Childhood secrets of Bollywood siblings

  • Superstar Aamir Khan turned 51 this year but is still the buddy bro for his younger sibling Faisal Khan. On the occasion of his birthday, Faisal shared some lovely memories from their childhood days. He revealed how Aamir and he just loved balloons and how their entire house including the furniture, walls and fans used to be decorated with balloons for their birthday parties, as reported by Indian Express. Aamir’s childhood memory is a pleasant one, Kareena has a very bitter and nasty one.


  • Ranver and kareena share their secrets on the set of Karan Johar Show the “Couch of koffee”. According to Ranbir, once while playing with the kids near a dirty drain behind her house, Kareena dived into it mistaking it for a swimming pool. Also, in another amusing instance, while playing House with Riddhima and Kareena, Ranbir used to play the double role of their husbands. By Ruchi Kaushal


  • These three khans has their lots of secrets things of each other. Salman Khan revealed that Arbaaz is called Pappu at home and all three stands up or shift positions when they get a call from their daddy. The Kick actor also disclosed that once he was mistakenly studying History instead of Geography for his exams the next day and instead of correcting him, Arbaaz started teasing that he would now fail in the exam. An irritated Salman then threw a pencil towards Arbaaz which hit him in the middle of his bare chest like a dart. By Ruchi Kaushal


  • Saif used to babysit Soha Ali Khan in England where he took her pocket money amounting to about 5 pounds. He even took her to a pub at the age of five and made her do aadab to all the English people. During their childhood days, Soha thought that Saif would end up becoming a guitarist of some small band. By Ruchi Kaushal


  • Little bit, People know that Shweta stopped reading newspapers forever after reading a bitter article about her brother Abhishek Bachchan. She confessed the fact, calling the article a ‘character assassination’ of her brother. The doting sister also shared in an open letter published in a leading magazine that Abhishek wanted to become Amitabh Bachchan and not an actor. She also revealed the fact that he used to shoot Shweta’s dolls and teddy bears with his toy guns while enacting Big B’s on-screen roles. By Ruchi Kaushal


  • Sanjay Dutt wrote sad letters from his boarding school to sister Namrata Dutt, asking for money and also at the same time, asking her to not tell this to their mother. And Namrata used to send him her pocket money without anyone knowing. The caring sister also said that she would like him to get rid of his gullibility. By Ruchi Kaushal


  • Priyanka Chopra’s brother Siddharth Chopra was training in culinary skills. He is seven years younger to her and is committed to his longtime girlfriend Kanika. Priyanka had said in an interview that since she loves food and Siddharth is a great chef, he always cooks a special meal for her whenever they are together. The former beauty queen also said that though she sends rakhis to her brother and cousins every year, it would be good if they also send gifts in return. By Ruchi Kausha

  • When Farhan Akhtar shared the couch with Zoya Akhtar on Koffee with Karan, a series of revelations followed with Karan Johar as the witness. Zoya revealed how Farhan Akhtar used to play rummy in all- women kitty parties with Rinke Khanna and Anisha Sippy. And when he failed in every subject, their mother freaked out. Zoya also revealed that Farhan was so good at lying and acting that she thought he will become an actor. By Ruchi Kaushal