Huge Floods and Heavy Rainfall Swept Away a Bridge of Tinau River in Butwal of Rupandehi district

The Tinau, originates from the Mahabharat Mountains and flows through the Siwalik Hills and debouches into the Terai Plain at Butwal, Nepal before entering the India Territory to join the Ganges.The Tinau is in the degrading stage in the upstream,and it changes its regime to aggrading stage afterentering the Terai plain. The deposition of debris from different sources in the Tinau increases when the river flows towards the Terai Plain (especially from Butwal to Bethari about 26 km downstream from the Highway massively exploited beyond their regenerating capacities for riverbed materials.

A spark flood reportedly swept away a bridge over the Tinau River in Butwal of Rupandehi district on Tuesday.

Some photo features of “Tinau Rivers and its Bridge”





Apart from that, locals of Motipur, Semlar and Pharsatikar have also been badly affected from the flood and the people there have been moved.