7 Shruti Hassan Controversies That Shocked Anyone

  • The infamous Nose-Job

Unlike other actresses, who usually refuse any ‘cosmetic alterations,’ Shruti caused quite a storm when she admitted to going under the knife! And as usual, the ‘nose-y’ media caused a lot of buzz around the nose-job.

  • Live-In relationship with Siddharth

When the Siddharth – Shruti starrer ‘Oh My Friend’ released, rumors were strong that something was brewing between both the stars. It’s also believed that they lived together and this caused a lot of controversy in the media.

  • Leaked pictures

Shruti Hassan was photographed secretly while shooting for Yevadu. These photographs were so steamy, that she has instantly become one of the most searched Tollywood actors!

  • Affair with Dhanush

The pair starred in 3, the movie with the viral sensation Kolaveri Di. Rajnikant’s daughter and Dhanush’s wife was of course unhappy with the rumors! So much so, that Aishwarya Dhanush herself issued a statement dismissing the rumors!

  • Explicit D-Day Posters

The Tamil rendition of the film highlighted an unequivocal scene between Arjun Rampal and Shruti Hassan on its notices. The notice was regarded as indicating Shruti in an awful light and chief Nikhil Advani too was obviously miffed.

  • Liplock with Tamanna


Rumours blazed when a few pictures featuring Tamanna and Shruti were circulated. Apparently, the hot actresses fancied a lip-lock at a party in Chennai.

  • Stalker Attack

While no star would ever deny the joys of having a devoted fan following, an obsessed fan took things a bit too far when he shadowed the actress to her apartment and reportedly assaulted her physically before being apprehended.