Funny,Shocking and Wired Habits of Bollywood Celebrates

  • Shah Rukh Khan


He has a weird habit of collecting expensive gadgets and games. He invites his friends to come over to just play games! Such a gamer boy.

  • Salman Khan


He has a weird habit of collecting soaps from around the world, which he loves more than his girlfriends!

  • Raani Mukherjee


She’s a chain smoker. And a weird fetish she harbor is starting and ending her day with a cigar. Weird!

  • Susmita Sen


She likes collecting snakes. Yes, SNAKES. She even has a python as a pet. So WEIRD!

  • Jeteendra


This is definitely the weirdest of them all. He eats papaya while pooping, because his mom told him that papaya clears junk!

  • Saif Ali Khan


He has a telephone line in his bathroom, so that he can spend more time there.

  • Sunny Leone


The sexy diva has an unusual habit and is said to have even delayed shoots for the same reason. Sunny needs to wash her feet repetitively.

  • Ayushmann Khurrana


We all brush our teeth twice a day. At least we try to. He enjoys brushing as often as he can. Always ready for some romance, eh? Fresh breath and all that.

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan


This one we can totally relate to…Bebo apparently cannot keep herself from biting her nails. All her efforts to maintain her nails have gone in vain and thus she’s forced to wear acrylic nails.

  •  John Abraham


John has the annoying habit of constantly shaking his leg, irrespective of where he is. An act that irritates people around him, in John’s case it just cannot stop.

  • Amitabh Bachhan


This one is actually pretty sweet…Big B wears two wrist watches at once. Why? So every time Abhishek or Aishwarya are travelling, one watch is set to Indian Standard time and the other one is set as per their time zone.