting confused.More over they will feel more superior and start to rule over you n toss you back and forth.The more you say sorry, the more you’re hurting yourself in the end.

I Hate You

You will be dying to say this to them but this phrase is not so useful either.It shows that you still think about them or cant stop thinking about them. You should just avoid talking to them and move on with life. Be as away from them as possible, Don’t show any sign of care.

 Let’s Be Friends

Trust me when i say this, you can never be “just friends” with you exes because you have spent so many beautiful memories with them and it will be hard for you to acknowledge them as your friend. It’s simply impossible. If you start being friends with your ex, a point will come where one of you will start crying. Just avoid it.

I will kill myself if you will not give me a second chance

It shows how desperate you are to get back with them.It’s like you’re trying to cling onto something, and it just makes the whole situation awkward.This dramatic line is the sign of desperation. So please don’t ever say that to them.

 I Miss You

You can say this line once or twice but dont this often.Ofcourse you miss them and they are always on your mind but reminding them of how much you miss them is a wrong step and they will start to over rule your emotion. You will be the one who will end up getting hurt. Better to keep your feelings hidden.

I really hope you die.

Opps!! This is really awful thing to say to anybody.Well this displays negative side of your charming attitude and they will think that you are doing this to seek attention which is right indeed.

How is your new flame?

If they have moved on in their life and has got partner don’t try to be sweet and ask about them or their related things.You look like you’re still hung up on him.It makes you look jealous and  bitter.Bite your tongue and move on.






Surprising Facts About Alia Bhatt We Bet You Didn’t Know

Alia debut in Bollywood as a child in a minor role in Indian thriller movie Sangharsh. Born on 15th March 1993, Alia made her debut as a leading actress with Karan Johar’s romantic movie Student of the Year.
She has a long way to go and we wish her all the luck. Alia is a true diva, who is so confident in her skin that many of us too want to be like her.
Here are her few facts about her:

alia bhattको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम


Alia Bhatt was born on 15th March, 1993 in Mumbai to Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan.

She successfully completed her high school from Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai.

She was first seen as a child artist in Sangharsh in 1999. She played the younger Preity Zinta in the movie.

She is extremely big on men’s perfumes.

alia bhattको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
That she is a passionate foodie

Alia is actually an introvert in real life

If given the choice, she’d have made her Bollywood debut with Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi or Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

She had to drop over sixteen kgs for her debut movie

She has undergone professional training at A R Rahman’s academy

She’s an extremely talented artist as well.

alia bhattको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Karan Johar auditioned 400 girls before casting Alia Bhatt in Student Of The Year

Alia is closer to her mother, Soni Razdan, than her father.

Alia Is A Dab Hand At Handball

Alia and her siblings have been brought up as atheists.

Emraan Hashmi and Mohit Suri happen to be her first cousins.

alia bhattको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम


She is very fond of eating French Fries and relishes them at any time of the day.

Alia has a twitter handle, but does not tweet much. She mostly follows the activities of her family members.

She is very fond of cold beverages, rather than hot ones.



Surprising Facts About Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the beautiful and talented Bollywood actress. She is former Miss India who won the title of Miss World pageant in the year 2000. Priyanka has won the National Film Award, the Filmfare Award including other prestigious awards for Best Actress for her work in the movie Fashion.Priyanka is now also the highest-paid Indian actress and one of the most popular celebrities in the world.

Image result for priyanka chopra

Today here you can find some of the interesting facts about Priyanka Chopra which you may not know before reading here.
Most people think Priyanka made her acting debut with the film The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy, but it’s actually a Tamil film called Thamizhan in 2002.

Image result for priyanka chopra miss world dress

Priyanka wanted to be an engineer at first, but later thought of being a criminal psychologist. However, she ended up doing neither as she became Miss World at the age of 18, taking up modelling full time.

Being an army kid, PC kept shifting base frequently, and has lived in various Indian cities including Delhi, Pune, Bareily, and Leh among others, and Newton, Cedar Rapids and New York in the US.

