Rakhi Sawant Spotted in Nepal


Rakhi Sawant Bollywood item gal she is now in Nepal. She is now shooting an item song for a Bengali film in Nepal, are. “Ami tomar is the royal” in Nepal, are keeping for the shooting of the movie called Bengali. This movie is only dance their items. Kathmandu a few days ago came as a Bengali movie items , keeping the information came to Nepal for the shooting of the song .


Items for dance is now being set up on imaging. When shooting in India and expensive to be useful for imaging bangaladesama location, hence the film’s team arrived in Nepal.

Nepali and Bengali by now about 100 people working team. Keeping the liberty of all Nepalese are other than Tim. Nepalese are doing korasaharu rakhisagai dance. Nepali are also other technical philaradekhi discotheque. This item song after song mode to the other team to go for the Mustang is acquitted. Rakhi said items after finishing the dance tomorrow at 2 pm rphakanechin Mumbai.

The shooting of the movie are now active in Nepal technicians. Rakhi tomorrow in Mumbai and is acquitted.

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