Ramji Khandko Mero Jawani


Folk songs are a part of Nepali culture. Everyday a new folk song is released. Likewise, a new Nepali folk song has been released and uploaded on official YouTube channel of Priyasi Music. The song is titled as “Mero Jawani” and this song is full of romance and fun.

This song has the voice of Ramji Khand and Devi Gharti Magar. Priyasi music has presented the song. The writer of the lyrics of this very song is Deepak Thapa who also happens to be the music composer of this song. This music video has been produced by Prakash Nepali and directions have been given by Kajis and BabitaPuri. Suresh Raut has edited the music video and cinematography is done by Ajay Regmi. This music video features artists like Kajis Shrestha and Karishma. The song is about how a guy fell in love at the first sight with a girl. The singer is trying to share the feelings regarding the experience of the guy who fell immediately in love with someone. Descriptions about how beautiful the girl was and how charming she was are the main theme of the song. This is not just a beautiful song but also includes a very nice dancing beat. The music is equally good as the lyrics. This song is all about the charm and butterflies that people get when they have a crush on someone.

This is a very beautiful love song and so is the music video. People are going to love this song as a whole.

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