Man jumps from 11-floor-building, still survives unh@rmed

This is the video an attempt of a $u!c!de by a man. A man at east China’s Jiangsu Province have climbed 11-floor-building in Yangzhou. He is attempting a jump from that tall building. He standing along the building’s edge with being fearless. From the view, he seems to strong on his decision for his $u!c!de from that 11-floor-building height.

His family members and local people are trying to persuade him from over 2 hours. They are pledging him not to do so and scre@ming loud. Local Police have also arrived for his rescue. They are protecting man from commending his $u!c!de. But, the scream and pledge of people could not barred man from comm!tting $u!c!de. He jumped off from that tall height of 11-floor-building. Everyone are in panic and being uncon$cious.

But, luckily, he landed in the air cushion prepared by firefighters to save him. He was all alive with un!njured in his body. Everyone were happy to see him alive and uninjured.However, the co)mmit of $u!c!de by a man failed.

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