Museum of Poo in the UK

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Museum are often established with the motive to explore and save the  historical things and importance. Museum will preserved  those important  historical things in safe, secure and sound manner.

Lately, a museum have been opened which you even cannot imagine. This museum contains showcase of different variation of the $tool. The $tool from different part of the world have been  collected in this world’s first poo museum. This museum have been recently opened in United Kingdom. This  have established it at England’s Sandown Islay of white zoo and have been title with  national museum of poo. This museum is and would preserve the poo that is produced by human and various animal. Poo are  kept on the shiny rubber globe.

It is named as National Poo Museum. Most of the poo have brought from Zoo and Dinosaur Museum. Museum have preserved  the poo, which are 14- years-old. People would feel disgusting  even to talk about poo but here the people are collecting poo and have made a poo museum. This museum  have made every people sho%%cked, awkward and confused.

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