Napkin Collector Keeps Breaking Own World Record

42 year old Slovakian Antonia Kozakova has broken her own record. And now she owns a shocking 80,000 napkins. They have been reported to be worth £300,000. Antonia lives in Eastern Slovakia and in 2007 she made her first global headline. Then it was revealed that she had a then unprecedented 21,000 serviettes.

In 2013 she broke her own record for the first time by collecting 62,500 different napkins. She has again crushed the figure with her latest achievement. Some of the things that are included in the collection are conventional flower patterns to a replica of a £50 note. Some of the napkins even date back to 1940. The 42 year old even spoke about how she organizes her massive collection. it is sh)cking to share that her collection contain no duplicates.


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