Image result for priyanka chopra miss world dress

She might be Priyanka Chopra for the rest of the world, but her close friends and family address her as Sunshine or Mimi.

She is a junk food addict and loves binge on pizza and french fries.

Priyanka, who has a sweet tooth always carries candies with her, to quench her guilty pleasure.

Priyanka Chopra’s favourite perfume is Ralph Lauren’s Romance.

Related image


Priyanka is a trained western classical singer.

Priyanka’s most noted win remains the prestigious National Award for her dramatic portrayal of a supermodel, her rise and decline in Madhur Bhandarkar’s film.

Image result for priyanka chopra

PC is a big hit with the advertising industry as well, endorsing premium brands like Nokia, Ponds, Garnier, Lux, Bru, Tag Heuer, Nikon, Sunsilk and Hero Honda.

Hello Hello ye Handsome Man| New Nepali Song|Ladai(2005)

Hello hello ye handsome man
Hissi pareko gentleman
Hello hello ye handsome man
Hissi pareko gentleman
Ma rupa ki rani
Mero mast jawani

Ma rupa ki rani
mero mast jawani
Ma timro lagi dinchhu jyaan
Hello hello ye handsome man
Hissi pareko gentleman

Ma pagal premi ye
Ma timro pujari ye

Ma pagal premi ye
ma timro pujari ye

Ma timro maya ye
Ma timro chhaya ye

Ma pagal premi ye
ma timro pujari ye

Ma timro maya ye
Ma timro chhaya ye

Hello hello ye handsome
hissi pareko gentleman
Hello hello ye handsome
hissi pareko gentleman

Timi nisturi raichhau ye
Timi nirmohi hau ki ye
Timi nisturi raichhau ye
Timi nirmohi hau ki ye

Malai bhujhi deu na ye
Malai samjhi deuna ye

Timi nisturi raichhau ye
Timi nirmohi hau ki ye
Timi nisturi raichhau ye
Timi nirmohi hau ki ye
Malai bhujhi deu na ye
Malai samjhi deuna ye

Hello hello ye handsome
hissi pareko gentleman
Hello hello ye handsome
hissi pareko gentleman

Ma rupa ki rani
Mero mast jawani
Ma rupa ki rani
Mero mast jawani
Ma timro lagi dinchhu jyaan

Hello hello ye handsome
Hissi pareko gentleman

About The Movie:
Release Date: 22 April 2005
Run Time: 138 min
Genre: Other
Censor Date: 22 April 2005
Certification: UA
Reel Length: 16 Reel / 3500 m
Language: Nepali
Cast & Crew

Director Badri Adhikari
Cast Rajesh Hamal, Sushil Chhetri, Prakash Adhikari, Amrit Jung Basnet, Sunil Thapa, Sharmila Malla, Bina Basnet(Budhathoki), Niruta Singh, Rekha Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Uttam K.C.
Story Suraj Subba Nalbo
Screenplay Suraj Subba Nalbo
Dialogue Suraj Subba Nalbo
Producer Chiranjibi Basnet



Bollywood Celebrities You Didn’t Know Belonged To Royal Families

1. Saif Ali Khan

saifको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
He is commonly known as the Nawab of Pataudi family. He is the son of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, a former captain of the Indian cricket team and the titular Nawab of Pataudi from 1952 until 1971. His paternal grandfather, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi was the eighth Nawab of Pataudi.
2. Sonal Chauhan

sonal chauhanको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
This gorgeous actress, best known for her role in Jannat, comes from a traditional Rajput family from Manipur, Uttar Pradesh.Sonal is a Rajput and hails from a royal Chauhan family. Her family originates from the ancient royal Chauhan Rajput family of Manipuri.

3. Aditi Rao Hydari

aditi rao hydariको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

The actress was born into two royal families – Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari and J. Rameshwar Rao of erstwhile Raja of Wanaparthy family. Granddaughter of Akbar Hydari and grandniece of Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari, former Governor of Assam.

