I love my dad. Do you love your Dad?

My dad is my best friend, my hero. I am very proud of my father because he fulfills my every desire and supports in my decisions. He always showed me the right path to move towards the future. He plays big role and take all most responsibilities of my family. He always tried to make and give happiness for family.

He is a social responsibilities person. He is a giver and helper for the people. He is kind hearted and he is strong person that he can do everything for good things. He is generous with his time, talent and his wisdom. He is always there for me and for everyone in our family. Along with mom, dad is the first person I fell completely in love with the second I was born.

There are some many reasons that I love my father:

  • My father never scolds whatever I like, I can wear any type of dresses, I can go anywhere so he gave me lots of freedom to do.


  • He give me suggestion if I m confuse to take any decision and he taught me the things what is right and what is wrong.


  • He is hard-working… too hard-working. I have never known my Dad to sit down.


  • When my mom scolded me and I cried, my dad was there to make me feel that someone was on my side.


  • When I graduated with honors, he said he was never proud of himself more than he was ever proud of me.


  • My dad was born and raised to treat everyone with respect, and he brought me up no differently.


  • My dad has encouraged me to set my dreams, and work hard to make them come true.


  • He is a social responsibilities person. He is a giver and helper for the people and he is a great leader and wonderful father.


  • He love and give respect my mother.





-Anu Shrestha

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