Chandra Shirbandi by Ramkumar Gurung

Chandra Shirbandi ma is a beautiful love song where you can see a wonderful love story on it. In this song you can see a beautiful love story along with a beautiful scenario. In every love story there is little love, little sadness and lots of jokes between them.

Prem Gurung wrote the lyrics of this song and he is also the producer of this song where the music, melody and arranger in this song is filled by Ram Kumar Gurung. Subash Gurung and Urmila Gurung are seen as a couples in this song. Their love is shown strongly in this video. They both seems to be deeply and madly in love with each other. They both are enjoying each other’s company which can be seen on this video, they feels complete with each other as they share the strong bond of love with each other. The girl looks like she is angry and the boy seems like he is pursuing her and it’s like they are in relation with each other since long.

Love when it’s true it is beautiful which is felt in this song video. Subash Gurung directed this song video where Kash Gurung did the cinematography and the edition is done by Bishnuhari Timalsina.