Paul Shah said “without his consent media published fake news of his Love affairs”


Namastenp, Kathmandu, 9 Shrawan. Famous Actor or Model Paul Shah is once again highlighted in the media due to his fake news.

He featured in lots of music video and he recently performed in Movie Nai Navannu La-4 and from this movie he got well known achievement so, now he came to think that he also can get success in the film industry line.

He is now busy in the training with his goru Bikram Shah. In the past, He done some music video but he was not so much highlighted. Nowadays he said that “while we enter into the film industry line, there can come lots of challenges but when i got more success in Nai Navannu La 4 Movie and saw own poster in wall as a hero I became too happy.”

Paul Shah told about the fake news of his love affairs. After he featured in Nai Navnnu La 4. with the actress Aachal Sharma people are assuming his false relationship with Aachal.

And he said that, “recently one online media is publishing his fake love affairs news without his concerned. We are the people of 21 century, so he requested the reporter not published the fake news and he said that he is not in the love with Aachal Sharma and she is just a good friend.”