Sexy Wife – Latest Hot Nepali Film|A movie for social awareness


A hot short movie has been released entitled with “sexy wife” which carries a social message along with the purpose of entertaining people around.

The title itself depicts that there is a sexy wife in this short movie. The real thing is she gets the title of “sexy” only after her husband goes abroad. Due to various circumstances including financial difficulties and the political instability of the country, husband has to go to Dubai. Taking an advantage of this situation, wife flirts around with a guy and even indulge in other activities. A betrayal is also shown when a relation becomes a long distance.

On the other side, there is a girl who eventually falls in love with a guy on facebook. That guy is also from abroad. Still a true long distance love is shown here.

From these two different stories, it is shown that people are always guided by their true intentions. A true form of love is shown in one long distance whereas a betrayal is shown in the other story.

This short movie carries a social message to every people who are around the world. Sometimes it’s the situation and sometimes it’s the people to be blamed for.

Published on 11th Jan 2016, “sexy wife” has been presented by Shiva Darshan Films.

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