Dukha Paiyachha By Shakti Chand & Shanta Thapa

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

Singer Shakti is in search of rich girl these days. He is desperate with his poor life, so he is in a rush of getting married with a rich girl to make a comfortable and happening fortune. So, do singer Shanta Thapa. She is also in as in a search of same type partner. But, this is the flow of their new lok dohori song Dukha Paiyachha. They are singing their this new song with lots of energy and input.

Shanta Thapa have given the lyrics for this lok dohori song. Shakti Chand have given the music in this song. Ranjita Gurung and Subash Nepali are playing an act in the music video of this song along with the presentation of singer Shakti Chand and Shanta Thapa as an artists too. Bishnu Sharma is a director of this music video.

This music video and a song carries a tale of a youngsters who are suffering a lot in their life with the lack of wealth and money. They are not being able to make a good fortune. So, they are wishing to make a new good life as other people by meeting a person who is really wealthy to solve this all problem. They are just praying to meet a life partner who is all enough to blow their all issues of life.