Elephant @tt@cks Buffalo

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Usually, elephants are of  calm nature. We can ride them and have a great day with the gi@nt creatures. Elephants are mostly for the security from other animals , this means  they are domestic animal.
But , sometimes elephant goes wild and would completely be different. Wild elephants are very d@ng*erous, no one could dare to go nearby them. Elephants are very @ggre$$ive and  even more d@ngerou$ and over protective for their  new born baby in the herd or when a male elephant is at musth. It basically means an elephants are @ggre$$ive mostly during their  breeding season . Over all wild elephants are very d@ng*erous and can k!^ll a person in seconds.
A video has been uploaded on YouTube which is a compilation of elephant @tt^acks on buffalo and cows. The scenario is very scary. The videos have been captured by people during their safari. In one of the compiled video kids can be heard speaking. In the first video a buffalo comes across a herd of elephant. One of the elephants get very aggressive and starts to charge. The buffalo tries to f!gh*t back too but the elephant uses it’s hu*ge size and tusks and k!*lls the buffalo in a second.

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