4. Kiran Rao

kiran raoको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
Producer and director Kiran Rao’s paternal grandfather was J. Rameshwar Rao, Raja of Wanaparthy, Mahabubnagar district, Telangana state. Her maternal first cousin is actress, Aditi Rao Hydari.

5. Riya and Raima Sen

riya sen and raima senको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
Hailing from the royal family of Tripura, their paternal grandmother was Ila Devi. Not only was she the princess of Cooch Behar but she was also the sister of Gayatri Devi, the Maharani of Jaipur.
These sisters were born into the royal family of Tripura. Their paternal grandmother, Ila Devi, was the princess of Cooch Behar, whose younger sister Gayatri Devi was the Maharani of Jaipur. Their paternal great grandmother was the only daughter of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda.

6. Soha Ali Khan

soha ali khanको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम
Khan is the youngest daughter of actress Sharmila Tagore and of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the 9th nawab of Pataudi. Both her father and paternal grandfather, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, are former captains of the Indian cricket team.

7. Bhagyashree –
Bhagyashree hails from the royal Marathi family of Sangli in Maharashtra. Her father is Vijay Singhrao Madhavrao Patwardhan, is the current Raja of Sangli.

Unknown Facts About Ileane D’ Cruz We Bet You Don’t Know Before

Ileana d’Cruz is a popular Indian actress who is predominantly known for her roles in Telugu movies. She has appeared in a number of high grossing Telugu movies like Julayi, Kick, Jalsa and Pokiri and established herself as an important star in South cinema. In 2012, she appeared in the movie Barfi for which she bagged the award for the Best Film Actress in a Debut. Till date, she has appeared in a number of popular Bollywood movies like Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Happy Ending and Rustom.

Here we have decided to share some interesting Ileana d’Cruz facts that you have never heard before:

She was born in a Catholic family in Mumbai just like Genelia’d Souza. Ilena was partly raised at Goa and partly in Pune. Konkoni is her mother tongue.

Image result for ileana d'cruz instagram
Ileana d’Cruz is involved with a modelling career prior to her entry into Bollywood. Ileana has done a number of commercials like Ponds, Fair n Lovely and other brands from time to time.

Her idea of a perfect date involves a picnic basket, bonfire, blanket on a beach and talking under the stars with amazing food and wine over a good conversation.

The man of her dreams must be a true gentleman who should be genuine, intelligent with good sense of humour. Her dream man should be well dressed and well spoken.

Image result for ileana d'cruz instagram

She is extremely cautious about her figure and works out at least 1 hour every day at the gym. Ileana is a great foodie and wants to burn her excess fat by exercising.

Her favourite food is Italian, Chinese and Biryani.

Image result for ileana d'cruz hd
Ileana ‘Cruz Favourite Actor Is Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan.
Ileana D’Cruz Is Dating Andrew Kneebone ( South Indian Actor )
Ileana D’Cruz Loves To Read Books And Swiming

Image result for ileana d'cruz hd
Ileana D’Cruz Favourite Place Is Italy
Ileana D’Cruz Spent 1 Hour In Gym Everyday To Maintain Her Figure
Ileana D’Cruz boyfriend was rumored to be Shahid Kapoor.
Ileana D’Cruz elder sister name is Farrah, Ileana D’Cruz younger sister name in Eileen, and Ileana D’Cruz younger brother name is Rhys.

Image result for ileana d'cruz hd
The meaning of Ileana D’Cruz name is Helen of Troy.

Famous Lines From The Movie Devdas

Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai … hum toh peete hai ki yahan par baith sake, tumhe dekh sake, tumhe bardaasht kar sake

Image result for devdas madhuri dresses
Babuji ne kaha gaon chhod do … sab ne kaha Paro ko chhod do … Paro ne kaha sharab chhod do … aaj tumne keh diya haweli chhod do … ek din aayega jab woh kahenge, duniya hi chhod do

Image result for devdas aishwarya hair
Apne hisse ki zindagi toh hum jee chuke Chunni babu, ab toh bus dhadkano ka lihaaz karte hai … kya kahen yeh duniya waalo ko joh, aakhri saans par bhi aitraaz karte haiDil ke chaalon ko koi shayari kahe toh parwah nahi … takleef toh tab hoti hai jab koi wah wah wah karta hai

