Guffadi Solti


Nepali short movies are increasing in number. Guffadisolti is also a new nepali short movie. As the title “Guffadisolti”itself depicts that this short movie is about a very talkative guy. This is a story about a guy who brags a lot in front of everyone.

There is no one he doesn’t spare from his unlimited bragging. He keeps bragging about oneself to everyone he meets on a daily basis. Due to this bragging habit of his, everyone is so fed up with him. Also he does not have anything new to brag about but always irrit@tes people with his same old n0nsense. The short video starts with one brag and continues to brag the same sh*t. he is only known for his bragging and nothing at all.

Due to this bragging habit of his, he has owned a nickname called “Guffadi” which completely suits him from every angle. Even his friends are annoyed with this habit of his and that is the reason why everyone distances from him. Nobody would want to listen the same thing again and again, eventually everyone gets bored. However, this short video has a completely different ending and surprises every people. In the middle of the video enters a cute girl who teaches a suitable lesson to the guffadi guy. The way he learns his lesson is quite ep!c and rid!culous. Please watch the video in order to find out what happens to the guy who shuts people up when he himself gets shut down.


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