Feri Bhet Haulani Bye Bye Ajalai By Bishnu Majhi

Bishnu Majhi and Indra GC have brought out their lok song in the market along with the music video. They have given their voice to the song for the beautiful lyrics of Rajan Chhetri and Bharat Chhetri. Indra GC have given the music to this song and he himself have arranged the song. This seems most of the activities related to this song have been done by Indra GC.The music video have been directed Kapil Lama. Director Kapil have directed the music video with an editing of Tribeni Nepal Films. Durga Poudel is behind the camera screen.

Guy is leaving his beloved alone with a promise to meet again as soon as possible. He is giving asking to live happy life without any stress, so that he also could live peaceful life. But, the heart of a girl is not letting him. Still she is making her heart strong and wishing to meet again in their life. They are promising to live happy life again after certain time without any difficulty and grief in this music video song.