Delicious Foods Which You Must Try

Newar are the indigenous people from Nepal. They are very rich in culture and tradition. Their foods are as famous as their culture. So if you are visiting Nepal don’t forget to taste these mouth watering foods of Newar Community.

Some of the very Famous Newari food is as follow:



It is one of the most in style newari foods. It is a kind of very thin pancake or crepe usually made from rice flour. It can be topped with variety of topping specially minced red meat and egg or vegetables and seasoned with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, green chilies etc.



It is a sweet dish which needs to be served hot. It is prepared by filling the dumpling of rice flour with Khuwa or lentil paste or any ingredients.



It is an admired Newari food that consists of spiced grilled water buffalo meat. Though choyela is traditionally popular with water buffalo meat, nowadays mutton, chicken and duck meat are also being used.  It is one of the most important and necessary item in the Newari Menu. It is also an important ingredient of Samay Baji.



It is delicious lentil spongy pancake or patty and a very popular  newari food. It is prepared by grinded lentils which are soaked for overnight. It can make from any type of lentil like black lentil, green lentil or any other type

Samay Baji


This is an authentic traditional Newari food of Newar Community. Samya baji is one of the main attractions of Nepal as well. It is taken as appetizer in the restaurants nowadays.



It is a special meat delicacy of Newar Community, consisting of marinated raw minced water buffalo meat. The word “kachila” is derived from two words,”kachyu” and “laa”.”Kachyu” means raw or fresh and “la” means meat. Kachila is one of the top newari food you must try in your life.



It literally means “a round loaf of bread”. Gwaramari consists of two words, Gwara and Mari. “Gwara” means round shaped and “Mari” means bread. It is very easy and interesting newari food recipe(sub category of Nepalese Cuisine). Gwaramari is generally eaten as breakfast in Newar Community.



It is mainly eaten as appetizer. Momo is usually steamed with different filling such as buff, chicken, mutton, pork and vegetable. It is served with spicy achar.

Juju Dhau


It is very popular food product in Nepal. It is the speciality of town of Bhaktapur. Juju dhau means the “King Yogurt”. Juju Dhau is rich in taste with thick creamy consistency. A must try for food lovers.



It is a Jellied meat soup with fish .It is closely related to takha (Meat Jelly). Buffalo meat and bones are cooked separately for about three to four hours in a large cauldron. It can only be made during the cold season as it need to freeze well.