Art and Culture of Nepal


Human beings learn from their expertise, gain data and use them in solving their issues. Nepal is rich in art and cultural. Different people have different cultural so they have their own way celebrate their cultural. Nepali People are too talented in making the art like painting, designing, Drawing, etc. They themselves made beautiful art which is attracting for the tourists. People Share their feeling in a very sort ways like Music, literature, Painting etc.

Likewise, all societies develop bound behavior, habits and values that are passed on from generation to generation and become the simplest way of life that we tend to decision culture .Art and culture developed in Nepal in conjunction with the event of human civilization. However, evidently, it may be traced from the reign of the Kirants though it had been not well-organized. The arrival of Lichchhavi rulers in Nepal from Baishali (India) brought a drastic amendment. Nepal became a dwelling place of various castes and creeds. Art is still becoming famous in Nepal. Especially in Bhaktapur side area all most people are involving in art. They make good hand art and sell that art for the tourist. Art is passes form generation to generation. The caste distinction started within the society. This division of caste based mostly on occupation brought specialization and skills in art and culture. In spite of assorted spiritual there was spiritual tolerance within the country.

The construction of massive and inventive palaces, houses, temples, stupas, etc. began within the Lichchhavi amount. Mangriha, Kailashkut Bhawan, Bhadradhi, the temple of Pashupatinath, Changunarayan and Buddhist Bihars of Ashok testify the advancement of art and design.King narendradev had a good looking place that has been appreciated in ‘Tang Description’ of China. Similarly, Chinese traveler Wang-Huen-Tche had said that he had never seen a additional stunning palace than ‘Kailashkut Bhawan’. It had been in-built the pagoda vogue, that was a pure original Nepalese art.

The creative art has a touch of sentiments in its subject and title. The artist has been successful in his aim for expressing himself through the medium of abstract art, thus one can find that the colors on the canvas holds some deep intellectual meaning. Kathmandu valley is has the most historic and cultural site that preserves ancient arts, architecture and cultural lifestyle. The Durbar Square areas contain countless temples and architectural showpieces.