Electricity Generation from paper and pencil

As the prime Minister says, Electricity can be generated not only from rubbish but also from the device made with paper, pencil and tape. This very device is made by using home materials and can be easily run with the help of a remote control. Ecole Polytechnic, the Switzerland’s scientists have united with the researchers of University of Tokyo and invented a new short device which can easily generate about three twirled volt of electricity.

Researchers say that this device is very eco-friendly and produces electricity that is equivalent to AA battery from cheap materials. Remote control can be easily used through this electricity. This device is actually based on statistical electricity where these materials receives electron or abandon again when Pepa and Teflon insulator collide with each other. We can also make this system by using two small cards.

In order to produce the electricity, a pencil is placed on two sides as an electrode. After that Teflon is placed in another side of card. The card is kept over one another like a sandwich. This whole setup is kept at both side’s outside of carbon. The two part of carbon goes inside and so does the Teflon. Again, the tape is placed so that these two does not come in contact with each other. Electricity is then created naturally.

After the technology is finished with the preparation, the both insulators come in contact with eachother when pressed by finger. Positive charge is created by the paper while the negative charge is created by Teflon. After the finger is removed, distance is created and layer starts to get affected with the generated charge. Sandpaper is also very useful in increasing the output of device.

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