Sherlyn Chopra Controversial Statement

Actor-model Sherlyn Chopra could also be defined as bold, brave and controversy’s favourite child. From posting titillating pictures on Twitter to posing in the buff for the Playboy magazine, Sherlyn is now thinking of turning a producer. She discusses her tweet about having stopped ‘sleeping with people for money’ and casting couch.


Well, The 28-year-old $ex siren, who fervently denied sleeping with the 86-year-old Hugh Hefner to get the jackpot deal of Playboy cover, has now made a candid confession to her little less than a lakh followers on Twitter that she has shared bed with many for money.



Well, this is not the first one in her list of so-called ‘candid confession’; she had previously said that she is more attracted to women than men.



“I’m not as attracted to men as I am to women. Most men are just one dimensional, women are multi-dimensional; and you can do a lot more with women,” she had told TOI in an earlier interview, further adding that she longs to share bed with Bollywood starlet Vidya Balan.3


“I’d love to do a passionate scene with Vidya, I’m obsessed with her. If she’s listening I want to tell her – Vidya, I can take better care of you than Siddharth (Roy Kapur)!” 

Chopra is the first Indian woman to shed inhibitions and pose nude for the cover of America’s Adult men’s magazine “Playboy.”