Nisha Adhikari Controversy Queen

Nisha Adhikari is a beauty queen, model, and VJ. She is an actress well known for her role in the film First Love released in 2010 and her appearance in music videos. She has been acted in more than 30 movies.


Nisha Adhikari is a Nepali actress. She is nice and confident person. But in the acting part she cannot become success till today. She debut from the movie ‘Mission Paisa’ was became success. After that, she failed to give any impression in the movie industry.

nj  Kollywood actress Nisha Adhikari is not such person you would see expressing her emotions very often. Famous for her unusual calm and poise, the actress reacts only when the situation gets really out of hand.
Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari got furious with journalist Anup Bhattarai when he tried to take photos of her before some year.

Again this beautiful actress got herself in controversy with media person for her rude behaviour. It was the time when a photographer tried to take a picture in pashupatinath, Nisha showed her cold side and demaned the media not to take any pictures anymore. Due to such controversy she had made some enemies in media. It is all because of her own nature.

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