Image result for devdas madhuri dresses
Aurat maa hoti hai, bahen hoti hai, patni hoti hai, dost hoti hai … aur jab woh kuch nahi hoti, toh tawaif hoti hai

Image result for devdas madhuri dresses
Yun nazar ki baat ki aur dil chura gaye … hum toh samjhe the bud, aap toh dhadkan suna gaye
Itna guroor toh chaand ko bhi nahi hai

Image result for devdas aishwarya bride
Ek baat hoti thi tab tum bahut yaad aati thi … (kab) … jab jab main saans leta tha tab tab

Image result for devdas shahrukh aishwarya
Kitni aasani se ginvah diya ki tumhe har pal meri yaad aati thi … lekin yeh nahi socha ki un palon mein beetta toh main hi tha … diya tum jalati thi … par jalta toh main hi tha

Image result for devdas shahrukh aishwarya
Har dukh aane waale sukh ki chitti hoti hai … aur har nuksaan hone waale fayde ka isharaImage result for devdas shahrukh aishwarya


Kitni aasani se ginvah diya ki tumhe har pal meri yaad aati thi … lekin yeh nahi socha ki un palon mein beetta toh main hi tha … diya tum jalati thi … par jalta toh main hi tha

Image result for devdas shahrukh


Aayi Thi To Tujhe Duaiye Dene ,Ki Teri Ghar Chand sa Beta Ho
Par Ab To yahi Dua Nikalti H ,Ki Tera Ghar Bhi..
Chandni Se Aabad Ho,Tere Ghar Bhi Beti Ho…!

Image result for devdas


Tawaifon ki taqdeer mein shauhar nahin hote



Some Unknown Facts About Katrina Kaif

She is the most searched celebrity on Google, she is the Barbie doll of India. Here is Everything you need to know about our Chikni Chameli!

Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong, and then moved to different countries, and finally moved to London.

Boom was not supposed to be her debut!

She is a big fan of Leonardo Di Caprio and Johnny Depp.

She was the first choice for Barfi.

Kat is known to be one of the most politically correct actors of Bollywood.

Image result for katrina kaif hd

She is afraid of dark and insects.

Katrina loves casual wear like track-pants and tees, or jeans and vests.

Image result for katrina kaif hd wallpapers for desktop
Katrina first came to Mumbai for a modelling assignment by mere deed of luck.

Kat thinks it was her style of in force logically that actually brought her to fame.

Image result for katrina kaif hd wallpapers for desktop

Katrina loves casual wear in the atmosphere of track-pants and tees, or jeans and vests.

Kat is known to be one of the most politically truthful actors of Bollywood.

Katrina was born in Hong Kong.

Kat’s mother worked in a charitable organization with a world wide base so she had to shift to different places every two years with the entire family.

Katrina first came to Mumbai for a modelling assignment by mere stroke of luck.

For three-and-a-half years she worked every single day, sometimes for 16 hours straight.

She took taxis and visited several advertising agencies to personally hand over her portfolio. She regularly auditioned at studios where she held up a banner with her phone number scrawled on it.

Kat thinks it was her style of working methodically that actually brought her to fame.


Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
fool bhanu ki jun bhanu geet bhanu ki pret bhanu
fool bhanu ki jun bhanu geet bhanu ki pret bhanu
khai k khai k bhanu timilai

Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
Timi bina tadpinchu ma kina harpal har din
Timro saath paina bhane bachdina ma ekkai chhin


Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
Timi bina tadpinchu ma kina harpal har din
Timro saath paina bhane bachdina ma ekkai chhin

Jaya timi hunnau teha fool hunna jun hunna
Jaha timro boli hunna geet hunna dhun hunna
Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
Aba eklo hune kura sochna dar lagchha
ali najeek aauna binti.. dui kadam para lagchha
sadhai tmlai vettau sapani ma bipani
badhi rakhau jasto lagchha timilai hey daiba

