Some Unknown Fatcs About Sunny Leone

Before she graduated on to the fast paced adult film industry at the age of nineteen, Sunny was just another teen trying to scrape together some cash for pocket money at a German bakery, Jiffy Lube.

That her favourite Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan.

And she still swears by his movie ‘Dil’ which she first watched early in her childhood.

That her original Bollywood debut was supposed to be KalyugHowever, due to her hefty price tag which ran to the tune of $1 million, director Mohit Suri was forced to beat a hasty retreat.
She was engaged to Matt Erikson, a Vice-President of marketing at Playboy Enterprises.
She started her career in Porn Industry by signing the contract that she will only perform with females.

She has also be nominated as the ’12th Best Porn Star of the World’.

She grew up in a typical Punjabi home and watched Hindi movies during her childhood like any of us! Btw her real name was Karenjit Kaur Vohra.

She is the first adult film star to successfully crossover into mainstream Bollywood cinema in the Indian film industry.

She discovered her bisexuality at the age 18.

Sunny Leone had dated the world famous stand-up comedian Russell Peters for a brief period in 2008. In 2011, Sunny announced that she’s married to Daniel Weber, who was his former co-star and co-producer in the adult film industry.
Sunny also appeared in item song ‘Sesamma Bagilu Tegiyamma’ in Kannada film DK, which marked her debut in Kannada film industry.
As a part of adult industry, Sunny Leone has directed 42 adult films and starred in 41 films. The actress is busy concentrating on her Bollywood career as an actress, but doesn’t deny the chance to produce or direct Bollywood films in future.
Sunny Leone was studying to be a pediatric nurse before she could step into the Adult Industry. She joined the adult film industry at the age of 19.