Samsung Galaxy S7 Success Linked To Early Release, Galaxy Note 6 May Launch Sooner As Well

The high remarkable brand Samsung has almost takeover the huge market in the world. Now Samsung Galaxy S7’s whopping success is party due to its early release, and Samsung is expected to follow the same recipe for its flagship phablet.According to analysts, the Galaxy Note 6 will likely launch ‘a month or two before the Apple iPhone 7,’ which means a July or August release.

More specifically, the Galaxy S7 hit the market on March 11, while the Galaxy S6 launched in April last year. As for pricing, on average, the Galaxy S7 is estimated to be roughly eight percent cheaper than its predecessor.

These two factors were likely the main contributors to the smartphone’s success, as early estimates indicate that Samsung likely shipped 10 million Galaxy S7 units so far. That’s nearly triple the sales figures the Galaxy S6 scored last year, during the same amount of time since launch.

With shares and operating profits growing due to the successful Galaxy S7 line, Samsung could apply a similar strategy for its Galaxy Note 6 later this year.

Considering that Apple typically launches its new iPhone iterations in September, this means that the Galaxy Note 6 could arrive in July or August. With such a significant head-start, the next Galaxy phablet flagship could trump the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of sales.

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