How to know If your Partner is che@ting..

He puts his phone on airplane mode so that he is not caught.

aeroplane mode
He takes his phone with him every time he goes to the bathroom.He does not let you touch his phone. And if you touch his phone he freaks out.


You haven’t met a lot of his friends even though you hang out with him a lot.

He gives you just enough attention to keep you around.He just shows that he cares but actually does not. He is just after sex.

being nice

He does not value you so it takes forever to text you back..He never text you back immediately and says he is busy in works.


He follows sexy-looking, half-naked woman on social media .This is very serious problem. Your boyfriend has followed more than 100 of sexy women in social networking sites.

You haven’t met his family.He says he will talk about you but he has never ever talked about you. He is just gives you excuses and does not actually wants you to meet his family.

Your sex life  changes drastically.He comes home and does not pay attention to you. Your romance is over. He is not interested in sexual activity.

See if he’s much nicer or more helpful. That is because of guilt as he is cheating on you. He might bring you a gifts or something which he never used to do. He might clean the dishes or house etc.

See if his mood changes.Sometime he is nice to you and next minute he is grumpy and angry.He might starts a fight with you and so on.


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