Georgian Man Sticks Spoon & Iron As Magnet

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Etibar Elchyev, 41-year-old discovered his  unique and amazing talent or magnetic power  only a few years ago.  A Georgian kick-boxing coach has set a new record by holding 53 spoons on his body with his magnetic power on his body.

This kind of unusual and  amazing power gave him more self-esteem. He thought to explore his this unique strength or power to whole world. So, the sportsman  decided to make his show even more exciting by pulling a Mercedes car attached to his chest by rope and a metal sheet with a teenage boy sitting on it. He pulled  the car for over 30 seconds, which is unbelievable.

However, sceptics claims that the ability to attach things to a human body is because of some other factors such as the stickiness of a person’s skin and has nothing to do with magnetism.

Thus, whatever the reason is behind his this magnification power, his power is unbelievable.


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