Aba eklo hune kura sochna dar lagchha
ali najeek aauna binti.. dui kadam para lagchha
sadhai tmlai vettau sapani ma bipani
badhi rakhau jasto lagchha timilai hey daiba

Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai
fool bhanu ki jun bhanu geet bhanu ki pret bhanu
khai k khai k bhanu timilai
Aayau timi mero jeevanma sustari sustari thahai napai

Comedy Video of JENISHA UPRETI


As,We can see the most unexpected hit heroine of all time Jenisha Upreti comes for the interview and Unexpected things happens with the Host of the show and many things ravels in this interviews with makes the audiences thinks about the fake celebrity who indirectly shows the some lifestyles of celebrities of nepal as Host (Rosi Sharma) and Celebrity  Jenisha Upreti (Samiksha Bista).

Watch this extra extreme comedy journey with Luri darbar latest videos.

Please comment Which Celebrity they want to shows us in ours comments section.

Aaja Bholi Bhet hunai garho bho | New Nepali song


Bd Channel Private Limited  have brought another music video in market title “Aaja Bholi Bhet hunai garho bho”.

Avisheak paudel have edited this music video and act have been carried with artists Smriti Basnet and Bishal Maharjan. They are playing a role of romantic couple, who making a love.This love story have been directed by Pradeep Shrestha. The concept of the song is given by Laxmi Prasad Dhakal.Bd channel pvt ltd have produced the music video of the song.

Delighted Music  have made the marketing of this music video song. The lyrics and music for the song is given by D.P. Parishramee and Shambhujeet Baskota. Vocal is given by Satyaraj Acharya and Astha Raut .Song have been included in “TIRSANA” album.

The whole team of this music video song have strong hope that this outcome of them will do magic in Industry as they believed this is one of the best in industry.The music of the film is a good mix of rap, pop and melody.The song is foot tapping and fun.This dance track adds more flavor in the album.

This video is recently publishes on Feb 3, 2017 in Youtube.

More Details About The Music Video:

Vocal: Satyaraj Acharya and Astha Raut
Lyrics: D.P. Parishramee
Music: Shambhujeet Baskota
Audio On: Delighted Music

Model: Smriti Basnet and Bishal Maharjan
Camera: Tanka k.c
Edit: Avisheak paudel
Direction: Pradeep Shrestha
Concept:-Laxmi Prasad Dhakal
Production House:- Bd channel pvt ltd (Sulav Dhakal)

Yama Buddha Funeral At Pashupatinath

Nepal has been thrown into mourning for the country’s most famous rapper, who has died in an apparent suicide at his wife’s parents’ home in London.
Yama Buddha, 30, is a household name in Nepal and his death has been greeted with shock in the Nepalese capital, where the Kathmandu Post referred to him as the ‘voice of a generation’.
The rapper, whose real name is Anil Adhikari, was living with his wife and her parents in Ruislip, north west London.

Well-wishers, fans and relatives came to the Capital all the way from Jhapa, Butwal, and Pokhara to pay their last respect to Yama Buddha’s body that was brought to Kathmandu in an Etihad airbus at 3:41 on Saturday.

At the request of Yama Buddha, his fans were making preparations to organize a concert for the promotion of ‘Khatara’ in Butwal.

Artists and politicians including Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Kamal Thapa, singer Hemanta Rana, Gaurab Pahari, Sandip Bishwokarma, Nirnaya Shrestha, Manoj RC, Khushbu Oli, Hakim had reached Nepal Academy.

Yama Buddha’s last rites was performed at Pasupati Aryaghat on 28 DEC.

Hari Adhikari, the youngest grandfather of Yama Budha, set a fire to Anil’s funeral pyre,” said actor Resh Marahaththa.

“There had been a delay in bringing Yama Buddha’s body to Kathmandu since we received the postmortem’s report late,” said Hari.

Yama Buddha,29, who was preparing to release his album ‘Khatara’, had been popular among NepHop youths after he brought rap music into Nepali music.

