Pal Shah and Aanchal Sharma’s Romance In “Johny Gentlemen”


Namastenp, Shrawan 20. Before Someday channel “your style” is coming popular and now the new movie is going to produce. Wednesday, by gathering all the reporters, the movie “Johny Gentleman” is became fixed to make.
In this movie, model or actor Pal Shah and Actress Aanchal Sharma is going to leading as a main role. Same as Nitin Chand is debuting to direct this movie.
He said on meeting program with the reporters that” the movie is full of Romance, Fight and Love and it surely provide you all the enjoyment”.
After featured in “Nai Navannu La 4” movie they both again now going to seen together in the new movie “Johny Gentlemen” so the Aanchal Sharma said that she is happy to feature with Pal Shah in this Movie.

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