Khuman Adhikari and Samjhana Magar’s Dohori ma Rap


Nepali Lokdohori is a very popular genre of Nepali music.Lokdohori songs used to be quite different few years back. The concept and idea about how a dohori was and should be has been changing recently.Lokdohori has been modernized these days. They are not as they used to be before. Lokdohori has now mixed with the glamour and fantasy world. They no longer are boring and typical ones.

This new Nepali lokdohori song is an example of such change. KhumanAdhikari and Samjhana Magar are the ones behind this change in lokdohori songs. They have given their voice in this song and taken dohori songs to a complete new level. They have introduced dohori in the glamour world as well.

The title of this song is “Dohori ma Rap”. The title itself reflects that the song has changed the typical dohori and has been mixed with rap in it. The writer of the lyrics of this song is BaburamBohora who has focused on the word “rap”. He is also the music composer. Not to forget to mention that the music video shows the very h*t and Se*y Jyotimagar who is widely known in the nepali industry. The song starresJyoti Magar and the Lyricist baburamBohora in this song. The song along with the dancing moves is quite heavy and bold. The choreography has added a plus point for the song. The director of this song is Shankar B.C who behind the camera makes them dance in the rhythm of dohori with the combination of rap.

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