His rap songs including Ekadesh, Pagalpan, Kohi, Ama and Yo Prasanga are his popular songs.
Yama Buddha was found hanging at the bathroom of his residence in northern London on January 14.

Here are some of the pictures from the funeral. 

Image courtesy: My Republica and Nagarik news

Image result for yama buddha funeral


Image result for yama buddha funeral

Related image

Image result for yama buddha funeral


Yama Buddha- -Saathi nepali song

[Verse 1]

Oo mero baalyakaal dekhiko milne saathi
Haamro mitrataa aru sambandha bhanda maathi

Hami sahar ghumna janthiyou rati rati bhagi bhagi
Ghar ma aama buwa lai dhati

Marna ra maarna tayaar ek arkaa ko lagi
Sadhai sangai basthiyou school padhda hami
Dubai na jaane yedi euta birami
Je pani baadne haamro ramro thiyo baani

Usle ekdin churot salkaai sodhyo “oye khane”
Maile pani tane, sankochai namaani
Din bitdai gayo ani laagyo tesko baani
Bistarai kulat ma phasiyo

Jaani najaani gaajaa ani goti
Saaman ra paani yo pachi tyo
Tyo pachi tyo dami
Jhyaap nabhai din pani raamrai nalagne
Tespachi feri kahile ustai rahenau haami


Nahola sangai aaja ta tara ma tara
Tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
Saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
Tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile

Yesari nai laagu padartha maa dubdai gayou
Galat nirnaya kharaab parinaam ko sikar bhayou
Kati lai kutyou, lutyou, katilaai thagyou
Gharmaa aafnai aama buwa sanga jharkyou

Aafai maa ladyou tara khana chhodenau
Bistarai haami ek arkaa sangai bolenau

Sodhne garthe saathi bhaile haamro baaremaa
Oo binaa malaai ek rati raamro laagena

Aba sabai tyaagne maile baacha gare
Baahira naniski kothaa bhitra sutera base
Bistaarai ma padhai tira aghi badhe
Sunne garthe oo ajhai testai chha bhanne

Ek din achaanak usko bhai ma sanga runa lagyo
Mero manmaa bibhinna prasnaharu uthna thalyo
Oo aghillo raat aspatalmaa bityo re
Ma maathi aakash khasyo, ma bihosiye


Bibhinna prasnaharu ko uttar khojchhu ma
If you never sort it out, take a bit, sochchhu ma

Saayad haamro dosti pani yeuta misaal hunthyo
Tero mero saath haamro manobal bishaal hunthyo
Haar pani jeet, jeet pani haar hunthiyo
Ghar byabahaar hunthiyo, sampanna sukhi pariwar hunthiyo

Dukha sukha maa sangai rointhyo, haasinthyo
Ta ra ma (U and me) daju bhai jasari bachinthiyo

Ke laanuchha jindagi dui din ko naaso
Ta chaadai gaees tara ek din ma pani aauchhu
Saanta sundar sansaar maa tyo baadal paariko
Jitnu bhanda thulo kuro himmat naharnu ho

Tesaile lad-dai chhu, sangharsa gardaichhu
Ta kasto chhas saathi ma sanchaichhu
Tero yaad aayo ani samjhera basdaichhu
Hami pheri bhetchhau bhani din gandaichhu


who is Manoj Punjabi [Manu Punjabi]

Manoj Punjabi is a dashing and handsome man from Jaipur, Rajasthan, who knows how to enjoy life. Popularly known among his friends and fans as ‘King Mannu‘, this man surely knows how to win hearts. He is also a very fun loving and simple person with a nice sense of humour.

Personal Life

Manoj Punjabi is a 34 years old handsome man who belongs to Jaipur, also known as the pink city of India. Like his city, Manoj is also a very lively person who knows surely how to enjoy life. Manoj says that one should always lead a balanced life, with both work and fun balanced. He is a very confident person and can solve tough problems of life with simplicity.

Manoj loved to play cricket and wanted to become a cricketer when he was a child. He has a motto in life to make everyone around him laugh and spread happiness. With this simple and fun-loving attitude, he is bound to get success in life.

