Find Out Which Bollyhood Actresses Smoke In Real Life

Susmita Sen


Bong beauty, Sushmita Sen is addicted to pack of cigarettes. Well, mother of two children and a former miss universe has tried quitting smoking long time but is not successful yet.

Konkona Sen


According to the sources she used to smoke lot before her pregnancy but soon she omitted this habit as per her physician suggestion.

Kangana Ranaut


The controversial child of bollyhood, kangana has been spotted smoking in public areas frequently. This gangster girl is getting hard time quitting cigarettes.

Rani Mukerji Chopra


The love of Aditya Chopra is unbelievably addicted to cigarettes, which she revealed in an interview.

 Manisha Koirala


 Manisha Koirala has always been upfront about her smoking habit. The cancer survivor has bounced back and already signed a couple of Bollywood films.

-Rekha Thapa Magar