Paras Shah Thai Girlfriend

Paras Shah has spend more than four years in Thailand. Former Crown Prince Paras Shah was also arrested few times with Drugs in Thailand .

Paras Have been living in Thailand for long time after ex-king Gyanendra was forced to leave the palace and live like a general citizen.


The father of three children lives alone in Thailand for almost two years while his wife Himani lives in Nepal. Few months ago there was news in a Medias that Paras is preparing to return Kathmanu this year. Source also speculates that Himani and Paras may come together if Paras is planning to return Kathmandu.

Previously too Himani had been to Thailand with kids but she had returned as Paras did not pay much attention to them. He had been out of touch with his family since he left for Bangkok in August 2011. He had also taken his children Purnika, Kritika and Hirdayandra with him for their study. It is told that he hasn’t returned back to Nepal for the last ten months.


According to a report in a daily, Saurya Daily, Paras is living with a Thai mistress in Thailand.
During his stay he was very close to a Thai girl named Kannika Chaiyasarn.

She was there for him in his hard time and helped him when he was hospitalized.

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