Manoj Punjabi Biography

Name- Manoj Punjabi or Manu Punjabi
Birth Date- 27th December 1982
Origin- Jaipur, Rajasthan
Height- 5 feet and 11 inches
Favourite star- Sachin Tendulkar

who is Lopamudra Raut

Lopamudra Raut is a very popular model in the modelling industry. She is said to be an angel on earth. She can sweep anyone off their feet with her charm and glamour. She can be referred to as a beauty queen.

Lopamudra earned fame for herself while representing India at the Miss United Continents 2016 pageant. She earned the title of a 2nd runner-up there and made India proud of her.

Personal Life

Lopamudra belongs to a conservative Marathi family. Thus naturally she did not get the support of her parents throughout her journey to fame. She alone kept in her fight to get to the top.

Lopamudra Raut entire community was against her, yet she never gave up. She is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Sources say that she wanted to be a model since her very childhood. She used to pose in front of the camera with brilliant expressions. Today, her determination has taken her to the top.

Lopamudra Raut Biography

Personal Details- Lopamudra Raut
Birthdate: 7th October 1991
Age- 26 Years
Height- 5ft 10 Inches
Profession- Model, Engineer
Hobbies- Playing Basket Ball, Travelling & Singing
Current City- Nagpur
Zodiac Sign- Libra
Home- Nagpur, Maharashtra
Education- B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
Nationality- Indian
Religion- Hindu
Occupation- Model
Reality Show- Bigg Boss 10

who is Rohan Mehra

Rohan Mehra is a very well-known name in the television industry. This model turned actor is currently shaking the entire industry with his cute looks and great acting skills. Somewhere between the television industry and Bollywood, he has successfully shaped his career.

Rohan Mehra started earning a name for himself while playing the character of Naksh Singhania in the very popular TV serial Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He also appeared in a flick called Uvaa.

Personal Life

Rohan Mehra, the famous television star, was born on 8 April 1989 in Amritsar, India. He has finished his initial schooling from St George’s School Mussoorie and did his graduation from Hans Raj School, Delhi.

In his school days, he was a very talented tennis player and even qualified for the nationals. He did win numerous trophies and awards in tennis. He is a talked about model in the commercial industry and a very successful small screen actor who has taken part in various advertisements of Reebok, Legend Cycles, Honda, Priyagold Bread rolls, Samsung, BlackBerry and so on.

He would have been working in his dad’s business in Amritsar if not an actor. He is a much-loved child in real life and has always been pampered by his parents. His parents treat him as their friend, and he has got a very happy family. Yet, not at all like his onscreen character, he is very close to his dad. His dad took the difficult decision of shifting to Mumbai so that Rohan could focus on work.

Rohan Mehra Biography

Name- Rohan Mehra
Birth Date- 8th April 1989
Age- 28 Years
Profession- Actor, Model
Hobbies- Acting
Origin- Amritsar, India
Height- 5 feet and 11 inches
Favorite actress- Deepika Padukone


who is Bani Judge

Gurbani Judge also called Bani Judge is a 29 years old girl from Mumbai who has is a known face in the Bollywood industry. She can be referred to as a powerhouse of talent with so many qualities to show. Bani has earned a name for herself through Roadies where she secured the 2nd position.


Personal details

Gurbani Judge also popular by the name of Vj Bani is a Chandigarh-based girl who is very talented. She has got a very good presence of mind with which she can handle the most complicated situations easily.

Gurbani Judge can have her claim to fame in Roadies Season 4. She showed her talent there and came out to be the runner-up of the show. Bani has got a very vibrant personality and a strong character. She is also trained in martial arts and thus knows how to defend herself, both physically and verbally. She is the icon of a modern Indian woman.

Gurbani Judge Biography

Name- Gurbani Judge [Bani J or VJ Bani]
Birth Date- 29th November 1987
Age- 29 years
Profession- Actress, Television Host, Model, Vj
Hobbies- Reading, Art, & Gyming
Origin- Chandigarh, India
Height- 5 feet and 7 inches
Favorite star- Salman Khan